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The Greatest Nation in the world

Updated on February 29, 2016

The Greatest Nation

The Greatest Nation on Earth

No, it’s not America, or Russia, or Britain or any other country you can think of. It’s your Imagi-NATION. Take a look around you and realise that everything that you see, made by Man, started in someone’s mind as they used their imagination to see what you have just looked at, before it became a reality.

Isn’t that amazing? It all starts in the mind and it never stops, as one new invention is introduced to the world, so another is in the planning and implementation stages, some new inventions are sparked by a previous one, and so it continues.

In my own life I have seen how one product or item is replaced by new technology, as a little boy in the 1940’s I played records on a portable wind-up gramophone, in the 50’s on a Radiogram, much later we had CD’s which are still in use today but slowly being replaced by mp3 and so “The beat goes on.”

From typewriters without correction facilities, to word processing and spell-check, from posting via snail mail to e-mail. Drawing money at the teller to using an ATM, from check to electronic transfer, debit and credit cards. Watches from wind-up to electronic. Cameras from developing negatives in a darkroom to digital photography, 8mm movies to videos and mp4. And if you told me 15 years ago that I would be using my mobile phone to take photographs which I could upload on to a social page, I would feel like Rip von Winkle who woke up after sleeping for 100 years and didn’t recognise anything! Yes, I haven’t mentioned electronic calculators, computers and electric automobiles.

My wife and I were married in the year between the first heart transplant and man landing on the moon, in 1968 and we thought what else could possibly outdo such amazing events. We were like that little 8-year-old girl in a story that Zig Ziglar liked to tell, about how when she boarded a plane, she skipped down the aisle and peered into the cockpit, looked around at all the dials and lights, turned around to her mother and said “Wow.” In today’s world, sadly we have lost the Wow reaction, we have become blasé.

“But wait, there’s more to come.” Put on your thinking caps and let’s examine how to use the mind and the imagination to invent new and exciting products for today’s market.

Edward de bono coined the phrase “Thinking out of the box” Some people talk about Mental Flexibility, both concepts are focused on getting people to see the old and mundane with an attitude and a belief that all things can be improved, replaced with something better or completely replaced. Old light bulbs, designed more than 100 years ago are now replaced by low energy bulbs. Microwave ovens cook quicker than a normal range, or stove. Let’s examine how mental flexibility works.

Mental Flexibility is looking at the world in new ways

ECNALG This is a backward GLANCE



It’s the ability to adapt to fixed and changing realities

Like in this well know song: "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the the plain"

The brain recognises patterns and overlooks variations.

Did you notice an error? If not, please read The rain in Spain once more

The above examples are for you to learn the importance of becoming mentally alert and more observant

When looking for new ideas to change or improve something, use the PIN formula

Positive aspect of the idea. Interesting aspect. Negative aspect.

Be creative, like the time when a loaded delivery truck, passing under a railway bridge and not reading the height restriction sign on the pillar, rammed the vehicle into the bridge and got truly stuck, a tow truck struggled for an hour with no success, until a bystander suggested they let the air out of the wheels, and the driver was finally able to reverse out of the gap still thinking to himself “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Be observant and innovative, consider the power of an idea!

Charles Strite got tired of the toast being burnt at the factory lunchroom, so he invented the automatic toaster. Ralph Schneider decided to form Diners Club one night when he lost his wallet. Ole Evinrude got angry when the ice-cream melted in his rowboat before he got to his island picnic spot so he invented the outboard motor, and there are hundreds of similar examples to illustrate the power of an idea, and you can do the same.

To Summarise

Form the habit of looking at things with a fresh insight, notice those things which can possibly be improved, imagine what you could achieve and do as you become more observant, more attuned to this amazing world we live in, be the catalyst for change. Use your creativity to come up with something new, you may even make a fortune, who knows what the mind can achieve, all you need is a vivid imagination.

When you use your imagination you’re innovating, and when you’re innovating you’re contributing, making life easier for all. ML

Just Imagine

Martin E Louw


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