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The Florida Real Estate Exam, Free Study Aids

Updated on July 18, 2012

From arrogance to humility

Yesterday, Kathy and I had a good laugh. One of our on line students called and told Kathy that he had failed the Florida real estate exam. This is the test given by Pearson Vue that you have to pass before the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation will issue you a Florida real estate license. He called because he wanted to buy a book that we call the skinny book. This is a study aid for passing the Florida real estate exam. It is not required. Students don't have to buy it. Kathy asked him why didn't he buy that book the last time they talked. She had suggested it. His reply was hilarious to us. He said," I was arrogant then. I am humble now."

That is such a perfect description of most people taking the Florida real estate exam. When you know that the pass rate on the Florida real estate exam is 53%, you know it is a difficult test. I don't think most people know that the first time they take the Florida real estate exam. I tell my students that the Florida real estate exam is difficult. I also tell them that it cost thirty one dollars to take it whether you pass or fail. I don't think other real estate instructors tell their students how tough the Florida real estate exam is. If they take the class on line, I am certain that they don't know how difficult it is.

So many real estate students pass their real estate school test. That is usually not difficult. The instructor probably told them exactly what was going to be on the scool test. Maybe they even made a good grade on the real estate school test.

It would make sense that now they are ready for the Florida real estate exam . Wrong. When they get to Pearson Vue, and see the real Florida real estate exam, they feel like they have been hit by a train. A young man told me that one of his questions was, what is difference between a certificate of title and a opinion of title. He said since he didn't know what either one was, he was in trouble. He was in $31 worth of trouble. He failed. Many people, when they take the Florida real estate exam for the first time, are shocked to learn that they failed. It is a humbling experience.

I am amazed at how little most people study. We suggest our students to make flash cards. What a great idea. What does it cost? It costs nothing. Many people ask me why I don't sale flash cards. I don't sale flash cards because making them is half the fun. Making the flash cards is half of the learning experience. Make yourself some flash cards. Put the four kinds of deeds on the front of the cards and put general warranty, special warranty, bargain and sale and quit claim on the back. Make about four hundred of them. Play with them at red lights and during commercials.

There are plenty of study aids that you can buy and spend money on but what can you find for free. There are videos on You Tube to teach you how to do the math on the Florida real estate exam. How much does it cost? It cost nothing except your time and effort. Why doesn't everyone that is taking the Florida real estate exam watch these nine videos? It is a mystery to me. When free help is available, use it.

We have a free practice real estate exam at our website at . It is free. It costs nothing. It will give you a very accurate idea of how you will do on the Florida real estate exam. Why would anyone not avail themself to this free help?

Many people fail the Florida real estate exam several times before they get the message that the test is difficult and you better study. The pass rate for retakers is only 33% . It cost $31 to take the Florida real estate exam every time.


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