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The Extraordinary History Science and Geology Of Howe Caverns

Updated on June 27, 2016

This is a truly astounding science and geology of the Howe Caverns. The geological characteristics of the caverns, the walls are composed of two distinct sorts of limestone. The Coeymans and the Manlius limestone, The Coeymans limestone formation preserves fossils as far back as the Devonian period. The Devonian time is a geological span and system 360 million years ago. The Manlius limestones are composed of many diverse formations which are distinctly described by lithology, being the study of common tangible attributes of rocks. They are from differing intervals in earth’s early history.

The Manlius limestone is the limestone that is seen most perspicuously and is in the greatest amount at Howe Caverns. The Coeymans limestone can be seen in the higher sections located at the caverns entranceway. Coeymans limestone is more impenetrable to break down. So the water obviously took a bottom trail.


The Stunning Brilliant Lights And Shimmering Waters

The tranquil flowing Lake of Venus where the visitors to the momentous Howe Caverns take a boat through the twists and turns.
The tranquil flowing Lake of Venus where the visitors to the momentous Howe Caverns take a boat through the twists and turns. | Source

The Visitors Taking An Underground Walk Through The Caverns

One of the main attractions at Howe Caverns is the interesting tour on the river traveling through the Caverns.
One of the main attractions at Howe Caverns is the interesting tour on the river traveling through the Caverns. | Source

The Eye-Catching Calcite Formations Seen As You Walk Through The Caverns

Just one of many formations you will view as you venture through the remarkable Howe Caverns during the tour.
Just one of many formations you will view as you venture through the remarkable Howe Caverns during the tour. | Source

Millions Of Years Of Limestone Formations


The History OF Howe Caverns

The remarkable history about the Howe Caverns is astonishing. The scientists surmise that the wonders of nature began originating nearly an amazing 6 million years ago. To put this into perspective, this would have occurred even earlier than the existence of the prehistoric wholly mammoth appeared on earth. Age and beauty are far from being the only eminence that compels Howe Caverns to be distinctive. They furthermore happen to be one of a little number of mineral caverns which are biological limestone cave on earth. Formerly, the eastern portion of New York State was hidden by a part of the Atlantic Ocean. There was a large quantity of sponges, multicellular organisms, creatures comparable to oysters. When the existing sea animals began to perish, their lifeless abandoned shells, and fine fragments of dirt, blanket literally hundreds of feet of the ocean seabed. In the beginning, these accumulations were extremely supple. As the thickness built of new deposits, plunging to the to the ocean floor, the development increased in height. With the passing of millions of years, the North America large land masses, ascended gradually from the ocean.

Howe Caverns was uncovered 20 years ahead of the eruption of the Civil War. It was a time in our remarkable history when immense wealth was launched by the prominent heads of the Industrial Revolution and a period when a man was enthusiastic to endeavor his dominance over mother earth. The Indians referred to the caves as great valley cave. But due to powerful superstitious beliefs, it was suspected the reason why they never ventured into the caves to investigate.

Then the first white man took the advantageous step to journey into the caves. This adventure took place in the early 1770’s. Possibly the first traveler during the time of his business dealings, discovered the cave rather by accident. While an Indian besiege was underway, to escape to take cover he slipped into and hid at the mouth of the cave. Then at a later time, Cobleskill, the visitor, divulged the cave’s location to a pastor explaining how he had stumbled on it. The pastor knowing of the whereabouts of the caves, gave a bit of advice, and a promise made to each other, never to speak of it to anyone else. To keep it a secret and a place of refuge to flee the Indian attacks.

A new age is happening. At this present time, the sole thing that is familiar about the tours is the name. In 2007, major transformations began. The company was sold to two men, who promised they would invest many millions of dollars into enhancements over the next future years. Mr. Galasso, he is as well as he is the owner of the Cave House Museum. So they envision a future with these assets to include linking the existing Howe Caverns to the original Lester Howe Caverns. By accomplishing this revamping, the visitors will be able to experience the natural amazement as they did in early 1800’s to the early 1900’s. The imaginative owners persist to attain their insightful possibilities for a reenergized Howe Caverns, one that will extent the tour further from the present-day Lake of Venus.

Can you just imagine having a wedding at the Howe Caverns? Something rather exclusive, as the two of you stand on the bright shining calcite heart, you are surrounded by shimmering limestone walls. As you take your vows, you can see and hear the tranquil sounds of the crystal clear river that froths below. After your solemn ceremony, discover the majestic cave enjoying a boat ride. Continue celebrating your special day in the rustic ambience that is provided in the Tudor stylishness held in the center. You will be able to gaze at the wondrous point of views, from the dining room area. The surrounding terrace makes for the perfect setting for a fairy-tale and unforgettable day.

Take a thrill ride, a zip line ride, which extends 900 feet and stands above the world. This exciting aerial ride is separated into a total of four portions and carries the adventurers for a breathtaking sight dangling up to 40 feet in the air. The water ball is another adrenaline rush Visitors grab a 12 foot ball that can be filled with water. You add 5 gallons of water and one enthusiastic participator. Next the water filled ball and the thrill seeker thrust downhill for a ride of a distance of slightly over 1,100 feet, for a drenched and rowdy water ride.

The rope obstacle course enables guests to experience a sequence of 28 unexpected and unusual as well as stimulating undertakings which are 30 feet over and above the ground. Moving across items for example, the Burma buckets and the intersecting tight ropes making this the ultimate entertainment to spark your inner child. Engage in the recreation of testing your climbing skills on the rock wall. This 26 foot rock wall involves eight pronounced climbing courses on a true to life climbing exterior. The skillfully designed hydraulic mechanism safeguards the climbers at all times, allowing you to come down gradually.


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 18 months ago from Cicero, New York

      Thank you Jodah so glad to hear from you, yes it is quite a place to visit and with the new owners it is only going to expand. Thank you for your comments, they are always welcomed. Linda

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      A very interesting history of Howe Caverns, Linda. Amazing photos also.