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The Importance of Space Science

Updated on December 28, 2012
The Earth will be around for a long long time. We need to make maximum use out of our time here.
The Earth will be around for a long long time. We need to make maximum use out of our time here.

The 21st of December has come and gone, but we are still here. I was almost like NASA the last few weeks. In my case, it was just annoyance at the ignorance. In NASA’s case it was the unnecessary resources expended on fielding calls from those of us curious about world ending last Friday. Now we can finally get past nonsense like the mythical Mayan apocalypse and move onto more serious stuff.

One thing’s for sure, NASA couldn’t wait until the 22nd of December to be able to move onto more fruitful exercises. Like, NASA Johnson style for example. Lol just kidding I meant stuff like this of course although I must say we need more of this from NASA. It could even be that this 2012 phenomenon helped the cause of NASA indiscreetly as more people were becoming aware of the importance of colonizing space and now that the doomsday didn’t happen – as NASA correctly predicted – we have more people out there who believe in the premier space agency. Though I must make a special mention to the scientists who were patient with the masses and made good efforts to convince the gullible (who obviously don’t have a working knowledge of physics and astronomy) that it was not possible through their website and other. We seriously need more George Lucases in this world.

More on the doomsday myth

The mainstream media feeds on the uncertainties that the majority gullible are faced with.

I think I dismissed this by mentioning something post on a Space Report blog. And with mere days to go till ‘doomsday’, I debunked the theory once more. I am so glad I did it. I've still left the date on that Hub as December 16, 2012 and I will never edit the Hub no matter what happens.

Anyway, this was all based on a Mayan calendar ending on the date December 21, 2012. And this date was achieved by extrapolating some of the data obtained from the Mayans which could also be wrongly represented. It is indeed disappointing to see the number of people across the globe who are going to extremes in preparation for the nonexistent doomsday.

From Chinese pensioners being scammed to donate their life savings to the poor to Cubans and Mexicans wasting time doing pointless Mayan rituals to forestall the myth that is the doom. Around the world, people are busying themselves stockpiling on rations and energy supplies for the impending catastrophe.

I want to make use of recent so called UFO sightings in New York and San Francisco to illustrate the point I wish to make. It turned out to be Chinese lanterns that were responsible for these fantastical sightings.

As humans we are quite obsessed with doomsday scenarios so I thought we should take a look at doomsday renditions of the past that didn’t quite materialize!

There would be no one more thrilled at the prospect of actually discovering aliens than me, but I want some truth in the claims too. No distractions, please.


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      Carleen Anderson 5 years ago

      Great Hub! Voted up and useful!