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The Expanding Universe...Or Is It

Updated on January 13, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

The Discovery

Early in the 19th century, Dr. Edwin Hubble made a discovery that changed the minds of many astronomers. He found that the ilky Way wa snot th eonly galaxy living in the universe.

As if this discovery was not enough, he later determined that the new galaxies were moving away from the Milky Way. In fact, he discovered that the movement was uniform and that it was not just the Milky Way that was being outdistanced.

All the galaxies seemed to be moving away from every other galaxies in the same uniform manner. From these discoveries, Hubble deduced that the Universe itself was expanding and was not static like so many astronomers of the time had thought.

Some, if not most, held to the idea that the Milky Way comprised the whole of the universe and neither expanded. Dr. Hubble’s discoveries revolutionized the field of astronomy and ever since astronomers have been making discovery after discovery.

Instead of one galaxy, there are billions, with each holding more stars than can be counted.

One Point in Opposition

There is a problem or two that comes when one takes a close look at Dr. Hubble’s declaration. Such a simple conclusion may not be as simple as everyone makes it out to be. The limited evidence used by Dr. Hubble and other astronomers to support the expanding universe theory.

One point is that Dr. Hubble ignored incoming galaxies to create his theory and called them anomalies. It must be nice to be a scientist as they can ignore competing evidence and dismiss it like it means nothing. I tried telling the IRS that my revenue was just an anomaly and all I had was expenses, but they did not buy it.

This is just a minor point, ignoring evidence is only a fraction of the problems that come with the expanding universe. All that has been measured in coming to this conclusion and supporting it, are outward bound galaxies.

At no time has anyone seen the edge of the universe. Nor have they seen any markers that would indicate that the universe was smaller at some point in time in history. All astronomers and Dr.Hubble had and have are moving galaxies.

To say that the universe is expanding because the galaxies are moving is like saying a country is expanding their borders because planes are departing from its territory. Incoming aircraft are just an anomaly.

Without real definite boundary sightings of the edge of the universe, then tracking its expansion, it is impossible to declare that the universe is getting bigger. Galaxies are not enough physical evidence.

A Second Point in Opposition

Most people have come to accept the Big Bang Theory as the source for the physical universe and its content. They state a very prehistoric cataclysm took place approx. 14 billion years ago and this cataclysm provided the natural resources for planets, galaxies, and other space bodies to form and turn into galaxies and so on.

It must have been some spectacular event as its force has been fueling the expansion of the universe for these past 14 billion years. Considering that no astronomer or physicist can point to a given point in history and show the physical presence of that force that has done so much in the universe.

It is a fact that scientists do not know how the universe expanded so quickly or where its origin s lay. On top of these problems, scientist have no idea what entity the current universe expanded into.

There had to be some sort of entity holding all that matter in one place, if it exploded as believed. The key question is, where is the physical evidence for this force? We have physical evidence for gravity, the sun’s UV and other radiation rays and so on, but mysteriously, this powerful force, while continue to work, disappears from sight.

A Third Point in Opposition

I am not going to go into a discussion on the origins of the big Bang Theory itself. Those origins are well known and well publicized. What I have noticed over the years is the nature of the physical evidence that has been used.

The items used as physical evidence is not extracted from some objective, superior to human source. Instead, the evidence is what astronomers throughout history have declared to be evidence.

In other words, it is evidence because the different astronomers say it is evidenced and not because it is real physical evidence proving their theory. The creators of the theory have also invented the physical evidence they will use to determine if their theory is correct.

Not only is it circular reasoning, it is as absurd, illogical and irrational as thinking that a powerful force going off 14 billion years ago, give or take a billion years, is still active today while not giving off its presence or its source.

Some Final Thoughts

It is a given that the different galaxies are moving. The real physical evidence is there and should not be disputed. But to take a giant leap and connect that movement with the universe, one that we have not seen the boundaries, and claim it is expanding is going too far.

There is no real physical evidence to verify Dr. Hubble’s conclusion. We have had roughly 5,000 years of astronomical investigations yet not one astronomer has even come close to finding one previous universe boundary line. We need more than moving planets to say the universe is expanding

The heavens were made to declare the glory of God. An expanding universe is not needed to see what God has set in the sky for us to see and marvel at his power and his glory.

An expanding universe is useless especially since we cannot track its movements. What we do see by the movement of the different galaxies is that God made the universe so large, that the galaxies had enough room to move, without colliding with each other and destroying his creation.

Another lesson we can derive from the work of all the astronomers throughout history is that, God left a lot of physical evidence lying around in space to show that he does exist and that he created everything. He knew that people would be looking up into space, so he made sure they came across the evidence they would need to see the truth of his words in Genesis.

The work of many astronomers are not wasted. Used correctly, we can see God.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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