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The First Step to Being a Philosopher. Meet Kant

Updated on August 19, 2017

Emmanuel Kant Images

Why We Need Philosophers, and why Kant is a Good One

First of all, I'm going to start by doing something that only laymen do in writing. I'm going to start this hub with a definition. Philosopher, the definition was kind of sketchy, "wise-man, one who thinks about life and the metaphysical, sage, may starts a cult!" NO. Philos , I know, means love, not as Eros means sexual love, or that other one means some other kind of love, so I'll just say Philos means the love of... thoughts. So I just wrote a new definition. Probably. I know that some philosophers make you just want to go kill yourself, so I won't say they love humans, or the world, or brains, (except their own) . But haven't you ever had a breakthrough thought , like "time is made up , and it's stressing us all out for nothing." Of course days are not made up, we can't ignore them. But I bet most people would forget it gets really cold for a long time once a year if we didn't keep announcing it. This is one of the points of Emmanuel Kant. That space and time are imposed on us as humans, and effect the freedom of ourselves, and our thoughts, or judgements, judgements mean a lot to Kant, but not "being judgey" you will need to find a book about him by an author who is not trying to give you a stroke to understand all of his many philosophies, but I think Kant is a good one. He's all about freedom. He is about how our lives are limited by having to know about things that may not even be real (like time and space, for one thing) and we live in a world bordered by only the things we believe, and we always will. Because once we believe something new, that may expand or change our borders, but we are still limited by the things we believe, even the new things. That's just one part of his philosophy.

and Why We Need Philosophers.....

Suggested to Change the way you Think.

The Other Bible
The Other Bible

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    • helenstuart profile image

      Helen Stuart 8 months ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

      That is a great compliment, Mr. Schneider, Thank you! I feel sure Emmanuel Kant could have explained it to me a lot more simply than the authors I read. They really make things complicated. Once again, your validation means more than you can know.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 8 months ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent intro Hub into one of our most seminal philosophers. Kant's work can be quite dense but you have gotten into the heart of his work. Great Hub, Helen.