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The Harmony Bigfoot

Updated on April 22, 2019

The year was 1965 and my parents had been married for only a couple of years. They had grown up near the community of Harmony in Roane County, West Virginia. As there were limited entertainment opportunities as compared to today, the women would sometimes go coon hunting with their husbands. Such was the case on one rather warm evening sometime in late October.

It seems that most, but not all, Bigfoot encounters occur in the cover of darkness. One theory is that Bigfoot is largely a nocturnal creature. Coon hunting is a very popular activity in our area and perhaps it is only a coincidence that several of the stories that have been recounted to me may have involved a possible encounter while coon hunting. This hunt was on a large cattle farm referred to as the Fields Farm. My parents had two hounds used for hunting—Badge, a half Black and Tan and half Beagle, along with Red who was a full-blooded Redbone. The Redbone breed is used for hunting coon, bear, and cougar. The breed has been registered by the United Kennel Club since 1902 and the American Kennel Club since 2009. The Redbone is the breed of hound featured in the classic novel Where the Red Fern Grows. The Black and Tan is also known for being a coon and bear dog.

The hunt was entering its second hour when things suddenly turned very interesting. The hunters had made their way to the center of a meadow on top of a ridge. Oftentimes, the pastureland was back on top of a hill that had been cleared off, because flat land in that area was hard to come by. Off in the distance, on the other side of the meadow, there was a low, deep growl that lasted for several seconds. The hunters looked at each other as if to say, what was that? Then, the guttural sound repeated. Well, Badge and Red suddenly came running away from the direction in which the noises were coming and into the meadow. Both dogs were panting, anxious, and visibly shaken—and it was about to get worse. It just so happens that this farm was home to about 25 head of Black Angus cattle. In addition to the noises scaring both the hunters and the hounds, the herd of cows was also disturbed and started a stampede away from the hollow from which the sounds were coming. They ran right toward both my parents and the dogs that were standing in the center of the pasture. The hunters, along with the dogs, sprinted back toward the direction from which they had come. They ran as fast as they could and paused just long enough to scale a six-strand barbed wire fence that surrounded the field. The Angus cows stopped at the wood line, just shy of running through the fence. They tossed their heads in the air and were blowing through their nostrils, obviously distressed and panicked.

After resting for a few moments to catch their breath, the hunters leashed the hounds and made their way out of the woods. That is when they heard the first wood knock. Wood knocking is the action of hitting two pieces of wood together to make a noise. It has long been speculated that Sasquatch use wood knocks as a form of communication. The sound was emanating from somewhere beyond the next ridgetop. As the hollows are deep and long, sounds and echoes carry a great distance. The hunters left the forest never to return to that area again.


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