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The God of the Bible Stands Unique

Updated on October 8, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Archaeology is not the enemy to Christians

It may be a scientific sub-field but it is one of the best friends Christians have in this world. That is because no matter who makes the discovery, unbeliever or believer, those discoveries have proven the Bible true time and again.

We have the patriarch’s names in the right location and era. We have the right slave price for Joseph when his brothers sold him off into slavery. We have lots more physical evidence verifying the Biblical record.

Whether it be the OT or the NT, archaeology has Christianity’s back. When Nelson Glueck made his declaration that no archaeological discovery has proven the Bible untrue, he was saying more than just that archaeology was the friend of the Bible and the Christian.

What else was he saying

Dr. Glueck was also saying that the unbelieving archaeologist was not the friend of the Christian or the Bible. That is because the unbelieving scholar or archaeologist would use assumption, conjecture, leaps to conclusions and hypothesis to make the claim that the Bible is not true.

Sadly, far too many believers have ignored that warning and listened to the unbelieving experts. Then they took that fateful step and turned away from their Christian faith. It wasn’t just normal Christians who have done this.

Dr. Wm. Dever, Dr. Bart Ehrman among others have also let the limitations of archaeology and their fellow researchers dissuade them from their faith. The book Scholars on Record by Hershal Shanks records their comments on this issue.

While Dr. Glueck may not have had a literal belief in the Bible and has said things that have put him on what may be considered the wrong side of biblical faith, his declaration is still true.

Approx. 50 or so years after he made that declaration, there has still been no archaeological discovery that has proven the Bible true. They have shown the uniqueness of God though.

God is and remains unique and the true God

In reading the book, Archaeology and the Bible: An Introductory Study, there is a little gem that is recorded on page 23. The book was co-authored by 2 well respected archaeologists and researchers, Dr. Donald J. Wiseman and Dr. Edwin Yamauchi. The OT part was written by the former archaeologist and he wrote:

2 The Sinai Covenant- The covenant made by God with his people at Sinai is at the heart of the OT and it is unique. Nothing similar is found among ancient Near Eastern texts or with purely moral subject matter.

Think about that for a moment. Archaeology has turned up no record that disputes that uniqueness nor shows any other god making the same type of promise to any ancient nation on earth.

All we have for Islam and Mormonism are Mohammad’s and Joseph Smith’s word on the issue. Archaeology does not support their claims nor show that their gods are equal to the God of the bible.

If they were, why did they wait thousands of years to make their appearances? God is first, he is unique and he is the only God out there.

The danger of Archaeology

There is a solid danger that comes with that field of research. While it is a friend to the Christian and the Bible, its limitations make it vulnerable for unbelievers to spin weird tales about the ancient past.

These unbelieving archaeologists do not have the Spirit of Truth helping them come to the true picture of how the ancients lived. Instead they ignore that help and try to go their own way. With the limited physical evidence archaeology uncovers, the truth can easily be hidden.

This is supported by Kathleen Kenyon’s work at Jericho where she contradicted her former teacher Dr. Garstang and declared that city was uninhabited at the time of the conquest.

If she had looked in the storage vaults of the many archaeological museums like Dr. Bryant Wood did, she would have found the evidence that she was looking for and most likely vindicated her former teacher.

As it stands it was not the evidence that brought Ms.Kenyon to her unpublished conclusions,. It was faulty work on her part. This scenario takes place over and over again as more and more unbelievers become bold and use archaeology’s weaknesses to their advantage.

Christians must be careful

There are some good Christians working in archaeology and Egyptology many of them have let their unbelieving counterparts influence their views, their beliefs and their handling of the past.

The believer needs to be wary and let God and the Spirit of Truth lead them away from following the unbelievers and their rules governing their work in archaeology. The Christian must let their divine help guide them to the truth so that the whole world can see that the Bible is true and that God is unique who stands alone and above all other gods.

This takes a lot of hard work to accomplish because there is only so much available physical evidence we can use. Plus, archaeology is not fast at producing more. But it can be done when they use their faith to construct the true facts of the past, and demote science from being an all powerful authority to its rightful place as a mere tool to help us understand God, what he has done and who he is.

The unbeliever does not have hidden physical evidence to bring Christianity down. They do not have a smoking gun which proves the Bible untrue and they do not have any insight over the believer. They are the ones who need to be shown the light even in archaeology.

Archaeology remains Christianity’s friend and continues to support that faith and the Bible.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      19 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you.It needs to be made clear as so many people think they can do it on their own

    • tsadjatko profile image

      The Logician 

      19 months ago from now on

      Thank you for making these points in your article. Like:

      “All we have for Islam and Mormonism are Mohammad’s and Joseph Smith’s word on the issue. Archaeology does not support their claims nor show that their gods are equal to the God of the bible.

      If they were, why did they wait thousands of years to make their appearances? God is first, he is unique and he is the only God out there.“

      You can “read” the Bible all you want, without accepting the help of the Holy Spirit it will not make sense to the unbeliever (or even the believer) - you make that clear.


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