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The History of Prospect, Kentucky

Updated on April 23, 2012

The History of Prospect

Prospect started out as a small town, which increased its population size once the interurban train started to make stops in Prospect. It continued to make hourly stops until it was discontinued in 1935. Prospect has continued its growth since then and has become an ideal place to live and raise a family.

Prospect became a city in 1974, and in 1979, Prospect received a Fourth Class city designation from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Prospect was then able to establish a city government that included being able to provide specific city services. These new city services helped to make Prospect a more desirable place to live. Prospect became a Third Class city in 2005 and this made the city able to have the final authority in any development within the city limits. This has allowed the city to control the building of new developments.

Prospect’s government consists of an elected mayor and six council members. It is the duty of the council members to meet regularly to decide and review the city policy, ordinances, and basic governmental functions. The mayor and council members help each other with decision making and coordination within the city.

Prospect today is made up of different subdivisions. They are the Hunting Creek subdivision, the Hunting Creek Country Club, and the Fox Harbor subdivision. Prospect has a seal that helps to explain some of the history of Prospect. The tree on the seal represents the nature around us and the government’s efforts of growth and stability. The partridge on the seal represents one of the original subdivisions of Hunting Creek. The fox on the seal represents one of the original subdivisions of Fox Harbor. The water on the seal represents Harrod’s Creek that runs through the city of Prospect.

Today’s population in Prospect is now around 16,000. It has grown since the city’s start in 1974. The population has grown 110% since 1990 and 43% since 2000. Prospect is in both Jefferson County and Oldham County. It is one of a few cities to be in two counties in the state of Kentucky.

Even though Prospect has had a short history, it has prospered in its own way. I’m sure it will continue to develop successfully into the future for many years to come.

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