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Wondering How Jesus The Christ Did What He Did

Updated on March 16, 2010

The 'writing Message To My Soul' was a turning point for me. It connected me to a deeper part of myself and reminded me that we are much more than humans having third-dimensional experiences. It also reminded me that we are also a 'soul' having a divine experience, or differently said, we are spirit souls coming to the earth to participate in human experiences. Although seeking and searching and yearning for human love and that special soul mate would occupy a lot of my time, I now felt connected to a deeper love. I felt like a child of beloved Creator source who loves everyone and does not wish for any of us to suffer or be deprived of anything.

After reading the part in "Messages" where Jesus was referred to, I began thinking of him a lot. I took out my Holy Bible and read from the New Testament and was very inspired and uplifted from the verses. I found myself even feeling his loving and radiant presence; sometimes in dreams and sometimes during the day time. I began wondering how he was able to achieve and accomplish what he did and I would even ask him. A month or so later I felt the urge to write. The Great Price is what beloved Jesus the Christ gave to me.

From Michael's book Halfway To Heaven

The Great Price

“You calmed the storms, you stilled the winds.

Clouds vanished at your command.

When turbulent waters rocked boats to and fro,

tranquility was restored when you waved your hand.

You walked on water; you healed the sick.

You asked for bread and it came from the sky.

You changed water to wine; you raised the dead.

You were also a man who cried.

Tell me your secret, Great One, I humbly ask.

To bring peace to troubled souls is my request.

I want to offer hope to this world.

For weary souls I want to be a haven of rest.”

“If you are sincere,” he replied to me.

“And truly desire to relieve suffering on earth.

In many ways can you alleviate pain.

I can teach you the concept of rebirth.

The road that I traveled is traveled by few.

It is steep, rocky, and uphill.

The path to self mastery is a difficult path.

It is the ultimate test of the will.

Before you help others you must pass many tests

to be worthy of the work you wish to do.

You must forget about yourself and freely give.

To serve humanity will require much from you.

Many temptations you will face on this path.

Envious souls will want to see you stumble and fall.

But you can succeed if you are determined enough.

You can climb over the highest wall.

You must walk many days in deserts below.

But you will never die of hunger or thirst.

You will feel alone and forsaken at times.

By jealous souls you will even be cursed.

Many powers can be yours, dear Seeker

if you succeed in all your tests.

A will of iron you must have, and never give up.

For this you will truly be blessed.

Yes, like me you can be in many ways.

A bright light that shines like a star.

Many souls can you heal, many storms can you calm.

When pure there will be peace wherever you are.

Know that to master the self takes time.

Through your efforts much progress have you made.

But enlightenment does not take place overnight.

Remember to call on me when you need aid.

I will send mentors to help you.

They will gladly share what they know.

Work hard and prepare yourself well.
Remember, the seed must slowly grow.

One day you can help people find peace.
For them you can be a haven of rest.

I can share many secrets, dear Seeker.

Are you still serious about your request?

Many others make similar requests.

They wish to know the secrets I knew there.
But I see through their deception and insincerity.

Behind appearances they really do not care.”

“I have begun the journey, Great One!

I am willing to walk every road.

I wandered in darkness until I glimpsed the light.

I want to help carry others’ heavy load”

“You can find peace after much toil.

People may one day seek your holy advice.
But if you are different and holy it will only be

because you were willing to pay the great price.”


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