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The Impact of Teachers

Updated on May 9, 2011

The impact teachers have on their students whether in this country or another cannot be denied. I am not considered to be a recognized teacher but that does not mean I do not understand the impact teachers have on their students. I have taught classes as a result of my experience and training in past positions I have held. The impact of a teacher on any student population can be life changing. There are many teachers in several walks of life they are not just in our schools. They are also in private industry and professional organizations. Teachers or instructors as they are sometimes called are a large impact on the success of their students. Like any other profession there are good teachers and bad teachers.

I highly respect the teaching profession and feel that teachers can have an even greater impact than they now have if they had all the resources they need to teach the classes they are assigned.  Teaching is an honorable profession and many times they get bad publicity in evaluations schools receive related to their success.

Impressions teachers make in relation to the subjects they teach has a great impact in identifying the importance of what their students are being taught. Many subjects being taught in our schools often do not provide a clear connection to the jobs private industry will need in the future. Teachers who make this connection will better prepare their students for the job market when they are ready to enter it. Connecting classroom topics either related to the subject or issues that surface can have a positive impact on how they will adapt to the needs of industry.

Teachers can have a good impact or a bad impact based on the methods used to teach and the opinions projected in the classroom associated with current issues and issues of the past. Providing accurate information related to current and past issues is important as it sets in place a philosophy of how students perceive others. Having the wrong perception of others as a result of teaching methods or opinions taught can impact student actions in the past. This scenario is applicable to public, private and private industry situations. There are times when there is new technology being introduced in private industry that are not well accepted or that is not understood. How new technology is introduced has a big impact from an instruction standpoint on how students accept the new technology.

New technology in our public and private schools is impacted by the methods of teachers who introduce the technology in the classroom. Today with the Internet there are new opportunities and techniques to learn everyday and how these opportunities are presented by teachers will have an impact on their acceptance.

Teachers must provide an environment and many do where students think for themselves. Teachers who offer the opportunity for students to develop their own opinions on the issues help students to think for themselves. This characteristic of a teacher provides immense impact. Students should know that they have a right to their opinion and others have a right to theirs. Understanding that


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub Dennis. Teachers are critical to our childrens' education. They are wonderful public servants and I believe we should do more to support their efforts. I also agree with you that teachers need to develop a student's critical thinking skills and not simply teach memorization. I think the teaching profession is moving more towards this. The Bush Administration's "No Child Left Behind" program emphasized test taking too much and got away from critical thinking. Luckily this program is being reassessed.