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The Ignorant Masses

Updated on June 25, 2013

Who's Really "Low Information"?

On July 1st, unless Congress takes action, the interest rates for Student Loans stands to double. There seems to be little drive from Congress to do anything to stop this from happening, and millions of people stand to take the hit.

There is an obvious reason for inaction, Banks stand to make a lot of money from the increased interest. Some of that money will end up in the campaign funds of, or be used for "issue ads" on behalf of, those who stood by. The for-profit college industry, think University of Phoenix, etc, also stand to gain from this.

But could there be another, less obvious, reason for inaction? Those higher rates might make college less attractive for students in the future. College costs have been steadily rising, and the amount of debt needed to attend even a state university like Penn State might be seen as risky; especially in an economy where there are likely many college grads working at Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc. The idea may be to drive younger people to smaller liberal-arts and religious colleges.

Let me say that I have nothing against "local colleges", there are several that surround my hometown of Camp Hill, PA, and there were several around where I grew up. I ended up graduating from what many would call an "urban university", Youngstown State. But the student bodies and the ideas may be lacking in diversity, students may be as likely to be exposed to professors and students that will challenge their ways of thinking.

When ways of thinking that may have been taught in church, school and community are challenged, especially in rural areas. people may be less likley to fall for people like Beck and Limbaugh, Rev Phelps and Rev Robertson, and Wayne LaPierre. They also may be less likley to stay in a place where their best chance for employment may be the local Wal-Mart,

A common right-wing catch phrase is the term "Low Information Voter". But what happens when you have people that have the education to see that term may be a "code word", can decode what it means, and realize that those who throw it around may be the ones who are truly relying on limited information.


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Great article with some deep rooted societal problems being exposed in the U.S. The right wing conservatives believe that education is their enemy and if they can stifle it, they can continue to bamboozle the people with their ''exaggerated truths" about liberals and progressives.

      It is common knowledge also, that the less educated people become the more likely they are to be overly religious and superstitious.

      The "dumbing down of America" was initiated in Texas, by the education committee responsible for what materials the country would use to educate its children. They have deliberately changed history (as indicated by M Bachman, and S Palin's warped versions of it); and their accusing Obama of collusion in "brainwashing" college students into "liberal" thinking.

      The best way of hiding what one is doing is to accuse someone else of doing exactly what you are doing yourself.

      The dumber you are the more easily manipulated you become.