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Why Intellectual Standards are So Important

Updated on June 15, 2015

The mere fact that the intellectual standards of the world have dropped so low means that this is a reality that people are either unaware of, or just not choosing to take seriously.Your life is who you are, you are your life. Your experiences make you who you are. The things you believe, think, hear, taste, smell, remember, etc. all add up to who you have become. The quality of who you are adds up to the quality of your life.

That is why it is so important to have intellectual standards. All of us at some point or another have an excuse for the dumb things we say, do, watch, think about, believe, listen to, etc. Whichever excuse we decide to use, they all brings us to the same conclusion, that it is harmless or worse, preferable to lower our standards. Even if it is just a little bit or for a little while.

There is a serious dangerous, and real consequences to exposing yourself and taking part of mindless, low-intellectual standards. Without even getting into the details of Macro-Socioeconomic ripples, the results are immediate and personal. When you watch pointless media and TV shows (like reality TV), you immediately lower your quality of life. It may seem like fun and games at the moment, but so is smoking drugs and alcoholism to those who partake in it. Would it be right to justify the use of these drugs just because they are fun and enjoyable? No, So why would you condone watching anti-intellectual media? Just because its fun and enjoyable? They all have the same outcome.


You wouldn't even be able to use the excuse that drugs and alcohol are different because of the adverse and dangerous side effects. When you indulge in mindlessness and stupidity, it builds up a resistance to your system, and before you even realize it, your riding around a construction site on a four wheeler shouting at you your friends, "Hey Bro, Watch this!", Next thing you know you are being nominated for a Darwin Award.

Ok, maybe that is a bit too dramatic, but look at it like this, You are only given one life to live, and a pretty short one at that. Life is valuable beyond belief, it is your responsibility to make the best of it in order to honor your maker (if you believe in one) or just for your own personal sake. If you spend the majority of your life absorbing mind-numbing television and reading gossip magazines and newspapers, what have you made of your life? You have killed it and wasted it just as good as killing yourself as a teenager.

Soaking in the stoops of low intellectual standards always seems fun at the moment, but there is so much more to life than that., life has an incredible deal to offer, and if you take life up on its offer, you will become a happier, better, and more productive person, and almost immediately you will have a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

So this is my plea to you to not waste your time filling your days with low intellectual standard activities, and probably more importantly, don't push them on to other people, because when it comes down to it, what you really are doing is justifying a less meaningful life.

What do you do after coming home from work?

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