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The Four Horseman

Updated on March 14, 2015

Needed Help.

I just watched a movie by Ross and Megan Ashcroft from the United Kingdom called ‘Four Horseman'. You can learn more and get a copy of this movie if you go to on the web. They call their move ‘The Survival Manual’.

"This book offers a convincing and necessary peaceful, constructive, revolutionary strategy for achieving our survival. " - James Robertson, Author 'Future Money' and co-founder New Economics Foundation

If you search for ‘Four Horseman’ on the web there is a plethora of information about the apocalypse, and the four horseman of the apocalypse.

Everything from Catholicism; Communism; Capitalism' and Islam.
to Criticism; Contempt; Defensiveness; and Stonewalling.

Digging further you find all kinds of uses for this seemingly prophetic phrase, “The Four Horseman”.

The movies four horseman are Empire, Banking, Terrorism and Resources.

The bottom line in the movie I just watched seems to be:

We humans are first and foremost happier when we cooperate and work together. The myths of one-up man ship and competitiveness has not served us well as humans on this planet.

Empires in 1900
Empires in 1900 | Source

Is The USA a decadent Empire?

According to the movie, our future depends on our working towards getting more affection with each other and helping each other not only as a species, but working cooperatively with all life. By all life, we must include the Earth as a living being, and everything in it.

The movie depicted the four horseman to be Empire, Banking, Terrorism and Resources.

In Empire there are usually six ages of empires:

  1. 1. Pioneer
  2. 2. Conquest
  3. 3. Commerce
  4. 4. Affluence
  5. 5. Intellect
  6. 6. Decadence

The movie showed our United States is definitely in the sixth stage by pointing out how we have become lethargic regarding what is going on within our government and banking systems.


Banking; Terrorism; and Resources

The second horseman called Banking points out how this is a broken system. Our banks can plunder and when they do they do it legally and they are often glorified for doing it. In addition the banks pay for Campaign contributions and hire at least five lobbyists for every congressman in our government. This has created a plutocracy instead of a democracy.

The third horseman called Terrorism shows that for every ten terrorists we kill it creates 500 more terrorists because our country is blamed for helping the rich in those countries get richer when we try to help them. I loved the quote of John Perkins where he says we should think of the entire world as being our homeland.

The fourth horseman is resources. It is projected that we will have nine billion people living on the planet in 2075. Forty percent of Agricultural land is degraded worldwide and our world resources are becoming exhausted at a rate that is not sustainable. We must change our ways so consumption is not our way of life.

Indeed, it seems to me this is a movie we all should watch and share as it is potentially a peaceful solution to our world problems. Get rid of the broken political system; have more cooperative employee owned types of businesses; and quit trying to change other countries when we need to change our own.

What is your statement of it all?

What do you think

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