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The Importance of Intelligent Study

Updated on April 28, 2016

Looking at Human Intelligence.

Human beings are a kind of creature that like to approach things intelligently because of the benefits it brings to do so. Intelligence is the thing that allows us to overcome obstacles where other creatures do not. Something is too heavy? We build pulley systems and wheels. Somewhere is too far to swim? We build boats and sails. A distance that is too far to travel? We mount horses and carriages and eventually build engines and automobiles. This function -which is a product of the advanced human brain- is integral to the function of a civilisation because it can save a person, or group of people, incredible time, effort and even resources, whilst increasing simultaneously the output, the capabilities and the potential of that person for greatness.

A Theory of Study.

So what happens when an important part of the self development process such as study (which conventionally is used as one of the primary means to enhance the intelligence and knowledge of the individual) is of itself approached intelligently? Well in theory the study of that individual would increase in effectiveness and the person would enhance themselves in a superior way and at a superior rate than before.

For this reason it would appear important that we theorize, or at least scratch the surface of the ways that a person can approach studying more intelligently.

The Means.

Firstly, it would seem that there is a desired outcome for the study which must be identified in order to maximize the output of that study. This would at least in part work to limit distractions and bring to light logical steps towards the desired goal. And through the identification of these logical steps one could effectively chart their progress to understand fully how they are doing and what still needs to be done. Without this it would appear that the person would be studying aimlessly – which would increase the likelihood of that person to procrastinate and become insatiably bored.

Secondly it seems that a person ought to identify clearly at least to themselves what helps them as an individual to learn. Trying to approach the task in traditional ways is not a bad thing inherently but may be of such little benefit to that person as an individual that they might as well not do it at all. There are many ways that learning can be approached and if the person just goes by the way that everyone else is doing it, they may be working at a disadvantage to themselves.

For instance: A person who learns visually may become more knowledgeable through drawing diagrams of the thing being studied. A person who learns through repetition may become more knowledgeable from writing down key phrases and repeating them. A person who enjoys seeing everything neat and tidy may create a mind map of everything that they have learned so that they can clearly see how everything connects. A person who is hands on or requires physical things to work with may construct models of the thing that they are learning. This line of thinking can and almost certainly will amplify the ability of the individual to learn because it takes them as an individual into account in the learning process. As such, it requires the person to have knowledge of ways that they learn well Such knowledge can be attained through observation of their own behavior as well as introspection.

Thirdly a person who identifies clearly what they need in order for the learning process to occur will be at an incredible advantage. This is because a lot of self development and learning is shut down because the person does not have the resources or utilities to continue it. An identification of these needs prior to the study can allow that person to continue where others falter. Is access to a computer needed? Books? Who needs to be contacted? What food and drink preparations need to be taken into consideration to make the study as effective as possible? What time allocations would be beneficial? What about breaks from study? If a person identifies their needs well and then makes preparations for those needs in advance, then when that need arises it will not distract them because they have already taken care of it. And in this way a person can create study sessions that are incredibly productive and lacking in procrastination.

Lastly, a person benefits a great deal by looking at what about the subject matter there is to enjoy or take interest in. It is no secret that enjoyment in the task leads to perfection in the result, and the same is true for the task of study. If a person is interested genuinely in the thing that they are studying then they will not procrastinate, they will find focus and they will have a commitment to it. Similarly without interest they will have to force themselves, they will have little motivation and they can even come to despise the habit of studying and studying that object specifically. This, needless to say, works against them and prevents decent learning.


Think of the potential a human being would have if they were to increase their ability to learn by even a small percentage. Think of the great things they could accomplish if they knew themselves enough to tailor their learning environment and conduct to their advantage. Think of how much better their life would be if they had knowledge of themselves enough to take themselves into account in the learning process. To approach study intelligently can be one of the greatest things that a person can do for themselves.


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