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Will The Greed Factor Collapse The Overpopulated Planet

Updated on December 30, 2012

Our society has progressed so far and so fast over the last generation that we are going backwards. Right now we are living shorter lives than our parents and we are saving less money than they did and buying more junk to clutter up our oversized houses.

We never grow a garden like they did. We just live out of a supermarket, and the supermarket concept is not very old. I can still remember the first supermarket in my city as well as the first McDonalds.

But Actually Now The Big Problem Is The Greed Factor.

It has embedded itself into the minds of a few and it is destroying us. Now money is more important than life. Now most of the people especially the politicians are mushrooms – they are kept in the dark and fed on horse manure.

The swine flu was a classic case of the world being influenced by the greedy few who are out to make as make money as they can and bugger everybody else.

This disease was never a real threat to most people and it killed very few people yet after watching TV and reading the newspapers you would think the whole world was dying or getting ready to die, but not so.

Only The Greedy Few Cared About The Flu And They Made As Much Money As They Could.

Before that the greedy few brought out what was called the cervical cancer vaccine but it was not really a cancer vaccine it was a vaccine for something else that I can't even pronounce let alone spell. But as long as the people thought it was a cancer vaccine they lapped it up and the greedy few made a ton of money.

Now how does this rate when we are talking about our civilization collapsing. Well I think when the greedy few control the world then we need a collapse just to bring society back to something worth living for.

There is only one major problem with a collapse - it can take a long time. It took well over a thousand years for Western Civilization to bypass the technology of the Roman Empire.

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