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The Flying Swastika

Updated on March 12, 2012

Matilde Flew

Matilde Wore a Swastika

The flying swastika is in recognition of a beautiful young lady who had a brief flying career. A fiery crash and the wishes of her family ended her carrier. The information on Matilde Moisant is scant and more research in on going. What is know is that one she received her license days after Harriet Quimby in 1912 and that she had two brother who were fliers during this time. Much of the information about women flying is not readily know because we have lived in a male dominated society that believed a woman place in the home. Moisant a very beautiful woman wore a swastika on her uniform. The Swastika was not always an emblem of death and destruction. However, after the incident in Germany and the mountain of book and the flood of movies it is near impossible for a person to know otherwise without some serious research.

When one takes on the task of researching an idea they will undoubtedly encounter a number of seemly-unrelated subject, yet it will become crystal clear that they are related and intertwined. When a individuals or groups seek ways to deceived people without there knowledge they first must keep them distracted long enough to mis-education them. America is currently number twenty-six on the world list of education. This is an indication that a systematic process has continued undetected long enough to graduated thirty to forty percent of a population functionally illiterate and not one politician, educator or parent has said a word.

What is the purpose of this dumbing down process because it is apparent that’s what has occurred, it makes it impossible for people to reason or to make critical decision on information presented. For instance we have heard of the incident in Germany that caused lives, we have heard and seen the symbol that is associated with that incident so much that it is impossible to believe it was not always associated with death and destruction and plunder. How did this happen, It happen because the people involve have never allowed the world to forget that it happen and they use every avenue to propagandize the incident. Recently, I viewed a movie starring Sir Anthony Hopkins of whom I believe is an excellent Actor.

He was portraying the person who was believed to be the leader that led to the incident in Germany. It is said of him in this portrayal that even when not in character he was saluted as if he was the incarnation of Germanys leader. There is nothing wrong with telling the world that something happen to you. However, when you have the world stage as do these people then they should and could shed light on other such incidents that would and could bring about real tolerance instead of an unbalance view. What brought this to my attention starting with Marlin Brando who made a statement concerning these people, so much pressure was put on him, Mr. Brando found himself apologizing. Then several other super stars were allegedly making statements about these people. Matter of fact anytime a statement is made about these people if not the ADL then the Simon Wiesenthal group are up in arm beating the table to such a degree it is impossible to discover what the real truth concerning any allegations pertaining to them. A person in this community mutilated a small boy and the culprit was well known. During the time of this report I did see neither the ADL nor the Wiesenthal group beating the table then. There is a great deal about the incident that occurred in Germany, which is unclear, and a great deal about these people that is also unclear.

The summation of this article is American has render the majority of its population mindless with the plasma screen televisions, and social media allows us to see the level of mental degradation that has taken place. When senators are exposing their private parts on cell phones, sports stars exposing the posterior of their girlfriends without thought of the consequences. Today both men and women have become shameless and setting disastrous a pattern for generations to come. My question is who is responsible? Where are those bible thumpers, who once at least called attention to the condition? we have become so involved with political correctness our ability to reason is dwindling.


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    • Coolmon2009 profile image

      Coolmon2009 5 years ago from Texas, USA

      I enjoyed reading your story on "The flying Sawastika," interesting article.

    • multifunctions profile image

      Sanjay Sapre 5 years ago from India

      the more important question is are we responsible enough? i think we must believe in the human nature. this di natural behaviour calling simply attention and temporary hype does have life cycle like any other interests and will cliche after its own time. till then we can work on the community.