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Updated on May 26, 2017

Greed and Lust

Downfall of the United States

The Greaat Recession

The Great Recession began during the global meltdown in 2007. It was triggered by corrupt politicians telling banks to give mortgages to the economically disadvantaged.

Even if the economically disadvantaged were collecting subsidized income, from the Department of Transitionally Assistance. When the banks said that their clients had no income the politicians would say that if they are collecting SS checks in the mail each month then they have an income.

However, when their clients could not afford to make the payments the banks would foreclose. Finally, the ground fell out from beneath the entire U.S.

The 1980s, 90s, and 00s were a golden age in American history. It started under U.S. President Ronald Regan. It continued into the high tech booms of the 90s and 00s, despite several smaller recessions in the middle.

During the 90s and 00s the U.S. would be ran by two longtime political crime families in Washington. The two families would alternate in the stretch over 15 years of running their nation. For years the country was for sale, and it would be sold to the highest bidder.

However, the years stretching from 1989 to 2008 were some of the most prosperous years in recent American history. When money is on the table, many in power look beyond the massive and rampant corrupt that is at play behind the scenes.

Finally, by 2008 the U.S. economic and social system was nearly being torn apart. The nation could no longer look past the corruption in Washington that was currently fiddling as Washington burned to the ground.

So the American people voted for Dear Leader in 08, who was a man they did not truly understand. Before 2008 Dear Leader was a neighborhood activists on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He would then become a one term or two year U.S. Senator from Illinois.

Had the previous senator not been indicted for corruption charges Dear Leader might never had become senator. Before becoming president of the U.S. from 2009-2016.

It was written on a right wing political web site named Loaded Gun that Dear Leader put his hand on a Koran instead of a Bible when being sworn in as Senator in 2006.

The popular belief through out the nation was that Dear Leader was secretly a Radical Islamic himself. That is why some believe that he lifted sanctions on Iran so they could build a nuclear program. Some belief that the hope was for Iran the attack Israel in the Judaism and Islam conflict gripping the Mid East.

Before his final day he also lifted sanctions on Vietnam that had been in place since the end of the Vietnam War. During his administration there were more people looking for jobs than jobs themselves.

There was also 0% positive economic growth in the U.S. from 2009-2016. If the United States was not in a dire recession than it was staying in the very poor economic and social state it had been for the entire eight years.

In the entire administration Chicago and Detroit were dyeing domestically like Italy, Spain, and Greece were dyeing internationally. By the end of his regime there was a terrorist attack on American soil every week that Dear Leader labeled "lone wolf work place violence."

He then claimed that there had not been a terrorist attack on the U.S. for the entire eight years that he was president. He further claimed that the U.S. was safer under his watch than Ronald Regan, who many believe was the countries' last vigilant president up until his reign.

In the end many in the right wing media will remember Dear Leader's final words before he left office, "elections have consequences." Many believe that no truer words had ever been spoken.


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