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The Importance of a Library in Society

Updated on November 16, 2012

"Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind." - Virginia Woolf

The British Library
The British Library | Source

The Modern Library

The importance of a library in society has come to question in the modern world because many believe it is a thing of the past. Even with updates to downloadable books and renovations, libraries are the first to be targeted for budget cuts. In a fast paced, gadget enamored society, is it possible for libraries to continue to play a significant role in its community?

For children, it is a place to go and learn to read and have fun in the programs their library has to offer. Someone looking for a new job can learn skills to help them improve their resume while a student can get some peace and quiet and quick access to information for research. For those who argue that the importance of a library in society is a thing of the past, they should look at how much they go into use everyday and how much effort goes into keeping up to date with the loads of information constantly building over time, alongside technological innovations.

The Importance of a Library for You

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Why go to the library?

More and more, the question of what the importance of a library in society has in the modern world seems to come up from those who do not really know what their library has to offer. There are many reasons to go to the library. Two major reasons are to get information and to take advantage of the free programs they offer.

Not only are there tons of books at your fingertips to check out or read right there, but there are also computers that are free to use as long as you have a library card (or student I.D. if it is a college or university library). Most libraries are also offering downloadable books and some even allow you to check out an e-reader if you do not already have one.

Free programs at public libraries can range from classes on how to write a resume to even dance classes. Libraries are supported by taxes from local and state governments, which means that they are meant to serve the public. It may not be mandatory to use them, but they can come in handy for research, promoting cultural awareness, and education, amongst many other things.

For me personally, it was a librarian who first taught me how to research for my first project in elementary school, and again in high school, and once more at the university. It was the library that I went to to read my books while everyone was at recess or while I waited in between my classes during the latter part of my educational career.

It is easy to overlook libraries and that stereotypical librarian with glasses and a tight bun at the back of their head shushing you every time you sneeze but there is a lot more to them than immediately meets the eye. Even without all they have to offer you, it is a place to go for knowledge and interaction with people who can help you find whatever you need.

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    • wpcooper profile image

      Finnegan Williams 

      17 months ago from Bakersfield

      Okay....not bad. I'm a librarian myself and I like to hear positive things about them.

    • profile image


      2 years ago



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