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The Fruits of Action - 3

Updated on October 8, 2015

Anybody who knows the connotation of the ‘fruits’ of action will easily understand the dream!

In the dream, I was seated in the same auditorium that was now hosting the Summer Course. Swami is distributing slices of muskmelon to everyone. Swami was soon about to come into my row of seats to distribute ‘fruits’. I then saw that I had some slices of fruit already in my hand. I tried to throw them aside so that I could get the fruits that Swami was giving. I also took out fruit that was in my mouth and tried to throw it away. Swami saw me and said, “Finish those fruits first. I shall then give you these.” Swami then saw a camera in my hand and frowned. I kept the camera down and quickly ate the fruits that He had referred to. The frown on His face disappeared. I beseeched Him to come near me.
Then I told Him, “Swami I am sorry! You know everything right?”
He simply smiled broadly at me and I felt so happy.
“I want to start getting my camera, sitting in front and shooting again.”
“No objection”, was His reply. He was now sitting beside me on the chair. I asked, “Swami, can I get the camera tomorrow itself?” He again repeated, “No objection.” Then He rose from the chair and left.

I woke up and felt so light in the heart. So all that had happened was me ‘eating the fruits’ that I had gathered. Only when those fruits were eaten could my hands be free to receive the fruits He wanted to give. And the dream signified that my fruits had been consumed. I decided that I would take my camera right away. But how was I to get the ‘permission slip’ necessary to take my camera into the hall? The person in charge for giving permission slips had been specially told about my ban.

Not bothering too much about it, I had my bath and found myself whistling joyously too. I got ready and then went to the person in charge for the camera chit. I told him, “Sir, I would like to take my camera for darshan today.” He simply nodded and signed me a permission slip! Was I amazed.

Trayee Brindavan - the residence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Brindavan.
Trayee Brindavan - the residence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Brindavan. | Source

I went to the first lines along with the ‘birthday boys’. Swami came for darshan. As He neared me, I was wondering what would happen. Nothing happened - neither a smile, nor a blast. I was happy with that and had some satisfaction welling within me. That satisfaction was only short-lived.

The teacher in charge of the audio department called me and asked, “How come you are sitting in the front?”
“Sir! The problem got solved now.”, I replied.
“I asked the warden. He said nothing about the problem being solved.”
“Sir! The problem was never between me and warden. It was between me and Swami and it is solved.”

It is little wonder that I was summoned to the warden’s office.
“Boy! You were lucky today morning. It is hardly 4 days since Swami was so upset and you openly flouted what i told you.”
“Sir! These four days have felt like forty for me! Swami came in my dream and told me that He had not objection. So I will no longer stick to my ban.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“I am very sure sir. In fact, tomorrow is my duty to be in the audio room. I would like to resume that.”
“Swami is definitely going to see you there before He goes for darshan!”
“I know and I want to do it.”
“You might lose your place in the college...”
“Sir! If Swami kicks me out, I shall leave for it is His will. I am not scared anymore.”

It was a morning when I wished that Swami would walk past me, without noticing me...
It was a morning when I wished that Swami would walk past me, without noticing me... | Source

I walked out of the room. I was very sure that if any ‘mishap’ were to take place, I would get the ‘I-told-you-so’ look from warden. I began to pray to Swami about the next day morning when i would stand right next to the blue carpet on which he would go walking towards the darshan hall. I would be all alone there. But I was comforted by two things - one was the dream. The second was the fact that Swami usually walked looking at the ground and carpet in the area that I would be standing. He would look up only after the devotees came in sight. I thought that most probably Swami would pass by me without even noticing me. It was with these thoughts that I welcomed the 3rd of June, 2002.

I arrived early to Swami’s residence and set up all the mikes and other audio system. When everything was ready, I took Swami’s handkerchief from His chair in our room and kept it in readiness in my pocket. I usually carried a handkerchief for Him always anyway. Then, I took my position by the side of the carpet. I was praying that everything should go on fine. And then, Swami arrived. A hush fell over the entire place.

Swami came walking down the carpet, looking down at the carpet all the while. I was relaxing a bit for things were indeed working out exactly as I had thought. He came just three feet away from me. I could smell His wonderful fragrance even though I held my breath. But then! He stopped right in front of me. My heart skipped a beat. He looked into my eyes. I was inwardly screaming, “Swami! You said that you had no objections and so I came. Do not scold me...”

Moments before the 'face-to-face' encounter...
Moments before the 'face-to-face' encounter... | Source

“Where are the fruits?”, He asked.

I was dumbstruck. I immediately remembered my dream and was about to say, “Swami I ate them”, but I stopped. I saw far into the background where students stood in readiness with basketfuls of mangoes. I realized that mangoes would be distributed as prasadam today. So I said, “Swami the fruits are there.” He smiled. He looked at the boys and called one of them. He felt the mangoes and told me, “These should be distributed after the bhajans.”

I nodded with an understanding smile and offered the kerchief to Him as His hands had been ‘soiled’ by the touch of mangoes. He took it, wiped His hands and playfully threw it back at my face. He beamed another smile and walked on. Everything became so clear for me.

Once the message becomes clear, the messenger ceases to exist. Anger was simply a messenger here!

The warden and my teacher in charge came to me and broadcast smiles. They said, “Swami is so happy with you.”

I was again crying!

It is 2012 now and I still work for Him at the Radiosai Digital Studios.

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    • profile image

      Sai Aanchal 3 years ago

      I really liked this wonderful incident shared by of you.

    • profile image

      rahul tumma 3 years ago

      thanks a lot ..this is what i wanted to say for so many days but somehow i could not ..your blog said it all

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 3 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Dear Uma,

      That happens because of recency effect... The older article get only about 10-15 hits a day. The news ones get more...

      And most of the readers contact me via the Facebook messaging service...

      Thank you for your loving words

    • profile image

      U a 3 years ago

      Dear Arvind,

      Always read a story of yours before I go to bed. I want my children to read them too to experience the same year I g and joy for Swami. How come all the comments are from 2 years ago? Please do not stop but carry on. I love every single article so beautifully written. A blessing for us. Sai Ram


    • profile image

      Indira Mulliah 4 years ago

      Swami's Own Way of working out things......He Has come to Bring Transformation in us, whether we like it or not...He just removes the weeds and pebbles from our hearts and make it a clean space for Him to reside in. He then becomes the Indweller of all Hearts.

    • profile image

      Sarala Jagannathan 4 years ago

      Awesome Arvind..simply enjoyed the whole are indeed blessed...May Swami always shower His blessings on you and your family...Sairam

    • profile image

      Pati (your friend) 5 years ago

      I remember distinctly the mango distribution episode. I was part of that lucky group. Nice one Barru. Nice to know an individual background enshrined within the "mango distribution" episode.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 5 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Thank you Alexa...

      For me, He is my Master and He still lives on in my heart...

    • profile image

      Lrao 5 years ago

      Dear Aravind,

      Friends had been recommending your blog for a while now. Got a chance only today to read some of them. Your narrations are gripping, feel real - so real that we can visualize the scene. You already know how blessed you are to have lived with God. Nothing else to add! Keep writing, so that we may spend time with him vicariously through your experiences!

    • profile image

      Ganesh 5 years ago

      very touching...brought back those moments of intense pining for Swami's love.I pray to Swami to keep that fire of intense yearning on. Indeed there is nothing really worth living than to please HIM and earn HIS Love. Sai Ram

    • profile image

      Krishna 6 years ago

      Brother, What you beautifl story Baba has given us through you. Sairam.

    • alexa001 profile image

      alexa001 6 years ago from HOLTSVILLE NY

      I was very sad when he died... He was the great person of India...

    • profile image

      Siddarth 6 years ago

      Wonderful incident.

    • profile image

      Sudha Ram 6 years ago

      But I was "comforted" by two things - one was the dream. The second was the fact that Swami usually walked looking at the ground and carpet in the area that I would be standing.

      What an ironic situation. :) "comforted" by the fact that Swami will ONLY look at the carpet... :) :)

      Jai Jai Sai Ram


    • profile image

      shobha m 6 years ago

      Sairam Aravind, what a powerful experience, written so beautifully. It described the transformational process that Swami the Divine Mother puts us through and then how She lovingly embraces us with Her All encompassing love to make us , Her Very Own!!! You are fortunate to be that-. Sairam

    • profile image

      sachin 6 years ago

      arvind bro, very touching experience..i'as in 1st yr in brindavan when this happenned..thnx for sharing this.

    • profile image

      Sathish Pi 6 years ago

      Barru, create recordings in youtube, Sunder Iyer has done something like this in video.....

      nicely narrated, I feel very special to have read this.......keep it on! Inshah Allah

    • profile image

      Padmanabhan TM 6 years ago

      Thank you Barru for this wonderful incident. The memories of standing near the AVC room in BRN is something no AVC boys will ever forget. A rare chance where there is Swami is physically so close to you and not many around.

    • profile image

      Arun 6 years ago

      Ah those beautiful and privileged darshans and interactions He blessed us with in Brindavan!! Thanks for taking me back to those days Barru, can't believe its been almost 10 years...

    • profile image

      S.Sridhar 6 years ago

      Rudhra's anger just for some time...The happy rejoining HIM gives tears and endless joy...

    • profile image

      Neena Kurkal 6 years ago

      Very beautifully told Swami has made u an instrument for devotees like us who would never ever in life experience such a beautiful and awesome xperience


    • profile image

      Nischal 6 years ago

      Sairam brother, thanks a ton for sharing your priceless moments with our beloved Lord.. very well written..

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 6 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Thank you everyone for your love, wishes and feelings. Let me assure you that it is your love and feelings for God that shine this way upon me.

      I am always grateful for the infinite bounty that has been showered and shall share all that I have experienced.

      The life that Swami lead and inspired all of us to lead is what we all pray for...

      Jai Sai Ram

    • profile image

      Aarthi 6 years ago

      Beautiful! I was waiting for you to complete the 3 parts before I left a comment. You write so well. :) Even amma says so. Keep writing and filling our hearts with Swami's love and the yearning for Him, to ultimately merge in Him. You are indeed blessed and fortunate to have gotten the chance to interact with Him so many times at the physical level. And you are so blessed to work for Him, at Radio Sai. All the best!

    • profile image

      Sai Grace 6 years ago

      “Sir! The problem was never between me and warden. It was between me and Swami and it is solved.”...wonderful answer :))....its only one to one relation vich maters here, like d gut feelings :))...

      "I was comforted by two things - one was the dream. The second was the fact that Swami usually walked looking at the ground and carpet in the area that I would be standing".....:p....guessing abt d secnd option is if he alwz follow one rule :P

      it was luvly frm startng til d end :))...thank u so much brothr for teling abt such a cute story :))...May SWAMI bless u alwz :))

    • profile image

      Sudha Ram 6 years ago

      A powerful message very skillfully narrated. Was waiting for this Part-3.. Thanks Bro.

    • profile image

      Saisanty 6 years ago

      Fantastic bro...I remembered my trayeee duty days of those days as well....and i remembered you in that room and with the walky talky also......enjoyed thoroughly...thanks......but what i liked the most is the laaast sentence.....the 2012 update....looooong live Radiosai Digital Studios and looooong live our dear bro Barrrrruuuuuuuuuu.....thanks...

    • profile image

      Arpita Mallajosyula 6 years ago

      i have no words to say....the kind of blissful state this left me in is just inexplicable....lovely are so blessed and it is such a blessing for me that i know you personally... :) :) :) thank you so much aravind anna...!!! excellent this is...!!!

    • profile image

      HIMANSHU 6 years ago

      Great one..........."JAI SAIRAM"

      Let me thanks to all Radio Sai Team for live telecasting all the programs from Parthi......I am in Japan and able to witness all happening in Parthi.

      Thanks for sharing this and expecting even more thrilling experience of yours .......

    • profile image

      deepa venkitesh 6 years ago

      sai ram Aravind, thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. we never can have enough, do keep writing and convert them all into an e book so that it can be downloaded as a single piece for further reading. Amazon has a free service for making book though the readers have to buy it from you. best of luck.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Sairam! Let me be the one first to congratulate you for having come unscathed! Swami solved the riddle in the dream!Yes, it is Swami's mysterious inscrutable ways! Thanks for sharing the three part episodes! Your snaps captivate me.

    • profile image

      Nikhil Subbanna 6 years ago

      what a beautiful tale:) so much to learn from this divine encounter. Thanks a million times for sharing this :) Sairam

    • profile image

      shruti 6 years ago

      just got tears in my eyes.... cannot describe His love for us....