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The Evolving Odyssey

Updated on March 7, 2015

The Evolving Odyssey

Volume 5, Issue 14, March 26, 2014

The century began its journey as a Topsy-turvy odyssey into a world I had become accustomed to ignore or forget about in my youth. Well into a more secure and mature age, it was the rush into the 2000’s that was a spinning spiral of setbacks, trials, and reflection for me.

The year 2000 started off in a normal fashion with my taking in an atmosphere, fashion, excitement, and environment in a bohemian style. It was part of all the style considering the miss-matched exchange of clothes, and general fusion styles of the environment, fashion, music, and style wore. As the 2000s began, the 20th century was set heavily into the bohemian look, with my bold colors, flappy hairdo, and an exciting new palette of colors that styled my fashions of mini-skirts; and where I paired almost everything with colorful mini-skirts, jeans, leather, and some short black ankle boots to accent and complete look and the style.

I was so influential in my style that I even was able to carry over this style into my business environment and attire, it was pretty laid back, and that the style was accepted as business-casual, at the time, when uniforms were essential to perform your positions, this style transformed the atmosphere.

Skinny jeans were introduced on or about 2004, and it was about the same time that Hip-Hop baggy pants were on the way out. So the new age of style had begun without an interruption in the environment. This was a new and exciting revolutionary look. It had styles that were mixed and developed into the fusion of styles for both genders of people. The skinny jean was worn by both females and males alike, which was used and engaged the style that renewed their attire with new skinny jeans.

It was called, “The Age of Grunge” with the skinny jeans in check as the style progressed and took hold of youth back in the day.

People were becoming more and more health conscious and wanted a thin skinny look to make sure their fashions were hung on them like a model’s.

Energy drinks were all the rage and began to influence the market all the way throughout the 2000s, like it never had done before; overflowing in dietary supplements that would permeate the current environment of health and wellness.

At the time, the year of the IPod (MP-3’s) began to slowly replace the Sony Walkman and people who looked at everyone who looked fashionable or wanted to look in fashion had was tech savvy appearance; and who were the ones who looked for the best of the best, and the newest ever-changing Apple gadgets when it overwhelmed the market and electronic industry.

Superstars of music and movies in the entertainment industry were reaching new heights with the IPod craze, and they were rising to new heights like never before seen with the famous and mobile gear. There were icons like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Johnny Depp who carried over a unique and individualistic style that was being copied by youth everywhere. It so influenced the youth and public of the time that it spurred new growth in wellness and health during that time. The I-Pod allowed its listeners to carry a mobile unit with them to any place that they walked, ran, or jogged. It was a crucial and critical part of the age of MP-3 music players that took the electronics industry to new heights and beyond.

The fashion and styles of this era could be seen in almost every environment of music, the movies, and the everyday living environment of people in the Americas. Ethnic clothing was starting to emerge also from the cultural wraps into mainstream America with sarongs, wraps, silk sashes, gypsy tops, and harem pants that also became part of an extraordinary bohemian look and style. The bohemian look was all the rage and women and men had the freedom to mix-and-match their fashions, as their hearts desired.

As the years progressed into mid-century (2004-2005) my luck took a turn for the worst during this time, and could be called the worst days of my life, as well as, the most humbling days of my life. I had an accident, and the injury was my wake-up call.

Just like the styles of the time, my life was a mash-up, and I was forced to face a multi-faceted look in depth at my life. I was stunned and actually shell-shocked at what I had discovered about myself, and what I found to be most precious to me, at the time. This deep- delving and often ill-seeded development or experience, that took me on an amazing look into myself, into my soul, and it came at a very high cost, that I have yet to recover from.

When I got injured, it took me on a downward spiral in health and wellbeing. An eye-opening odyssey had begun; when I had an accident and injured myself. I had a previous or pre-existing condition that caused me to limp, as this birth injury took a backseat on top of my spine and hip, it doubled the injury intensity when I got injured, and the pain was excruciating.

I began a journey into defending myself, research that led me to the discovery of “Oxygen as an alternate medicine,” and the humbling of my spirit. (

When I injured myself, the accident I had, had compounded the injury I previously suffered from, and I suffered a loss greater in my stride, lower extremities, and gait that I am still trying to re-gain footing, as a result.

The accident initially caused me to lose the normal or full use of my legs with pain galore, at its helm. I was always in pain, every hour on the hour, and when I initially had my accident I was unable to walk. I was forced to look at the reality of being unable to walk, and it was when I was humbled beyond what I had ever dreamed I would experience. I was forced to have to get around in a way that was not normal, as I held onto furniture to get everywhere, even to the bathroom. I was like this for a couple of months, unable to walk, and struggling to maintain myself while in the greatest amount of pain I had ever felt in my life.

The pain was so severe that my body would tremble and spasm from the movement or flexing of the muscles in my body, when I used to get up, rise, stand, or just plain lay down on my back or side. My body spasmed, and twisted, as I tried to escape the pain that was coming. It was at this time that I was struck with the thoughts that terrified me as I was thinking of whether or not I would ever be able to walk again. As if it was not vicious enough, it was not as vicious yet, when this humbling experience left me with thoughts, of whether I would be able to just walk to the bathroom, the store, or even to the next room without holding onto furniture or use of a cane. I was horrified, to say the least, at the thought of never being able to regain its use, I also had a gamut of other thoughts of how I was going to survive or live my life. My mind was reeling with the thought of how I would further support myself. The humbling experience of taking things more seriously and how I had forgotten to be compassionate to people with disabilities was on the horizon of the experience.

I thought of the times I had been uncompassionate and not cared about people in the same type of circumstances. I had an awakening, at the time; I was going to start on this odyssey of how people treat some people with disabilities in every aspect imaginable.

Going to the doctor was an experience in itself and I was told over and over that I would not be able to see a physician because I had a pre-existing condition and they could not see me unless the first doctor who seen me after my injury seen me. This went on for quite a length of time. Some people have experienced this type of trial in their lives at one time or another, if they ever had an accident or experience such as this one.

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