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The HAARP-Chemtrail Connection

Updated on March 11, 2014
HAARP and like facilities, are strategically located around the world. They provide the energy to manipulate the ionosphere all other charged particles.
HAARP and like facilities, are strategically located around the world. They provide the energy to manipulate the ionosphere all other charged particles. | Source
There are many ways to disperse aerosols into the atmosphere and it has been going on for a long time from original cloud seeding to contemporary chemtrails.
There are many ways to disperse aerosols into the atmosphere and it has been going on for a long time from original cloud seeding to contemporary chemtrails. | Source

How Physics is Being Utilized to Control Weather

Ionospheric and Stratospheric Geoengineering, aka, chemtrails, is not just about controlling run away global warming, even though that is the popular presentation. It is half of a wider program to modify weather all over the planet for good or ill. The other half is a series of strategically located High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.) (1a) antennas around the world (1, 2) that are the drivers of geoengineering the weather (3). Carefully selected Nanoparticle dispersed materials such as nano-aluminum, that can react to electromagnetic energy input, function as the framework for the HAARP directed forces, upon which energy can be selectively applied to drive entire weather systems. This is done via HAARP charged electromagnetic resonance or pulses that serve as the energy to drive the suspended nano-partilcles en masse that also serve as nuclei around which water condenses. Whole masses of these particles can be controlled. It is also important to remember that HAARP is used for localized ionospheric heating (4). This part plays an important role in creating artificial weather. We may think, what a boon for humanity, but unfortunately, there is a sinister side that is driven by the profit motive. The system can geoengineer a weather catastrophe for the purposes of war, foreign and domestic. Thus we can see the potential for a manufactured catastrophe for the end of profiteering. We can also see the potential for warfare in all its permutations.

The physics behind the two systems is mind bogglingly simple, but scaled up, it can be a real time world changer. HAARP, using Teslian based ideas (5), draws energy from the earth and the geomagnetic field, amplifying and focusing it through a series of step up resonances. Aluminum nano-particles, act as a diamagnetic (6) collector upon which HAARP energy can organize, much like what we can see by magnetic loops on the sun between sunspots (7). At least two HAARP instruments are required to artificially drive the mass of nano-particals that collect moisture and create artificial temperature gradients. As it stands now, there are several HAARP instruments spotted strategically world wide (1, 2). Since the inception of the Gacona, Alaska instrument, many more, improved versions have been built. They can work alone or in concert to effect real change, Used with the stratospheric dispersant, weather can be directed at will and in the type desired. There is however, some blow back.

Whatever you take from one area, must be compensated for elsewhere due to the action-reaction principle and the dialectics of nature. If we do not account or prepare for it, then nature will make the adjustment on its own. If rain is artificially induced in one region, then another will tend toward drought downwind. So far as we know, HAARP does not cause evaporation from the oceans, though that may be possible and that could hypothetically be done by driving away cloud and particle cover to expose ocean to strong sunlight. For now, that is still done by the sun alone. Though greenhouse gases are responsible for trapping solar heat in the atmosphere, the addition of geoengineering particles causes global dimming. Global dimming (8) is also the result of industry, especially in China where a lot of coal is burned to run industry. Volcanic activity also contributes to global dimming. Fine particulate matter in the atmosphere can remain aloft for three to four years with a residue of ultra-fine size and extreme height that can stay aloft for a century or more. If all the dispersants from all sources were removed right now, the temperature increase around the globe would break records recently set in the Mojave Desert topping at 127/54 (F/C) degrees (9). That is because, greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane are invisible and would still do their heat trapping. The extra heat as it is, drives more moisture into the atmosphere and results in more rain and incidents of severe flooding that have plagued many places in 2013 (10, 11, 12, 13). That extra moisture then condenses in the stratosphere and below, around any kind of tiny particle and eventually comes down in precipitation. With more moisture and more chemtrails, plus all the industrial dispersants, we see more frequent severe weather and flooding.

The aluminum and barium nano-particles that make up much of stratospheric geoengineering aka, chemtrails, are diamagnetic and can be “pushed” and pinched by magnetic fields (14). These are propagated in three directions at right angles, made up of the electric force, magnetic force and the lessor know Lorentz force (15, 16). Two of the forces co-exist in the natural coupling of the ionosphere and the geomagnetosphere. They are fed by the sun which emits electron and proton particle plasma that is captured by the earth and then circle the earth through the magnetic field in opposite directions (17). It is the latter third, Lorentz force that can be used to fine tweak the particles to make clouds do some spectacular and unnatural things (18). The same force can be used to do some rather spectacular things in the technological field (19). The earth's geomagnetic field is currently undergoing rapid and unstable changes (20). This geomagnetic force is weak and does little to shape the widely spread nano-particles, though in the long term, it can induce subtle changes. Solar input is stronger and can cause rapid fluctuations in the geomagentosphere and this can have localized effects (21). It takes a greater focused force and resonant pumping to do this and this is where the HAARP instruments come in (22). By charging and changing the ionosphere, they can redirect air currents, such as the jet stream and trap masses of nano-particles into useful structures for good or ill between artificially created and directed magnetic field lines in the ionosphere. Nature does the rest as the particles collect moisture and they are eventually washed out in the form of precipitation. Due to the combined effects of the foregoing, humanity is experiencing wilder and more severe weather in all forms (23). The nano-particles also have known health effects when they settle to the earth, not only for human beings, but all other species, plant and animal form (24). If it is unintended, then it is the effect of total system balance world wide. On the other hand, if it is intentional, then we are experiencing war on a whole new level. What we do know, is that both chemtrails and HAARP are intentional forms of intervention. Some of it is experimental in nature and much of it is now tried and true experience being put into service.

The bottom line in all of this is, well, the bottom line; that is, profit! Whatever can be used to create wealth through manufacturing whatever is required to do that, will be done by any means possible. The H.A.A.R.P.-chemtrails connection being possible due to the laws of physics, means that it is likely being done, but is being kept secret except from those who know and those who ferret out the truth. This by and large is unknown to the public at large. Perhaps an insider like Ed Snowden, formerly of the NSA, will spill the beans on this. The public at large accept the given stories but by looking up to the sky, they can see the manifestation of both effects. Chemtrail spraying is easy to spot and it is a 24/7 operation world wide. To distinguish between contrails and chemtrails, one only needs to know that chemtrails are far more persistent and permanent than contrails. Contrails tend to disperse very rapidly and chemtrails last so long, they crisscross the sky from horizon to horizon (25). They tend to expand and feather out over a prolonged period. They can also form parallel bands, much like a company of soldiers in column of parade, something atypical of natural clouds. The clouds that are controlled as a result of chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. tend to form orderly banding, strange shapes and are sometimes, but usually not, accompanied by curious rainbow effects that are not typical rainbows in location, shape and colour display (26).

We have dealt with manufactured catastrophe (27) before and what this means to the average person and humanity. We have to recognize that this is just another aspect of very powerful and corrupt corporations doing their damnedest to procure a profit and to enrich themselves by any means. These corporations are essentially running the planet as if it were their own, in near total disregard for humanity, nature and ultimately themselves, concerned only for the most immediate gain. They think they can escape the effects of their own machinations, but nature may have the final say in the end. Ultimately, who knows what outside and unknown influences may be drawn in by the manipulation of extreme energies. We do live in an interconnected electrodynamic universe after all. In addition, many people are becoming increasingly aware and they are showing that they are not going to take it any more.































Related US patents:

HAARP related - 4,686,605

Rocket for seeding the ionosphere with Barium Ions – 3813875

Weather Modification - 6,315,213

Apparatus for Areal Spraying – 4,948,050


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    • watergeek profile image

      Susette Horspool 

      6 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Even our own minds? That's going to push everyone to take conscious control of their own minds, so they can't be manipulated. Maybe a good thing???

    • syzygyastro profile imageAUTHOR

      William J. Prest 

      6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Weather happens from the ionosphere right down to the surface of the earth. HAARP manipulates the ionosphere, which in turn directs the jet streams. Chemtrails are routinely sprayed at the highest levels of the stratosphere close to the ionosphere. New information says the nano-particles are also ionized which would make them susceptible to HAARP manipulation. Once the upper layers of the atmosphere are manipulated, the lower ones follow, once the precipitation falls out. HAARP can also, by its nature, influence everything that is ionized, like lightning and the electrical grid and for that matter, even our own minds.

    • watergeek profile image

      Susette Horspool 

      6 years ago from Pasadena CA

      Well, I've heard this before, but you have a lot of links that look valid, so it might shoot my own theory. I won't say what that is, because I'm planning to write a hub about it. Let me ask this, though. Doesn't weather happen on a lower atmospheric layer than the one HAARP is focused on?

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      6 years ago from North Texas

      Excellent article! So glad you wrote it. Up and all, will share.


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