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The Fear of Bees

Updated on August 7, 2017
Honey bees
Honey bees | Source

Fear Of Bees - Apiphobia

Every single person on this earth has something to be afraid of. Fear is in the human nature. Being afraid holds some survival advantage as well. From our birth, we fear snakes and spiders. Such fear has grown in human for a long time, and it prevents us from being bitten by venomous spider or snakes. However, some types of fear hold no survival advantage, and it is best to just get rid of them. One such example is fear of bees - Apiphobia.


1) The sting of a bee is quite painful, and if a child is continuously stung by bees, he can grow the fear of bees. Such incidents (being continuously stung) often happen when a child disturbs a bee hive, and then he is attacked by a swarm of bees.
2) Socially conditioned response triggers the fear of bees. Children observe their parents are afraid of bees or parents are overprotective about their children interacting with bees. Such environment at home can grow the fear of bees in a child.
3) Media such as movies or books, where an oversized bee feed on human flesh, can also inculcate fear of bees in a child.

However, such fear may fade away as the child grows up, but sometimes such fear may remain intact well into adulthood.


A phobic will experience these changes in his body when he/she confronts a bee:
1) There would be a sudden surge of adrenaline in his/her body, and the phobic will experience breathlessness, increased heartbeat, and much more changes. Adrenaline prepares a human body for fight or flight response which helps a person to escape from dangerous situations.
2) The phobic will be panic stricken. He/she will lose control of his/her body.
3) The phobic will experience strange feelings like if the bee stings, he/she might die.
4) In severe cases, the phobic might faint.

Honey Bee is an excellent  pollinater
Honey Bee is an excellent pollinater | Source


1)The phobic will try his/her best to avoid confrontation with bees, and this would be a difficult measure to carry out. Take this example into consideration.
If a phobic wants to do some traveling in leisure time, he/she will take some extreme measures to ensure their safety:
>The phobic will carry a large amount of bee repellent with him/her.
>The phobic will keep away from the possible path of bees. He/she will avoid visiting parks or green hills.The only thing that relaxes a stressed out mind is nature, and phobic will try his/her best to avoid it.
2) Sudden panic attack and uncontrollable body movements might embarrass the phobic in public.
3) If the fear of bees in the phobic turns into aggression, he/she might go on a rampage against bees. The phobic will try his/her best to wipe out bees, but this act will disturb the delicate balance of ecosystem because bees are major plant pollinators.

A yellow hornet is  often mistaken for Honey Bee
A yellow hornet is often mistaken for Honey Bee | Source

How to Overcome the Fear of Bees?

If you are phobic, then you would have your own share of unpleasant experiences. The best way to avoid further complications is to get rid of this fear once and for all.

1) Know These Facts:
>The bees sting only when they are disturbed.
>Bees are excellent pollinators.
>The honey produced by bees is a wonderful dietary source.
>In America, Yellow Jacket's ( a wasp ) sting is often mistaken as a bee sting.
>Most of the bees even don't sting which include male bees and solitary species, and the female bees will only sting in self-defense.
Knowing these facts will enable you to ponder over importance these creatures, and will grant you a rational approach to overcome your fear of bees.

2) Talk to a friend or psychiatrist.
You must try to talk about your fear to your friend or psychiatrist. Their guidance might help you to overcome your fear. They will explain to you the importance of bees, and soon you will find your fear baseless. It is important for you to open up yourself in front of others; otherwise, the locked tongue will help your fear to spread.

3) Face your Fear.
Facing your fear is the best way to get rid of your fear. Start by watching bee videos, and when you are ready, you can proceed to real life encounter with bees.
If panic strikes you, try to breathe deeply, think about the importance of bees or about the good advice your friend gave you.

Hope this article helps you to overcome your fear of bees.


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      Sarrah Aliasghar 

      17 months ago

      Really nice article

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      17 months ago from pakistan

      Thank you.

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      17 months ago

      nice article

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      17 months ago from Bandung indonesia

      Nice article u got there


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