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The Importance of Arts Education in School

Updated on April 21, 2015

Arts Education

Original Image by AlishaRc
Original Image by AlishaRc | Source

Arts Education in School

Arts Education is vital for students to learn in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools because it allows them to discover their abilities and talents. Art, music, theater, dance, drawing or painting can allow students to express their emotions through these creative art forms. Art has been present for centuries and it is becoming more and more intriguing each and every day. If students continue to learn arts education then it can help them define their personality and ponder about the type of future they would consider living.

Nowadays, there is so much street gang violence and the youth are drawn into violence through a lack of encouragement and guidance. If the youth are not guided and given valuable advice, then they will be lost and not know what to do with their lives. But if the youth can obtain an education and discover something about themselves through the arts then they can become successful individuals. With arts education the youth can achieve, but not if arts education is excluded from schools.

Furthermore, arts education is being excluded from schools not only located in impoverished neighborhoods, but all across the states. The majority of teachers who lost their jobs within the last 5 years are the teachers who taught music, dance, art, and theater. There are a few teachers who spend their time working between hours at different schools because their job has been reduced to part-time. A lot of students who attend their classes with attitudes at some point alter their perspectives about learning when they take an elective class in art or music. These classes allow students to open their minds and learn how to focus on other subjects.

If students who don't perform well in Math, Science or English take an art class and explore creative ways to learn then maybe they can perform better in those subjects. There are students who want to take an art, music or theater class, but don't receive the opportunity because it's not offered in the school.

Arts education can allow students to learn valuable skills such as:

  • Creativity - Students can learn how to think from a creative perspective when constructing projects.
  • Confidence - Students can learn how to be confident and believe in themselves. If students study dance or theater then having confidence can help students have a good performance on stage in front of an audience.
  • Problem Solving - In the arts students are constantly being challenged to solve problems and if they have practice to learn how to solve problems then it can be helpful in their careers.
  • Focus - The arts can teach students to learn how to focus on tasks.
  • Non-Verbal Communication - When students have the opportunity to study dance and theater it gives them the ability to learn body language and how to communicate with their emotions.
  • Receiving Feedback - When students receive feedback based on their stage performance or drawing, students learn how to accept feedback without feeling dreadful.
  • Collaboration - Students can learn how to work with a team and share ideas to complete an art project or theater performance. Also, this can help students learn teamwork and responsibility.

Since the arts is being excluded from Public Elementary and Secondary Schools there are other methods in which parents can encourage their children to become active in the arts including the following:

  • Participate - Sing, read a book, paint or draw with your children to encourage them to take an interest in the arts. Also, help your children find an interest in the arts by talking about any of your family members who work in the arts or sings.
  • Support - Encourage your children to participate in arts activities if offered at school and within the community. Let your children check out books from the library about theater, dancers, artists, and musicians to introduce the subjects.
  • Speak Up - Attend a school board or PTA meeting to discuss your reasons why the arts should be part of the school's budget. Also, attend art performances with your children to experience opera, ballet, and musical theater. If your children see the performances they are most likely to become interested.
  • Volunteer - Donate time, supplies, and other resources to arts programs at the school.
  • Be an Advocate - Show support by speaking with educational leaders and learn more by visiting "Americans for the Arts" website.

Arts Education can help children who struggle to learn by painting or drawing, which helps them learn and develop visual skills. Most children who are 3 or 4 months old can operate a cell phone or tablet because they are gaining visual learning from images or objects. When children are exposed to art at an early age they learn appreciation and encouragement to think for themselves as well as take risks.

Children can utilize art supplies from around the house to create art projects including the following:

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Sponges
  • Modeling Clay

Encourage your children to take an interest in the arts because who knows, maybe they will become interested.


© 2015 AlishaRc


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