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The Solar Plexus - Man's Abdominal Brain

Updated on April 29, 2015
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Carolee is a passionate writer with a love for learning and teaching. She is a published author, poet, blogger, and content creator.

The solar plexus, celiac plexus, fourth brain, the body's life force
The solar plexus, celiac plexus, fourth brain, the body's life force

The Solar Plexus

The celiac plexus, otherwise called the solar plexus is a network of nerves located near the diaphragm. The solar or celiac plexus is sometimes referred to as the abdominal brain because of its location and function.

In the world of science, the solar plexus is often referred to as man's 4th brain, the other three being (1) the Cerebrum, (2) the Cerebellum and (3) the Medulla.

The solar plexus is a network of nerve fibers located in the abdomen, which is composed of grey and white brain matter similar to that of the cerebrum or the other three brains. It sends and receives impulses and signals to the other organs in the abdomen. The solar plexus is responsible for the nutritional distribution to the other organs, in other words, bodily functions cannot be performed with it.

Injury to the solar plexus often paralyzes the entire body and if the injury is bad enough, may lead to death. Known as the body's power house which contains its life force, the solar plexus was given the name solar because of its location in the center of the body, where filaments extends in all directions to the important abdominal organs.

The system which the physical functions/life is dependent on is the Sympathetic Nervous System, is regulated by the solar/celiac plexus. Some of the life dependent organs/systems are the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

Network of nerves
Network of nerves

The Emotional Man

For centuries it has been known that this nervous system is the where our emotions are engineered and not the heart. Modern science is still trying to prove it but ancient scientists realized that the nerves that governed our emotions were located at this central part of our beings.

Take a moment and think. When we are excited and get butterflies where do we feel the fluttering?

When ever something upsets us it's in our stomach we get that ache.

When we fear or dread something we get that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

The solar plexus is the center of human emotions and the way via which all organs get their sustenance. Without this network of nerves we cannot function. Some scientists believe that with the other brains we have a chance to live if they are damaged, but if the solar plexus is damaged we cannot survive. It is considered the most important of the four brains.

The Third Chakra

In Holistic healing the solar plexus is known as the third chakra. This is responsible for emotional balance and self love. Meditation will bring a greater sense of well-being. Our personalities are developed through our third chakra. Our self esteem and sense of self, otherwise called our ego is determined by this.

When we do breathing exercises, inhaling and exhaling deeply, our center becomes more relaxed. While we do these breathing techniques our senses are heightened and our organs also are relaxed. This is because the solar plexus or third chakra is in balance as we do our breathing technique.

These organs are governed by the solar plexus: upper abdomen, umbilicus to rib cage, liver, gallbladder, middle spine, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, small intestines, stomach


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    • profile image

      dougstpaul at yahoo 

      8 years ago

      Now i have to wonder if the ciliac plexus ALSO has a 3rd eye similar to the head brain's " eye ". Anybody have a clue?

    • lafamillia profile image


      8 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Great hub, nicely explained for "laics". I would like You to write something about veins in body, how to save them, how to RECOVER them, and can they be recovered after long time of medicine IV administration... for example... That would be interesting.

      Any way, respect, and keep it writin' :)

    • sandrabusby profile image

      Sandra Busby 

      8 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

      A very important chakra and a good explanation of the "power center." Thanks for SHARING. Sandra Busby

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 

      8 years ago from Jamaica

      This is my favorite chakra, this is a very good hub

    • jeyaramd profile image


      8 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      This is an interesting hub.

    • FitnezzJim profile image


      9 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Any day you learn something is a good day. This is an interesting article. I like articles that teach me something I'd never even thought about before, so today is a good day.


    • tamarindcandy profile image


      9 years ago

      Egads, quite the anatomy lesson. Very neat!

    • Jeromeo profile image


      9 years ago from Little Rock

      When you think of Solar or Sun, think or radiate and then Solar Plexus, will make more sense. everything [radiates] from the core.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image


      9 years ago

      I've always referred to it as the second name-the solar plexus-even though the name never made sense to me since solar makes me think of the sun. It's an odd location in any case.

    • LailaK profile image


      9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Voted up!


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