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The Importance of having good relations with educational authorities

Updated on May 15, 2009

Good working relations with educational authorities cannot go unnoticed. It is an under denying fact that the government exercises its responsibility for providing education for the people through its ministry of Education and other bodies and authorities. These different bodies and units have all a part to play in the governance of the school.

To build good working relations the head has got to know people in the various departments and sections personally. This directorate, the inspectorate, the finance section. These authorities are part and parcel of the education system. No hesitation must be shown be seek advice from the head and officers of these authorities when the need arises.

Besides we have to be very courteous in explaining our needs so that they understand our point of view which of course, must be clear. As resources are always in short supply and our needs are always rising, the head of sections may not have the immediate means to satisfy our demands. Hence, the head the school must try to understand their problems but must always keep in touch so that the authorities satisfy his/her demand at the first chance. However, pestering them is not a means for soliciting their help but collaboration is one.


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