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The Hidden History of Mankind

Updated on January 8, 2015


We all know that currently there are two main theories regarding our origins on Earth: the religious one, which claims that man and woman descended from the mythical gardens of Eden, and the scientific one, according to which we underwent a long period of intellectual evolution from apes to contemporary humans.

However, there has been a lot of new discoveries that deny both of the old theories, bringing forward bullet proof evidences of other theories. Despite the certain change in views on this question in scientific circles during the past years, there is nevertheless very little information about the new scientific facts. Why don't they tell us everything? Are the new evidences of our origins on Earth being deliberately hidden from us or do scientists just need enough time to explore and analyze the facts before they can be officially approved? After all. even Darwin himself doubted at some point whether his theory was right.

Michael Cremo, a writer and a researcher, goes deeper into the current problem by sharing with us the results of his own independent investigation.

Scientific Conspiracy

As it becomes clear from Michael Cremo's words, it is not easy for new information to sneak into media because scientific circles try to protect the theories that have been already developed and discoveries that have been made. He claims that there is a so called scientific monopoly on older discoveries. Well, I personally agree with Mr. Cremo. Lets imagine that I, for example, invent a fuel engine and sell the idea to somebody who makes a worldwide monopoly out of it, we both would not want somebody else to stand in our way with the invention of, lets say, solar batteries.

Some of you may say that it is fine to be competing with each other, this makes the world go round, this keeps the tension up in the society and in media. But what if we look at this issue from a different point of view? What if by deliberately hiding important inventions from mankind we may lead it to stagnation?

I believe that awareness of the society currently works like a pyramid scheme: those who are on top with their secrets are simply abusing the knowledge in order to manipulate the minds of ignorant millions that are at the bottom. However, as we know from numerous cases in the world of business, pyramid schemes never lasted long...

Recommended Reading: "The Hidden History of the Human Race"

Previous Civilizations

There have definitely been advanced civilizations before us. That can be found in many places of the world: there are artifacts (i.e. human bones, stone weapons) that are millions of years old and totally deny everything we have ever learned from school textbooks. In addition, the fact that intelligent humans that looked like us and most likely coexisted with ape like creatures, totally changes the way we look at our history.

What if millions of years ago we used hairy ape like humanoids to work for us? What if we ourselves are coming from other "spiritual" worlds or even other planets? What if Earth completed our faith herself in the past, by cleaning up its surface with floods and volcano eruptions and revealing the remains of erased civilizations on its surface later? Well, in this case it is possible that we may also vanish some day, giving place to new extraterrestrial visitors (aliens) in the future. In any case, there are evidences of humans in space suits engraved in ancient writings as well as other clues from all over the world. All we need to do is simply give this theory a chance.


According to Mr. Cremo, despite ongoing arguments among scientists about how old planet Earth is, we nevertheless might have inhabited it since the beginning: there were intelligent civilizations hundreds of thousands and even millions of years ago. Indeed, if there are evidences of humans coexisting with dinosaurs in the past, it is obvious that someday these findings must find their place in local museums and give way to new theories about the history of mankind.

Should you be interested in deeper exploration of Michael Cremo's theory, read his books: "The Human History of Human Race" and "Human Devolution."

Listed below is an interesting and extensive lecture on topic of possible origins of mankind by Michael Remo.

Extreme Human Antiquity Lecture by Michael Cremo


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