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The Future of Learning To Communicate With ET

Updated on November 29, 2010
Could our understanding of Equines help us with extraterrestrial communication someday?
Could our understanding of Equines help us with extraterrestrial communication someday?

Clinton Anderson horse language demo, Equine Affaire

Understanding Horse Vision - Fear & Spooking related to eyes - Part 1- Rick Gore Horsemanship

Part 2 - Horse Behavior/Body Language Study - Catching Game

One Day ET Will Be On Our Doorstep...

Could our future ability to communicate with Extraterrestrials be assisted by our understanding of Equine behavior and communication methods between horses and their handlers?

We assume that communication will entail human-like language or language that is mathematically based. But what if communcation between humanity and ETs ends up being something entirelly different? What understanding can we draw upon now that might one day help us in the future?

Today's horsemanship is remarkably different from that just 50+ years ago. No longer is it based on force or 'training'. Instead, cutting edge horsemen are as clinicians teaching the horse enthusiast public about Equine Communication. It is a philosophy based on establishing a form of rudimentary communication & thinking processes between the horse and the handler to achieve specific ends. The fundamentals are then built upon to reach success with more complicated interactions.

The methods begin with the handlers learning to observe and come to understand their horse partner's behavior and motivations. Then a combination of body language and movement techniques are collected by the horsemen and women to teach the horse how to interpret human behavior based on its own natural inclinations.

People Trainers such as Clinton Anderson teach horseowners how to stimulate the Horse's thinking side of its brain. He has spent years teaching horseowners in the US how to interpret horse language and how to work with it to achieve a state of communication resulting in a working response.


Clinton Anderson with his amazing horse "Mindy" in Vegas 2010

Horse Communication with Dennis Wright

 Today's horsemen have come to value learning and understanding alternative ways of communication.  Rarely will you ever meet a horse person who believes the horse is incapable of thinking or interactive communication.  This has led to a renaissance in horsemanship that has led away from forceful training practices into partnerships based on trust. 

Extraterrestrial contact may one day depend on these unusual forms of communication involving body language, language building concepts, and distinct efforts at understanding the motivations & methodologies involved in the reasoning of a non-human creature which runs far beyond simple survival needs.

It is thought provoking that inter-specie living & interactions between man and terrestrial creatures has veered into a positive non-abusive nature.  It makes one have greater hope that when unambiguous ET contact finally occurs, a more mature generation will view it through understandings gained out of their experiences with the horse.

"Do we really trust anyone that doesn't trust us?"
Dennis Wright, a horse whisperer.

horse whispering


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