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Ferguson Protesters VS. Looters

Updated on November 29, 2014

RAGE about Killing of Mike Brown

Looting stores and setting fire to businesses will never help your cause be heard. Looters are thugs simply taking advantage of a bad situation to steal.

The REAL protesters actually ran ahead of looters and tried to block them from entering local stores. They did this for hours in the middle of the night when police refused to respond. Very little success, as the looters pushed right past them.

The real protesters and the real heroes were those who tried to block looters from entering local stores in the middle of the night when police were absent. NOT same people!

The conflicts about violence in Ferguson and St. Louis MO have only just begun.

Looting happens as a result of chaos, including natural disasters.

Think of times when a large area was hit by a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or other natural disaster. Looters come out of the woodwork and take advantage of the chaos. There's no protest going on - just utter chaos following a disaster.

Thieves will take advantage of such an opportunity simply because they CAN and will likely get away with it. To generalize about looters in the midst of the protests by referring to protesters and looters as the same people is way off base.

Violence Gets Media Coverage

On the other hand, would the protest against the Michael Brown shooting ever have become the monumental media circus it did if not for the violence? The violence was also an outcry of exploding anger over white privilege and profiling of blacks and minorities.

Had it remained a 'peaceful protest' then would Ferguson ever have become international news? VERY doubful. Some claim violence was necessary to draw attention to the protest.

Violence is necessary? What did MLK say about that?

About Violence from MLK

Looting & Violence in Ferguson was Counter Productive

  • Blacks object to the stereotype of being seen as criminals just due to their race, then break the law and act like criminals to prove the stereotype true.
  • You blame police, race & socioeconomic factors, then destroy your own damn neighborhood?
  • You want justice for Mike Brown by serving injustice to local store owners?
  • How does your violence serve the legacy of injustice?

Of course looting and violence was counter productive, and all of the statements above would make sense IF looting stores was actually part of the protest. What if looting stores is simply what crooks DO to take advantage of chaos? Think these crooks give a rip about Michael Brown or social injustice? They are just selfish crooks and thieves.

Focus on FACTS in Ferguson

Ferguson Protesters VS Looters

The family of Michael Brown stated that "looters are NOT on our side". Great efforts have been made to calm the crowd and avoid acts of violence. Still there was looting. The media portrays this in a bad light, as if protesters and looters are same people. Definitely NOT!

Protesting is legal and sometimes warranted. Sometimes (not always) protests are accompanied by violence, vandalism and looting. These thugs are on the opposite side from those who wish to stage a peaceful protest.

Protesters VS Looters in Ferguson Take the Poll

Do YOU agree that protesters don't loot? Looters loot.

See results

Great Article Below, 10 Things White People Can Do to help Ferguson Besides Tweet" - EXCEPT #4

Most of the article at the link below I find inspiring and informative. But the author does not want to hear any talk about the looting. "STFU about looting" Seems if one makes an issue of the looting, then it is assumed you don't GET it, that you missed the point. Nope. I get it, and DO support the protesters.

I'm aware that police tend to respond to calls in high crime black neighborhoods differently. Clearly the actions of Ferguson police is under question for good reason. The militarization of police forces all over the nation demands protest. I get that.

Still the looters disgust me. Not only because they took advantage of a bad situation just to steal and ruin small businesses, but because the looting became high profile for media mongers. The progress of a legit protest gets severely damaged by these thugs.

An otherwise good article lost me in the last sentence of #4:

"If you look at all that and ... still think it's important to talk about looting.... then you look like a racist a$$hole"

Really? Think so?

MLK spoke out repeatedly against violence. So then was he a racist a$$hole too?

Resident hands police officer a rose in gratitude for helping clean streets and restore peace in Ferguson.
Resident hands police officer a rose in gratitude for helping clean streets and restore peace in Ferguson. | Source

These are Looters, NOT Protesters

These are protesters, not looters. BIG difference!

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    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 3 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Thanks Scott. Agree the protest is valid, though very complex and controversial.

    • profile image

      Scott A McCray 3 years ago

      Agreed - looters aren't helping anything. Protest is valid.