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The Great Benefactor

Updated on December 7, 2013

Deep Inside Us

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Depths of the Spirit

The greatest potential of human kind,

not much in science and wealth,

It goes deep into the soul of a man,

beyond his well being and health.

To find the seed that nourishes him,

look within the heart felt depths,

Discover the spirit awaiting there,

that each of us has and accepts.

A spirit that's so clean and with its purity,

that which makes us who we all are,

We can choose the road, right and good,

then travel to places afar.

Never looking back to yesterdays,

and tomorrows, what might be,

Just living today and then forging on,

for the future we'll always see.

That power awaits and lies there inside,

to grasp and help us to hold on,

Dealing with the trials and tribulation,

remembering we're not alone.

The spirit of hope and happiness,

and the potential for us to achieve,

Was placed in each, long ago,

and in being there, for us to believe.


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