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The Economy and Our Economic Woes- A Few Arguments to the Contrary

Updated on August 11, 2014
So, where is the mystery in this?
So, where is the mystery in this?

Economic Retardation

The basic definition of Economy is (among other things): the system of production, distribution and consumption through a reliable use of resources and legal tender. Since most free societies employ a market economy, we rely on those markets to apportion goods and resources, which in turn determine prices based on supply and demand. The monetary system is any system employed by a society using some form of pecuniary or legal tender accepted as a standard of value. The United States has the Dollar, Europe uses the Euro, and so forth. Okay, most have a good, basic grasp of what money is for and how it drives the economy.

The definition of Retardation is: subnormal use and development of mental and intellectual capacities. It can also be defined as: any agent that delays, hinders, or perhaps decelerates progress.

All right, most of us also have a decent grasp on the concept of this, too. But when we compound these two words, we run into something nobody ever hears, sees, or acknowledges. Instead, we try to ease the blow (to our senses and minds) by calling times where the economy is doing so poorly a recession or depression. But we need to face facts and realize an associate is (after we strip away the silly monikers and attempt at pretense) an employee. A janitor is a janitor, not necessarily a custodial engineer, and an economic stimulus package provided to financial institutions and other major corporations by the government is welfare. When we intentionally (and we should never fool ourselves; all of this has been quite intentional) use a system we as a civilized society created, the economy and monetary system, to impede progress, delay children’s educations, force homelessness to responsible people and families, shut down innovation, diminish or decimate social services, and place increased angst and tension between countries and communities, we are guilty of exercising Economic Retardation.

The acknowledgement of our economic and monetary systems as man-made creations is virtually nonexistent, yet at the same time utterly undeniable. The weather is something we cannot control, nor can we control the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, or the fact that the side of the Moon facing us never changes. But these things are all forces of nature or creations of nature, whereas our economy and monetary system is completely a man-made entity. The highway system is a man-made entity, and we’re more than happy to control this entity, recognize why it must be controlled for the benefit of society, and ensure the maximization of its abilities in order to ensure it demonstrates a greatest potential benefit to that society. So, if we’re willing to do this with something as tangible as the roadways, why can’t we do it with something like our economy? It is not the weather; we made it into what it is.

It isn’t as if the economy is completely ethereal; while it isn’t always something we can touch right away, we can easily see and recognize it. Further, we know that a strong monetary system allows prosperity (a good thing) to overcome poverty (a bad thing) and to propel our future and our children’s future towards brighter horizons. We know progress and innovation is better than stagnation and depression, we know satisfaction is better than desperation, and we that nourishment is better than starvation. We know peace is better than conflict, and we know hope is better than despair. We know, or claim we know all of these and other positive things, yet our economies are riddled with desolation.

This is Economic Retardation. We are economically retarded.

Does that sound offensive? Well, too bad. When a society creates situations that throw otherwise responsible and hardworking people out of work and residence, children out of hope and progress, communities into decay, peace into a tailspin, and community cohesiveness into a frayed cluster of crime and distrust, then the condition should be recognized as far more offensive than the acknowledgement of the condition. But with that said, there is actually precious too little recognition of the problem. Now, that isn’t to say we’re all in a sad state of denial and see this as better than it is; where we fail to recognize the problem is in the lack of understanding of cause and a glut of blame on so much circumstance. Sure, circumstances could lead to fluctuations on the graphs, but it isn’t as if these fluctuations aren’t as apparent as an out-of-control vehicle on the highway the very instant they appear. To allow a wayward, speeding car to rail off other vehicles, cross boundaries and lanes, and cause enormous amounts of death and destruction would be stupid, so why do we readily accept our economy and monetary system blowing through deficits like a runaway train and running off with our children’s economic futures like a getaway car? Because we’re economically retarded, that’s why.

Somebody once recognized a great way to recognize both the accomplishments and pitfalls of human thought and innovation is through the illustration of one of our most unique inventions: the dog. While the wolf is a creation of nature, of God if you choose, the dog is certainly a creation of man. We started with the basic ingredient of the wolf and manipulated the genetic coding of the animal through incessant and intentional breeding processes over an inordinate amount of time in order to create new breeds for our specific purposes. In time, we were able to create amazing animals such as we have in the lists of breeds today, which serve innumerable practical and emotive functions in our society and lives.

Yeah, and we overcrowd innumerable shelters and pounds with the unwanted throwaways among this creation. We know how the things get overpopulated, rampant and out of control, but take too little action and precaution to prevent the problem. Then, now that we have the problem, we still fail to take action to solve it; we seem content to utilize vast economic resources in the attempt to maintain it. Sure, there are those who try, but their efforts are so overwhelmed that they’re forced to find satisfaction in miniscule accomplishments. Moreover, we actually created breeds of dog just to entertain the cowardly side of humanity’s love to see blood, pain, and murder. Then, we actually cut loose this wayward breed into the environments where our children live, and although we see example after example of this abomination attacking our children via our local news at least weekly, we do next to nothing to cope. We refer to the creation as ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and secretly find solace in the hope this creation never develops a widespread awareness of what we do and have done to them and their souls throughout history.

In this creation of man, we have something where we find both satisfaction and exasperation. In truth, we have it in the both canines and economies, and if we think about it for a moment, we’re sure to find similar dynamics in other human creations, too.

So, perhaps the issue isn’t just Economic Retardation. Maybe it is not a crisis in and of itself, but a symptom of a greater problem. But then we would have to recognize the primary problem is within us and not around us, and humanity has yet to exercise such courage.

Economic Fears

In ‘The Terminator’ movie franchise, and then the TV series, we see a succession of cybernetic organisms from the future coming back in time to annihilate certain people because, in their future, these people are too much of a threat to their purpose, and to the purpose of their leader, SkyNet. SkyNet sees John Connor and others as significant threats to the purpose of SkyNet, which is to wipe out humanity, or at least subjugate humanity so it can rule. SkyNet, which is a creation of humanity, along with all the machines, computer systems and software it rules, has full intention of wresting control from all of humanity and rule the world.

The major, and fun, part of this we see played out in the movies is the Terminators wreaking havoc on the characters, killing indiscriminately, and seeking control, while the heroes go to great lengths to prevent SkyNet’s version of the future from taking place. But the basic premise, and the scariest part of all, is that this creation of mankind, this technology originally designed to serve and benefit mankind, is gaining self-awareness, and seeking domination of Earth.

‘The Terminator’ franchise doesn’t have the only foot in this door. The movie, ‘I, Robot’, also demonstrates such an attempted stronghold over humanity, presumably for the benefit of humanity, which is viewed by the story’s main computer as an imperfect species. Other suspenseful and dramatic stories have touched on the same spooky premise. After all, this is fun stuff for those seeking such entertainment, because the thought that humanity’s innovation and love for technology gets ahead of humanity, making humanity obsolete, is the stuff of good storytelling. Stephen King’s movie, ‘Maximum Overdrive’, is another good example of how the storyline works all too well.

These stories entertain and thrill us, because there are those minds, albeit a tad kooky, who believe such things could take place as humanity develops ever greater and more intelligent computer systems and software. The idea is scary, because anyone who gives the notion a moment’s thought must admit that, should such a thing ever take place, it would be tragic. But nobody really believes that a creation of humanity could ever really take over and rule humanity, do they? That would be on the edge of the lunatic fringe, wouldn’t it? After all, there are controls in place to prevent such things, aren’t there? We could simply unplug any aspect of human creation that attempts such mutiny, couldn’t we?

Apparently not.

There is a creation of humanity that has, in fact, grew to a point of having its own autonomy, and does rule humanity so completely that humanity is powerless against it. It rules our daily lives, and countless lives are lost, or at least entirely subjugated to its total control, and there are those who are completely under this entity’s spell, and love every minute of it. The strongest and most powerful countries our human history has ever produced are at the mercy of this manmade beast, and there isn’t anyone in the world who knows what to do about it. Further, rather than wrest control from this created monstrosity and place it back where it should be, which is under the control of humanity rather than humanity be enslaved by it, which is the status quo, mankind around the globe only seeks to appease this creation, this supposed servant turned master of all it surveys. Beyond that, should anyone attempt an uprising against this completely corrupted monster in the attempt to control it rather than it control us, entire armies would be mobilized directly by it to quell the uprising. It would truly be the puppet master controlling those it has convinced they are its finest and favorite pets. This entity, called by so many for so long, ‘The Root of All Evil’, instead ensures those tightest on its strings are kept at bay, appeased with its gentle stroke and the power that comes with it. But it is the one with the most power, because it ensures that humanity, particularly those within humanity who seek to gain greater power and influence over their world, are at its feet. It laughs itself to sleep every night, knowing that the strongest and most powerful within the human element are only there because it allows them to be. All too often, when humanity hopes to rise above what this heinous creature would allow, it flexes its omnipotent muscles and puts the powerful of mankind back in their place. One has to laugh when we see these all-too-arrogant powers cowed back to their knees, lest they face the wrath of the one true ruler of this planet. After all, those of us who are completely cowed by this unchecked power know our place all too well, and we would never dare brace against it and think it would allow us to survive.

So, what is this almighty leader of the human race, the dictator of humanity’s future, and the ultimate decider of humanity’s fate, should it decide humanity needs another lesson in humility? The grand hint, ‘The Root of All Evil’ was a dead giveaway, no doubt.

The creation of humanity that now rules humanity completely is money. Not the financial sector, not the Federal Treasury, and not the Stock Market. Those entities are mere lieutenants, minions, really, of this great and unchecked power, and they have, like anyone in a position of influence under the spell of this Grand Poobah, have been forced to forego all hope for freedom and human development except the scant amount of each it allows, and then only to its direct benefit.

Does this viewpoint seem so bizarre that your humble author should be straitjacketed and locked away where he could do no more harm? There would be those who would read this and think just that, so an explanation is in order. It is not this writer’s intent to suggest that money or the economy is evil personified and all aspects of monetary exchange should be extinguished. On the contrary, your humble author is quite conservative in his political beliefs, fully supports the efforts of Capitalism, and believes a free-market economy is the key to the future. The hope is to illustrate how this great tool called money should be given its own attitude check.

I have to shake my head in wonder and woe when I hear of all the troubles we as a people face, all due to the fact that we have for too long adhered to some sort of outdated rulebook on how the tool (people, it is a TOOL) of money has gone from being a tool for man to man being the tool for money. We hear on the news daily how our children will suffer because they must pay for the extreme deficits created by the authorities of today. Now, I could be simply too dull to understand the ways of the world, but how has the finest civilization of the most advanced living creature known in the entire universe allowed itself to fall under the control of an inanimate entity it created specifically for its benefit and advancement into the future? Almost the entire continent of Africa suffers heinous woes simply because the people of Africa cannot pay the proper penitence to this thing that somehow ended up in charge. Literally millions and millions of innocent children around the world suffer and die because those who brought them into this world cannot pay the proper respects to the proper authority, which is money.

Our present-day monetary system is a system devised by the Flintstones, but yet remains virtually unchanged (except for its range of influence) as it leads us into the day of the Jetsons. Such a statement is rather pithy, but far from being a false statement. Endlessly, we hear on the news how the stock market is up or down, how the cost of fuel is driving the economy into a tailspin, and how so many people are suffering woefully as a result. This creature in charge prevents us from seeking better ways to fuel our civilization, it prevents us from seeking greater knowledge about the universe around us (because the single greatest detriment to scientific and technological advancement is not the limit of the human mind, but the limit of the human mind to grasp its genuine limitations) and it directly prevents us from moving ahead into a greater and more prosperous future for human civilization. We have the technology and know-how to reach the moon and maybe go further, but we (supposedly) cannot afford it. Now, how could anyone with a 3-digit IQ honestly sit with a straight face and submit to such a pathetic excuse? Gentle readers, the primary reason we are driving our planet to an early grave and choking it down is because our all-powerful ruler known as money will not allow us to implement the knowledge and technology we know we already possess in order to remedy it.

This is the dawn of a new century, and a new millennium. Let this turning point in human history see us rise above our ancient rituals and sentimental superstitions, and allow us to recognize the genuine barriers to human advancement. Today, there are right about 7 billion people on this planet, most of whom cannot find good enough favor in the mind of our true ruler. We must band together as the sentient civilization we like to call ourselves, and admit to this sad mistake. We must band together and wrest control of the monetary system as it stands today, which we as humanity built from the ground up, and force it to work for the benefit of humanity rather than against it. I am not one who suggests the rich must pay and the poor must get what they did not earn. I believe that most of those who enjoy great wealth earned every dime and dollar, and they should be able to keep it; I also believe the poor and downtrodden should be afforded better ways and means to earn, though. What I am suggesting is that we stop our perception of money and the economy as an autonomous entity vying for only its own benefit and we change the rules so the thing works for us, our kind, and our future, not the other way around.

Let us recreate the function of our economic and monetary exchange system in such a way that we as a sentient being rule it, rather than it rule us. But could we ever accomplish this, or are my suppositions correct, in that our Economic SkyNet controls completely the hearts and minds of the species it rules with an iron fist. Only history will know for sure.

Economic Conspiracy

While so many people choose to exercise what they think is common sense and a mature avoidance of overblown drama, one has to consider if there is a valid reason to give attention to some of the surfacing conspiracy theories. After all, there is a slew of them, ranging from suspicion of government corruption having too much to do with 9/11, Area 51, and all the way out to Communists once again trying to destroy what The United States of America once was in order to bring it under the control of evolved Socialism in favor of the vilified Capitalism. Then, of course they want to eat our children and so on and so on.

But then, there will be those who say if it looks like a duck…

Intelligent thought and discussion certainly should give attention to what is going on within our world today. More than ever before, the population’s rank and file are having their concerns dismissed at least as much in darker times of human history. Or, what’s worse, it seems there are more valid reasons to suspect the powers-that-be are subverting the thoughts and opinions of the people. Once upon a time, people wanted to be free, free to pursue their dreams and live their lives the way they saw fit. There was a time when people wanted everyone to do their job, whether the job was bus driver or school teacher or governor or CEO or President of The USA. What’s more, the people wanted the government to know its place in society, which was a place of maintaining infrastructure, law enforcement and national security. As for the rest of it, that was better left in the hands of the people, as they harbored the genuine motivation to ensure it was done correctly.

Now, that last paragraph alludes to some issues that are not new. The concerns of the people being dismissed by the powers who believe the minds of the people are not strong enough to understand what’s going on are not new. Further, the government manipulating and subverting the will and opinion of the people is nothing new. For example, how many people did Adolph Hitler kill? The common answer provided by most would be Hitler killed six million Jews. The number, unfortunately, is higher than that, but the truth is that Hitler may not have killed anyone at all. Hitler, instead, wielded the influence of his office and position to influence countless others to do this for him. This is an incredibly important detail to consider, especially in this day and age in the United States. Why? Because the system in place today is using a lot of propaganda and energy to promote and facilitate the falsehood of the antagonism and vilification between the supposed political wings and philosophies. They have apparently done this well, since there are so many high-profile people on both sides fueling the fire. Picture in your mind, if you will, Bill Maher and Glenn Beck. Ann Coulter and Joy Behar. Rush and Moore.

Since Ronald Reagan left the Oval Office, it appears that there has been something conspiratorial taking place. While many who read this might roll their eyes and yawn to such a statement, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and consider how things have changed so much in a relatively short amount of time. There was a time when Reagan himself said so much to prompt a sense of independence and accomplishment from the private sector, often catching a lot of flak for leading a government many people thought wasn’t doing enough. He did what he could to tell people that the government is not your solution, but part of your problem. Whether one likes it or not, that is not the belief of the government of today.

This treatise could go on for volumes about the possibilities of conspiracy, so we’re going to focus on the possibility of economic conspiracy. We’ll want to explore what a conspiracy may actually be, aside from the dramatic picture of Ninjas sneaking around your home after rappelling down from unmarked helicopters in the dark of night. It is far too unlikely (but not impossible) that they’re bugging your phone to find out what you’re up to, because (and here is the conspiracy all of you need to know about) they couldn’t care less about you. As an aside, this is one of the biggest arguments against the will of the Obama Administration to place their Healthcare Bill into law. Many people want to assume this is being done because the Obama Administration cares so much about the health and welfare of the American people.

Well, of course they do, to a point. It isn’t as if President Obama or anyone else harbors the attitude of just let them all die and wallow in the petrified guts of each other. But the motivation for the bill is purely monetary, not humanitarian. Healthier people make more money and cost less money, and that is the long and short of the entire thing. From there, there’s the political philosophy of the government in place. It just so happens that President Obama comes from a background of telling people what to do and how it is going to be, as opposed to allowing the people to decide for themselves and risking the chance of committing unacceptable errors.

So, it’s all over money and then draped with a sympathy blanket claiming that the government has your best interests in mind because the big, bad insurance corporations only want to see blood in the streets. Well, the truth is that they want the exact same thing as the government entity attacking them. They want to see healthier people because they make more money and cost less money. In many eyes, it would then come down to a political factor. The insurance companies would supposedly dump a child suffering from a severe heart condition out of the hospital bed and out onto the front sidewalk the instant they thought the premiums wouldn’t be paid. Your humble author isn’t going to doubt that. But that doesn’t mean the government has it all together. The government may have more motivation to save the child and ensure better care, so the argument is that the government may do better. But the government has no motivation to spend properly, which is how the government ends up with a thirteen trillion dollar debt (supposedly) they want the parents of that child, and eventually that child, to pay.

The insurance company doesn’t have the bottomless pit of taxpayer funds from which they can draw, but the government hacks and slashes at what all private industry can and will do in order to pay for the bills the government is more than happy to accrue. This is why the argument is a bust and therefore becomes conspiratorial in nature; the government wants to control the money the corporations need to run, even the insurance corporations, but they don’t want to positively affect the systems of checks and balances that allow the private sector to do that.

How could such an argument be made? The very fact that the Recession we suffer presently is there at all is proof in and of itself that the argument is valid. The economy is not and should not be a self-serving entity to which the human population of this planet comes crawling to, and it isn’t. They perpetrate the limitations of the economy which is why there are so many cuts and so many businesses going out of business. There are cuts in services and all things run by the government (that should not be run by the government because the government’s history shows it cannot run anything effectively) and therefore we have to continue borrowing money that doesn’t exist. THEREIN LIES THE ECONOMIC CONSPIRACY.

If the government actually had a motivation to repair and properly govern the high ideals of healthcare, industry, and the general state of the economy, they would have taken intelligent steps to facilitate economic growth, not commit acts that do the very opposite, which is exactly what happened. The philosophical ideal entirely dismissed in the eyes of the general public is that the economy is not that self-serving entity, but a system of production and distribution and consumption created by humanity long ago and has since become the standard to which we all participate. Therefore, the attitude that it somehow went out of control is a pure ruse, because there are highly competent and educated people running it. There is another aspect of the conspiracy; that nobody knows what to do to make this better and get the economy working for the betterment of society is a ruse. The throwing up of hands and the shrugging of shoulders is utter BS.

Think about this, dear reader. There are only two primary choices in place. Either the economy has become a monster that has taken over itself and the human population around the globe grovels to appease it (the very notion perpetrated by your duly elected leaders and corporate leaders) or it is a system created, still controlled by those manning the controls. This is where the notion of conspiracy comes into play. There are two primary self-proclaimed opponents: the Left and the Right. They act as if the one sees nothing but evil in the other, and they have widely convinced the people of society that this is supposed to be the norm they must choose and support. There are the Socialists and Capitalists, the Republicans and Democrats, the Conservatives and the Liberals, all at war for the sake of the future of humanity as it exists on this planet. Both sides say the other is out to destroy you, steal your freedom, rid you of your individual liberties, and eat your children while you’re forced to watch. Both are liars.

It is the purpose of this treatise to state that this is (in part) the conspiracy and that it is simply not the truth. To go further, it is the purpose of this writing to state that this is the conspiracy because the likely truth is that these entities are not two separate entities but actually one great entity out to dupe you and everyone else. Imagine two football teams of the NFL battling on the field to win the game. The rank and file of the two teams (they would be us, folks) are taking a severe beating while they seek to win the game for the bigshots who control both teams. For them, the situation is always win/win, while everyone else sees a loss they must suck up and therefore try harder the next time, or they win and go home with the intent of doing it all again the next time. What happens is that there are two sides in a constant battle for victory against one another, but there is a highest side that wins regardless of what happens. That analogy sums up what is controlling our healthcare, our governments, our industries and corporations, and our law-abiding societies. And because the entire thing is driven by money and an economy they control (even though they claim the economy controls them, and to a greater degree, us), the entire situation becomes an economic conspiracy.

Oh, and to appease the minds of you Jesse Ventura fans and those of you who fear the far-reaching claws of the Illuminati, this is not a conspiracy contrived to hand over the meaty shanks of your children. This entity is not controlled by sweaty, evil devils who wring their hands as they watch the annihilation of the world through their HD flat screens. The entire thing is a big business, pure and simple. But, with that being said, it is recommended that all of you readers learn as much as you can about Human Trafficking, because it is more than likely being at least overlooked by authorities globally, and more likely orchestrated by them. There’s just too much money being made to want to stop it.

The world has become quite small and malleable. Is there a genuine oversight committee controlled by the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations overseeing this little world? The answer to that (risking this treatise reaching Area 51 kooky-status) is that there just might be one on the way. Now, this isn’t some major evil monstrosity coming into power desiring to eat you, but there are likely people in high places trying to bring control of the world in the same way that a major corporation controls itself and its place in industry.

Let’s shy away from the monstrosity of pure evil philosophy and look how any particular business runs. Any and every big business has its board of directors, its CEO, its major management and its investors. Then we trickle down to the upper management seeing over the functions of the business in question, delegating command from the top to the mid-level management in charge of each department, run by other mid-level and lower-level managers who instruct the rank and file of the business to do their individual jobs. Microsoft has Bill Gates and his people trickling down all their plans and needs through the filters all the way down to custodial crews cleaning the offices after close of business for the day, just to provide one example.

The problem is that those in the rank and file positions are not particularly cared about by the bigshots. Do those bigshots want to see blood in the streets or on the floors of the office building? No, because that interferes with business. But do they prompt and encourage competition throughout the departments in order to gain as much production as possible from each department? Absolutely. To look at it another way, major companies like Wal-Mart and others with numerous individual locations encourage these different sites to outdo one another, not just their competition. The NFL teams work hard to be the best team in the league.

This is exactly what the government and the individual entities controlling it are employing with the continual heated debates over right and left. And do the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations control, or at least influence the government? Well, with many apologies to those abhorring the notions of major conspiracy, they do, according to them. Or at least according to the CFR, which is known to be a big player in the others.

The Council on Foreign Relations claims to be that influence, in so many words. This is the CFR Mission Statement:

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank and publisher dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries.

Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations takes no institutional positions on matters of policy. CFR carries out its mission by-

  • Maintaining a diverse membership, with special programs to promote interest and develop expertise in the next generation of Foreign Policy leaders;
  • Convening meetings at its headquarters in New York and in Washington, D.C., and other cities where senior government officials, members of Congress, global leaders, and prominent thinkers come together with CFR members to discuss and debate major international issues;
  • Supporting a Studies Program that fosters independent research, enabling CFR scholars to produce articles, reports and books and hold roundtables that analyze foreign policy issues and make concrete policy recommendations;
  • Publishing ‘Foreign Affairs’, the preeminent journal on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy;
  • Sponsoring Independent Task Forces that produce reports with both findings and policy prescriptions on the most important foreign policy topics; and
  • Providing up-to-date information and analysis about world events and American foreign policy on its website,

It would be wise for anyone, regardless of your take on conspiracy theories, to learn about this and see what is there. Why? Because it might interest the intelligent mind to know how something overseen on behalf of the world’s leaders and by world leaders that has existed for this long and harbors this much influence cannot control (according to them) the economy they were elected to govern, and how they continually fight and compete against those on their team (left and right). We should ask how it could possibly be such a continual struggle when we clearly have organizations in place and have for quite some time, existing to minimize the struggles.

That’s but one group, but there is another even more scrutinized and suspected than the CFR. The Bilderberg Group is somehow wrapped up in some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories, but it does appear the group fosters the problem. It isn’t that the conspiracy revolves around the group’s existence, since the existence of the group is never in question. What is in question, thanks primarily to behavior of the group itself, is their intent. Because this group conducts meetings in secret and then the outcomes and discussion of those meetings are kept secret, it only aggravates the suspicions of the suspicious. Why? Because although the discussions are kept secret along with the agendas and the progress and outcomes of all of that, the group is known to accommodate numerous heads of banking, politics, business and industry, from across the globe. And then, according to many investigators of this group, who happen to be more than just greasy-haired paranoids hiding in basements wearing Pink Floyd T-shirts that haven’t been washed in days, but include several investigative journalists widely recognized and respected.

Some of these are Daniel Estulin, David Icke, and James Tucker, to name a few. While their accusations and written concerns tend to be the stuff of conspiratorial accusations, there are reasons for this. The accusations and conspiracy theories state that the Bilderberg Group is a group of world leaders that are promoting a New World Order and a one-world government. Now, that may sound like the stuff movies are made of, but some of the information leaking from these secret meetings stokes curiosity. Denis Healey, believed to be one of the founding members, was quoted as saying, “To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

David Rockefeller was quoted as saying on behalf of the Bilderberg agenda,”…It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of authority.”

So, with the CFR being widely believed to be directly involved with the Bilderberg Group, with their widely publicized Mission Statement, and The Trilateral Commission believed to be a branch or extension of the CFR, along with all of these numerous world leaders in politics, business and industry, and finance and economy, along with hand-picked individuals such as Rockefeller, it is difficult for the conspiracies to be avoided.

After all, the basic definition of conspiracy is, a secret agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act. Therefore, the question whether the conduct and actions taken by these groups is conspiratorial revolves around whether their actions are unlawful. But, what is lawful is commonly defined as that which is authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with the law. The law is a rule or a body of rules of conduct essential to or binding upon society, or, the collection of rules and codes of conduct imposed by authority.

Well, the top lawyer for the State Department is Harold Koh, chosen by President Barack Obama, who incidentally, is suspected to have deep and detailed ties with the Bilderberg Group and the CFR (just like the Bush’s). Koh believes, “The transnationalists tend to emphasize the interdependence between the United States and the rest of the world, while the nationalists tend instead to focus more on preserving American autonomy. The transnationalists believe in and promote the blending of international and domestic law, while nationalists continue to maintain a rigid separation of domestic from foreign law. Transnationalists believe that the U.S. courts could and should use their interpretive powers to promote the development of a global legal system, while the nationalists tend to claim that U.S. courts should limit their attention to the development of a national system.”

Uh oh. It seems as if the notion of the conspiracy theory loses steam if it appears that the actions taken by these groups are not unlawful, mainly since they’re part of the organizations and political bodies that create and then enforce the laws. This seems to make it rather proper to deride conspiracy theorists as paranoids with posters of Jesse Ventura on their bedroom walls. But then, Jesse Ventura is not known for being just a conspiracy theorist. He’s also known to be a former State Governor who happens to broadly promote the freedom and liberties of the American people and the sovereignty of this nation.

So, is the subject matter of this treatise heading back to the drawing board? If there doesn’t appear to be any obvious breaking of laws on the part of world leaders meeting in secret, then where does the notion of an economic conspiracy come into play?

According to Tucker, Timothy Geithner, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, has open arms for the Treasury Department to be overseen by the IMF, or the International Monetary Fund and therefore a World Treasury Department. In fact, Tucker states that Geithner said, “The people of Europe and America will have suffered enough to embrace a World Treasury Department.” The context of the statement apparently revolved around our present recession.

Yes, this treatise freely goes back to the drawing board, with intent to point out some frightening indicators. The economic recession we endure in the present was largely caused, according to the stories perpetrated by the media, from risks taken by large financial and investment corporations, largely within the realm of real estate. Also mentioned by the news reports (but never within the same stories as the investment scandals) is that there have been in inordinately amount of loans and purchases on the part of an enormous amount of people to buy homes that are now suspected to have been drastically overinflated in their prices.

Now, as an aside, we all must ask a question. Who of you reading this would see it as sensible that one could buy a home virtually unidentified, hardly with no money down and barely any identification or credit background to back up the purchase? Your humble author recalls filling out a stack of forms reminiscent of a phone book when it comes to purchasing a home, or even a car. But, we’ve all seen the innumerable infomercials talking accolades about the surefire business of real estate. We have all heard how the value of real estate almost always goes up and almost never down, therefore making the purchase of real estate a sure thing. It was the talk of every financial guru, analyst and expert that investing in real estate was the ideal way to go for everyone. In fact, it was widely reported that people could attain untold amounts of wealth with no start-up capital if they followed a few simple guidelines. There was continual talk of a huge amount of people being sold homes they couldn’t possibly afford through less-than-stellar business practices on the part of mortgage lenders, who apparently had little to fear since the home, if foreclosed, could still be sold for a profit.

All of this mysteriously led to the collapse of the investment banks and other financial companies virtually the day after some of these mortgage payments weren’t being made and real estate prices mysteriously dropped. Somehow, after these bills weren’t paid and nobody stepped in to buy the foreclosures with the surefire strategies propagated by the experts, money was lost. Banks lost money and they were even at risk of collapsing. But come on now, the daily affairs of virtually every other industry relied on these banks to conduct their business profitably or at least soundly, or else they couldn’t function. After all, although it isn’t commonly talked about in the break rooms or in the company cafeteria, virtually every single company out there relies on their credit to operate and cover their payroll and numerous other expenses. Few are the companies that pay their people and operate their affairs directly from company profit coffers.


There ended up being a snowball effect. Companies had to lay off employees, starting with some considered nonessential and then going from there. They decided they could demand more from fewer people and dismiss a percentage of their workforce if they’re going to remain competitive, because fear spread quickly. Because this took place over such a widespread commercial span, a lot of people were suddenly out of work. This frightened those who were still working. They decided that their number could come up before long, so their spending went down. For those who were laid off, their spending went way, way down. This snowballed into a further loss of spending and consumption (the primary drivers of the economy, for those who didn’t know) and businesses were losing even more profits. They laid off more people to conserve what they had and the cycle spun viciously. Quickly, businesses cut significant percentages of their workforce, placing a huge percentage of the country out of work. Because there were so many people out of work and many people fearing for their jobs so much that they were openly willing to take a pay cut to just stay working, spending just went down and down. In a dramatically short amount of time, the country and much of the world ended up in an economic recession nearly as severe as the Great Depression.

But the government (The Bush Administration) had some serious answers to the problem and came running to the rescue. They would borrow the money that could be used through the banks and therefore stimulate the economy by reassuring everyone things would soon be fine because there was capital in place. But that didn’t work out, for some reason. The banks weren’t actually mandated to pass on the money in an effective manner, so money that was poured into the government bailouts somehow leaked into nowhere. The Automotive Industry couldn’t possibly sell cars to people who didn’t have jobs or weren’t secure enough in their jobs to buy another car, so they needed enormous sums of money to remain viable. But, there still wasn’t anyone buying their cars (it isn’t the economy, so your cars must just suck) so they needed more bailout money. The banks went through much of the same problem, as the economy kept failing despite the gallant efforts to keep the wealthy cozy and the issue of getting the population back to work and making a sustainable and stable income was largely dismissed in a fog of mystery. Our political leaders have been stunned and scratching heads ever since, even though they effectively socialized the financial and automotive industries, to start.

After all, it made no sense whatsoever to pour the trillions of dollars into the economy from the bottom up (so people and businesses could spend and invest, and then spend and consume in order to propel the economy) but pour it in from the top down, where it somehow leaked out of an enormous sum of unseen holes, leading to breaking stories of corruption and greed on the part of the evil capitalists that, as everyone knows, are out to destroy humanity and eat living, screaming children.

Now, your humble writer could be benefiting from 20/20 hindsight, but if there were groups in power that wanted to dismiss a nationalistic mindset and a society self-controlled through successful private industry and the promise of liberty and freedom through hard work and smart thinking, but rather point out how necessary it is to turn all trust and faith over to the governing power that strives to dismiss religious faith as something dogmatic and counterproductive but confidently provides for virtually every need, how would they do that? How could they construct a strategy that maximized all the virtues of a blanketing governmental entity and demonstrate that private industry and minimal government is an inherent recipe for disaster and surely the systematic destruction of a modern society?

Why, you simply do what has happened. Then, you have the government take over virtually every aspect of private industry by having it control the economy (a situation gravely warned against by our Founding Fathers) and then soothe the pain through ensuring everyone that not only have they not been dismissed, but guarantee through law that every vital need is cared for by the government. To go further, how do you support a one-world government in assuming the goals it has sought for so long? You hand-pick political, industrial and financial leaders over decades (establishing a working precedence to ease the intelligent mind), and then culminate them into one working entity operating on its own accord.

But what about all the financial woes and struggles, with massive amounts of unemployment and the sale of the government debt abroad? How does all of that fit into the supposition and conspiracy?

Let’s look back to the analogy of the NFL. If there is one world government overseeing a global monetary system, then who owes who? Sure, the political screamers can accuse other political screamers of selling out the nation’s sovereignty to China through trillions of dollars in debt that there’s no way to pay, but in a global monetary and financial system, who owes who? How could an entity that controls all the globe’s monetary systems owe anyone, when it controls all the money? Who does it sell its debt to, the Martians? Besides, when it controls all the money, then its wealth can be considered absolute and therefore owes no one.

So, what’s with all the conspiracy theories, along with the imaginary lines between left and right, and the supposed lack of money that prevents the world from moving ahead but instead keeps so much at a continual struggle? Well, now we go back to our business analogy to draw a clear and starkly colored picture.

Any big business keeps the rank and file hungry. Entry-level employees don’t make enough income to do anything more than barely get by. It promotes a stronger work ethic and the desire to do more to succeed. The lower-level management does nothing more than what they’re told, which is ensure that the entry-level workers are turning their cranks and pushing the right buttons. The mid-level managers push their departments by pushing the managers and supervisors to keep cracking the whip on the help in order to maximize productivity. But you also throw out bones and scraps of meat to keep the people motivated. You let them have sanctioned days off and continually publish the potential of hard work and dedication, because if there is any one constant positive in the workplace, it is dedication to the company. You get more flies with honey than vinegar, so ease the intimidation through less cracking of the whip and more dangling of carrots from the business end of that whip.

And, as we all know, the upper crust enjoy all the perks. They make enormous sums of money and point out that if you be just like us, you can be one of us. Play the games just right and you can own the yacht rather than scrub it for next to minimum wages. You can call all the shots and have people scrambling to make all your wishes come true, because you’re the boss. But you have to play the game and you have to follow the rules.

This analogy seems to fit well the business-like actions of the powers controlling the world of today. How did they do it? Through the control of the economy that is not an out-of control whirligig going its own way, but a carefully devised set of controlled plays and strategies to ensure success of those manipulating it.

But we still have to go back to the question of the validity of conspiracy theories. There are those who cry conspiracy because all of this has been done cloak & dagger style, with subterfuge and deception. It’s hard to accuse them of breaking the laws when they write the laws according to their needs. But hey, there is a world out there that has suffered immensely as corrupt powers operated without control, and the good people of the world have suffered throughout history because of the influences of a select few. Nations have argued and fought since time immemorial, and war has brought so much human suffering, and there is no doubting that.

Besides, the world is smaller than ever before. The fact that individual countries work together and conduct daily foreign affairs and international trade is nothing but all too common and the way things are done in the modern world. In fact, when countries are interdependent and have minimal motivation to squabble but genuine motivation to maintain peaceful cooperation, the world is surely going to be a better place for everyone. Further, this motivates those countries that aren’t on board to reconsider their stubborn nature. If they don’t conform, the attitude of military action is often proven unnecessary thanks to the power of the economic sanctions, which work for all but the most narcissistic and megalomaniacal. There are other ways for dealing with them.

The problem is that power corrupts. Allowing a select few to harness and control global authority is something humanity has feared since we knew the globe was a globe. History has demonstrated repeatedly that power corrupts those that have too much of it, and global power is simply way too much, particularly when there are no checks and balances to minimize the corruption. Further, if these conspiracy theorists are correct in their belief that a select few are wielding their power to wrest global control and doing it through deception and dishonest means, then there is a genuine conspiracy going on. And if this is indeed the case, then their primary weapon in the quest for global domination is the economy, and too many signs point to this being the case. Therefore, what we see going on in the world all around could genuinely be the greatest economic conspiracy in history. Because never before in human history has global control been so possible. Modern technology makes it all far too possible and there are too many signs in place that continue lending to the conspiracy theories, kooky or not.

Because of this, perhaps we should stop looking at conspiracy theorists and feel free to point and laugh. Perhaps we should just consider our personal viewpoints and ask ourselves a few questions. Questions like, is it better that we have a global government, a global economy, and even a global monetary system, along with global law and global law enforcement? Is that really a better thing than adhering to concerns of historians ever since historians have been around that there is such a thing as too much power? Beyond that, we need to stop allowing ourselves the duplicitous convenience of acknowledging politicians and wealthy tycoons operate with less than ideal scruples and then point and laugh at those who point it out.

Because if it looks like a duck…


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