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The Fuzzy Wuzzy or Wooley Bear and weather predictions

Updated on November 18, 2011

I found a caterpillar today at the end of the porch ramp. It was just laying there not moving, and I thought it was dead. but when I picked it up it moved slightly. I brought it in and put it in a container to see if warming it up would make it feel better. I knew it was a Fuzzy Wuzzy...AKA Wooley Bear...And I had heard that you can tell what kind of winter you will have by the amount of orange or black and the thickness of the fuz, so I went looking on the internet to see about it. I went to the article on Fuzzy Wuzzy's on the Farmers Almanac. It seems that the more orange the milder the winter while the more black the harsher the winter.

I went down to see the comments, and from what I could see, most of the states where the all or mostly black Wuzzy's were, seemed to all be in southern states, while the ones with mostly orange were in the northern states. This was confirmed when i read a comment saying the same that I had been getting...and one commentor swore you could rely on the Fuzzy Wuzzy for an acurate prediction of what kind of winter lay ahead. From what I can tell then, the southern states are in for a rough winter while the northern states only a mild one.

This confirms what I have been sensing. Most folks know the world tilted on its axis. You can see an obvious change in weather patterns since this happened. For the last couple of years, I have been noticing that the southern states have been getting colder and dryer while the northern states have been getting warmer and wetter. It makes me wonder if the northern states will eventually be the ones growing the citrus fruits and other warmth loving plants and flowers while the southern states end up growing apples and pears and such.

I can't say that I am displeased with our winters getting more mild, and I very much enjoyed last summer where we had only one or two months and then not every day of that time where temps reached over 100...although when it got into the 90's it seemed incredibly hot...and that coming from one who is more used to 110-117 degrees F and 100% humidity. And we had rain so perfectly that we our wild grasses never turned fully brown where in years past they were brown by mid-July.

I definitely think the weather in the near future will be interesting to say the least.


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  • davenmidtown profile image

    David Stillwell 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

    Very interesting... we found a wooly bear here a month ago and it was mostly black. Fitting because our winter has hit hard. It is very cold here right now and may hit freezing tonight... this on the night when it should be raining... I expect to find snow in the morning.... odd weather indeed Tim: Summer was very mild but just as you described. two days over 100 and the 90's where insufferable with humidity and heat. crazy!

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

    hey Dave...we only got our first snow here on the plains about a week or so ago and it was not much. normally we get our first snow (a very heavy one with below freezing temps) around halloween. we are supposed to get around six inches tonight though. i hope you guys are able to stay warm and not experience very many power outages. thank you for stopping by and reading my hub.

  • davenmidtown profile image

    David Stillwell 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

    Its crazy here... all blue sky today... the storm was to last for 5-6 days..

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

    The weather forecasts on our local TV are so off the mark, timcg, I am convinced they are being made by a fuzzy wuzzy who was pressed into service as a weather person.

    And I think the world has tilted even more on its axis than we know which would account for so many more crazies out there. Would you agree? :)

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

    dave...i am glad your storm did not last that long...we were supposed to get six inches but i think we got cheated some, lol....

    drbj...i hope they are paying that fuzzy wuzzy adequately, lol....and yes i have noticed and agree. thank you for taking the time to read my both have a great, warm evening.

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