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The Future of Human Evolution

Updated on February 24, 2011

An excerpt from my second Book

Our universe began with a big bang. This can be proven by back-tracing the paths of the galaxies to the singularity that existed before the big bang. Simple enough to understand and no one needs to believe in magic or the supernatural to understand it. The fact that our current understanding of sub-atomic physics fails to explain events at the beginning of the big bang is a pointer to our limitations. It keeps us from feeling divine. We do not yet understand the mind of God. I find it interesting that the study of the universe (in astronomy) is connected to the study of sub-atomic physics at the point where both began.

String theory, superstrings and M-theory are just guesses about how the universe works. Nothing has been (or is likely to be) proven that says any of the current theories are true. As intellectual beings we have not yet evolved to the point where we can understand the universe. Until we stop killing each other and concentrate our efforts on understanding we are doomed to darkness. As politically incorrect as it sounds, we need to be breeding to produce scientists instead of jihadists; engineers instead of soldiers; astrophysicists instead of suicide bombers…etc. We should to be mining the solar system for resources instead of mining fields to keep people out.

We will never understand the secrets of the universe as long as we have such short life spans. We need to live (and remain productive) for two or three hundred years to develop the depth of understanding required to comprehend the laws of the universe. We need to find children with the potential to grasp advanced scientific theories and promote their breeding with people with potential long life spans. We need to look at these people as the future of the human race. Longer life spans will make us more willing to pursue interstellar travel. Interstellar travel is important to the survival of the human race. We can consider breeding people for low gravity tolerance so we can spend decades on low gravity interstellar ships.

Unless we do something to influence the evolution of humanity, our evolution will stop. We will never be better beings than we are today. We are trapped in our short lives and on this one flimsy planet. We control our environment so well that we are not challenged to improve as living things. Evolution only improves a species when there are challenges to overcome. Stagnation follows when forward movement stops. Do we really want our species to stagnate here on this one little planet? We can create the challenges and use our knowledge to meet the challenges with species improvements.

Until we evolve to meet the challenges of interstellar travel we are stuck here. Those few scientists studying the universe are wasting their efforts if we do not evolve to make use of the things they learn. It is human nature to explore and to exercise curiosity. There is no better use of this component of human nature than the expansion and survival of the species. There should be a centuries-long goal to create “Homo-Astro-Sapiens” – the interstellar human with long life span and advanced intelligence.


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    • nitin.pant profile image

      Nitin Pant 

      8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice ideas here for the misguided humanity.

      Predicted future of humans :

    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 

      8 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      If you ask me, America is "devolving," so is the entire world. Where we were once a great nation and a great people of moral, upright aptitude, we are now an immoral people sinking into the world of depraved behavior no better than wild animals.

      I really like what you said, "Until we stop killing each other and concentrate our efforts on understanding we are doomed to darkness. ...we need to be breeding to produce scientists instead of jihadists; engineers instead of soldiers; astrophysicists instead of suicide bombers…etc. We should to be mining the solar system for resources instead of mining fields to keep people out."

      These are areas where we can make leaps of progress.

      Some good ideas here. I don't believe in evolution so I opted to comment on where we do agree. I am very disappointed in America's decline in our space programs. I would love to see us have a base on the moon or even mars that supported life and interstellar sciences. Maybe we could do some mineral mining too.

      - Good job with some good ideas.

      - Harlan


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