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Analogy between Types of People and Chemical Elements

Updated on April 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Could We Think of Chemicals as Resembling the Variety of Our Mentalities?
Could We Think of Chemicals as Resembling the Variety of Our Mentalities?

On a Mission to Ask Questions

As a harmless side effect of my tireless, even though humble passion to explore the mysteries of mind, life, and Universe, I seem to have a particular intellectual appetite for noticing hidden signs, analogies, fractals, and apparent coincidences around me.

It seems like it's been from ever like this that I am amusing myself with some daring thoughts that would irritate both scientist and philosopher to a point of promptly calling them an assortment of names.

One of such thoughts is wrapped around what appears to me as a pretty obvious analogy, or a resemblance if this word is more appropriate, between the variety of human mentalities and a corresponding variety of chemical elements composing our material world as we know it.

It goes without saying, the idea has no ambition to appear some day in a respected scientific journal, but if you get some intellectual entertainment out of it, I won't be writing all this just for my own fun.

Those of you with a limited knowledge in chemistry will easily notice how I share your level of expertise, so don't expect the article to face you with a challenge in that department. And those who excel in that field won't have much of a chance to call it a "bad chemistry", and could be advised not to metaphorically create any of that "bad chemistry" with the innocent intentions of the article.

Now, let's see what is this new intuitive speculation that I found worthy of sharing with others.

Some Folks Are Like Those Rare Stones---a Priceless Decoration to the Humankind
Some Folks Are Like Those Rare Stones---a Priceless Decoration to the Humankind

Similarities---Real or Imagined

For starters, you might have memorized from your chemistry classes how there are groups of chemical elements that are quite plentiful on this planet; those present in the composition of soil and water, as well in the atmosphere. They could be compared to those most numerous mentalities of---let's call them "ordinary folks"---who never get particularly noticed for anything but their number in any society.

The opposite types would be those "precious metals", corresponding to those icons standing out for their exceptional contribution in science, art, inventing, philosophy, or spirituality---not of a religious kind but self-evolving one. They don't "rust" from the negative influences around them, truly representing some shiny "social jewelry".

Then, we could also observe the similarities existing in the "valences", or tendencies and abilities to tie themselves to other elements. Those with many valences could be compared to those typical "party animals", or "people's people", who would be lost if they didn't maintain a dynamic social life, while also seeking professions which would guarantee a lot of interacting with others.

In another corner of the scale would be those elements with just a few valences, reminding of those loners, who feel best when they are not involved in a "team work"---usually called "introverts".

Furthermore, as for the nature of their tying with others, certain elements are more available to form mixtures, where they keep their original characteristics in the process. They are types with a sort of a healthy realism and objectivity which keeps them "who they are"' regardless of the nature of their involvement with others.

Then, there are those elements which easily form compounds where they lose their original characteristics. Something like two gases, oxygen and hydrogen becoming water, a liquid. Their equivalents in human mentalities could be noticed as those hot-headed folks who get so devoted to a group that they are "not to be recognized anymore for what they used to be". Needless to say, those religious, and political fanatics would fit, and also members of different cults.

Before I end this analogy, let me mention those who like "pulling devil by the tail", always in an opposition---like troublemakers, critics, skeptics, cynics, and chronic complainers, whose mentality would match those substances which easily form an explosive, or a fire reaction.

No Big Enough Diamond Can Match the Value of Water in a Desert
No Big Enough Diamond Can Match the Value of Water in a Desert

Nothing "Inferior" in the Periodic Table of Elements

While thinking about those over hundred chemical elements which compose our material world, I got to the point of adding their individual significance in the creative scheme and dynamism of coexistence to my already existing relativistic attitude.

Namely, I have from ever been an individualist of my own make respecting the individual differences between people and not prone to lumping them all into one global human mass. The added awareness of that chemical variety made me think more in terms of seeing each as important, with its role in something that I called the "Grand Tease".

I saw that variety, in both chemical and in human realities as a basic principle of spontaneous dynamism, one "teasing" another into a reactive outcome. Wherever I looked, there was no uniformity, but rather this seeming testing among different elements, while each one was expressing its own nature.

My relativism easily got supported by some simple examples of, let's say, a diamond and a supply of water. In a jewelry store water has no value, whereas during a trip through Sahara desert that diamond can't compare to a good water supply.

Everything in its own way is equal in value to everything else. A poor nuclear configuration of an atom of hydrogen with only one proton and an neutron in its nucleus doesn't suggest its "inferiority" to those elements higher on the Periodic Table---just watch how cute hydrogen bomb can be produced with it with a pretty loud advertisement of its importance.

A Promise of a New Birth for the Mankind---Only through the Magic Touch of Spirituality
A Promise of a New Birth for the Mankind---Only through the Magic Touch of Spirituality

Spiritual Folks---"Catalysts" in the Grand Tease

In the process of this thinking I suddenly got myself face to face with a human truism suggesting that there is no ultimate solution to the human drama with only each element always playing itself out and making the history repeat itself.

Being a chronic optimist I couldn't settle for those gloomy prospects, so with my horribly limited knowledge of chemistry I started brainstorming among elements and substances that could produce a different turn out.

And so I came to so called "catalysts", or substances which affect change between elements while themselves not undergoing any permanent change. Right away I thought about those highly spiritual folks and the fact about their becoming more and more heard.

I mean those voices that are coming from an underground to tease the elements into seeking freedoms from the eons of brainwashing done by the political, religious, and business establishments.

With the invent of the internet people all over the world are connecting and slowly consolidating into a spiritual force that's not anymore dependent on the fabrications and propagation of the mainstream media.

In terms of elements what is to be achieved? Is it a way leading towards a spiritual uniformity that would defy the principle of variety? No. But each element could evolve into its best possible "isotope" while supporting the common goal of a harmony and mutual support. There will forever be this Grand Tease among the elements, but take it with a metaphor of wars turning into sports events of a fair competition and mutual respect.

It's the element of spirituality that's slowly changing the fabric of human interacting with its insistence on looking for solutions that will be satisfactory to everyone.

Sharing a Spring of New Reality through Our Invisible Connection
Sharing a Spring of New Reality through Our Invisible Connection

True for Us if True for Monkeys?

I see that slow shift towards harmony exploding into a major quantum leap as that spirituality gains a critical mass---which was so nicely illustrated in that true event of the "hundredth monkey".

Let me say it for those of you who may not have heard of it. Allegedly, on a pretty remote Japanese island a group of monkeys by accident or something got to the idea to wash their potatoes before eating them. Accidents like that do happen, you know, like we, as species, discovered that those animals roasted in a forest fire tasted better than those raw ones.

So, anyway, what happened was that the scientists who had been monitoring those monkeys' behavior for a while, suddenly noticed how on another island the monkeys started implementing that routine of washing their potatoes as well.

It was a huge discovery raising some speculative theories about a possible "collective consciousness" within species which on the quantum level and irrespective of distances affect the whole of the species with a novelty in behavior.

Something similar may happen with us. Just consider that experiment in which a good mass of meditators was summoned to meditate at the same time in an American city. That was resulting with an immediate drastic drop in the number of violent crimes during that period while meditation was going on.

Of course, we cannot draw any huge conclusion either from those monkeys, or meditators, or apparent analogies between chemical elements and human mentalities. But when I mentioned something like a "Grand Tease", I meant exactly this kind of intellectual adventure possibly prompting readers to consider something as a possibility.

Without an influx of something new into our established way of thinking we are all bound to keep repeating the same thoughts day-in-day-out, and getting a reality composed of more of the same.

So, please, take lightly the whole theme, don't search among your mind's files for a crumb of justification for all this, because it is not insisting on an accuracy which would be provable in labs and those scientific textbooks.

Just be entertained if you can, and if you care, tell me in your comments what you think, so I know that reading this article was better than watching a repeat on your TV.


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      18 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Wow! OK guys....Today I have beautiful photos! It had to be a glitch on my end as you both suspected. Strange, never had that happen before. Oh well, it's all just fine now. I won't have to wonder if I come across this again.... Thanks for your comments!

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago

      Paula, must be on your end. His photos are beautiful in this hub. I'm viewing it on a network, so I'm usually the one with problems. None here.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      Paula---Nope! Everything is there as I put it, so something is technically wrong on your side. However, receiving those nice words from you put in shadow any possible technicalities, even if they did pose a problem on my screen.

      Well, if you care to see the illustrated part of my hub, or prevent it in the future with other hubs---check it out, and please let me know when the problem has been corrected. - Be well, my friend. Val

    • fpherj48 profile image


      18 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Val....I hope it's not a fault with my computer or internet access...BUT, in the huge spaces between your capsules, there is nothing (no photos or any images) but blank white space. I've seen your many meticulously created hubs so I know you did not do this intentionally. Perhaps you should contact the team to ask what the issue may be. Further, since I see you have printed a comment under what SHOULD appear, there's definitely a problem.

      If it is, in fact, a problem on my end, then I need to check this out.

      Please let me know if you see the blank spaces that I see and what if anything, you find out about it!

      In any event, I love this hub just as I have all of your work. This is clever, which does not surprise me about you, Val. Glad to see you come by on occasion to entertain us. Looks like all is well with you! Peace, Paula

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      18 months ago

      I like your analogy of spiritual catalysts.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      Carolyn---You got it right; I was not talking about TCM, or even homeopathy where some elements are attributed to different types of human psycho-physical constitution.

      Well, I am certainly glad you were entertained more by the hub than by another TV repeat.

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 

      18 months ago from South Dakota, USA

      When I read the title, I thought you were going to discuss five element theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). I found pieces here and there in your discussion (soil, water, precious metals), but you took it in an entirely different direction. And yes, it was more fun than another repeat on TV.


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