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History Of Toilet Paper And The Many Uses Of The Toilet Paper Roll

Updated on February 17, 2018
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper | Source

Could You Live Without Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, toilet tissue, bathroom/toilet tissue, is a convenience that we just take for granted. Sure we could live without it but would we really want to.

When Was Toilet Paper Invented

The history of toilet paper dates way back to the 6th century AD in medieval China and according to Wikipedia it was used by Chinese emperors in the 14th Century as we use toilet paper today, except it was a bit larger than what we have now. They ordered it in 2 x 3 foot sheets. What were they thinking and what were people using before to wipe their derrières.

What was Used Before Toilet Paper

  • A middle-easterner would use their left hand…. eeeewww. Purell hand sanitizer would have been so useful back then.
  • The Greeks used stones and clay and Romans would use a sponge on a stick. Gives one a new outlook on sticks and stones may break my bones but also are quite handy.
  • In the early American West it was very common to use a catalogue. “You done reading that Sears Wish book son cause Daddy needs to go”.

A page from the Sears Roebuck Catalogue
A page from the Sears Roebuck Catalogue | Source

Still Seen in Bathrooms Today

It would not be unusual to find a Farmers Almanac hung from a hook in the outhouse with pages torn out. Think of that next time you are in someone’s washroom and happen to see a Farmer almanac sitting there.

Wait I was still reading that!

I remember my grandmother telling me how they would use old newspapers in the old country back in the day. “Look, look told you it was in last weeks news, says so right here on my butt”.

Thank Goodness!

In 1857 the first packaged toilet paper, which was flat sheets, pre-moistened with aloe came out in the U.S.A. and was called Gayetty’s Medicated Paper.

Finally in the 1880’s the perforated and rolled toilet paper was invented. Some people say it was Albany Perforated Wrapping Company that came out with it and others say it was Scott Paper Company.

We can thank Great Britain for their introduction to two-ply toilet tissue in 1942. Today we have 3 ply and I have to say who needs 3 ply. I bought 3 ply once by mistake and all it did was clog my toilet.

Onto Some Fun Stuff About Toilet Paper

Toilet paper and toilet paper rolls are a great source for making crafts. You can make snowflakes, butterfly masks, angels’ toilet paper origami and more. Linda Wright will show you how easy it is to do in her book called Toilet Paper Origami. 

For everyone who either likes or dislikes Obama you can buy your very own Obama toilet paper. Get yours today and “Flush your troubles down the drain”.

Made from Toilet Paper Rolls by Junior Fritz Jacquet
Made from Toilet Paper Rolls by Junior Fritz Jacquet | Source

Actual Uses For The Empty Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls can come in quite handy if you cannot bring yourself to throw them away. If you have small critters such as rats, gerbils, guinea pigs or hamsters, rolls can be used as a toy for them. Just put them in their cages and they will play with them for hours. At Christmas time use the rolls to place small stocking stuffers in before wrapping. Save them up for a craft day with the little ones. They also make great fire starters for when you are outdoors that is. Here is something that I find very creative and something you can do while sitting on the toilet. Toilet Paper sculptures made by Junior Fritz Jacquet.

Even my dog loves "Toilet Paper"

Cats and dogs are very fascinated by toilet paper. In my house we cannot leave the bathroom door open as Magz our dog, will go in and steal toilet paper. One day someone (not me of course) had left the cabinet door open in the bathroom. What a mess, she must have found the stash of toilet paper because when I went to see what she was up to, there was toilet paper everywhere. (I bet you thought only kids toilet papered houses). She had tried to eat it as I found all these wadded little wet mounds of tissue stuck to the floor. For some reason this dog loves paper.

The Aussies as shown in this commercial below have a Real Mans Toilet Paper

Hope you enjoyed this hub on Toilet Paper.

© 2011 Susan Zutautas


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