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The Indian Educational Systems: Some Flaws

Updated on October 22, 2017

Indian schools are not meant for studies

Our (Indian) education system is flawed. A rapidly changing world needs dynamic professionals which our system is unable to churn out. This can be a big problem in the future.

Our education does not teach us to be good human beings and the definition of success is also flawed. Although, there are moral science lessons, they hardly have any impact on the overall character of the student.

There is also kind of vagueness in the syllabus and pattern of higher education. We keep carrying the loads of the world, but we do not learn to solve problems. For example, the degree syllabus of science students is filled with garbage and the system does not support students to aim for needful research. This is creating a shortage of true talents in scientific research.

While the results of convent and private English medium schools are better, there is hardly any measure to control them for quality. Learning and speaking in English is not our aim. However, English is advantageous in some cases. Still, our aim is to create true talents and English is not mandatory for this.

Our system also makes us greedy. Success is often measured in terms of increase in salary which is completely wrong. Many people want to join government jobs because there is no measure of productivity in government organizations. These people are opportunists who even pay huge bribes to get jobs. So, the final outcome of the government’s organized systems can be easily understood.

There is no specific way to teach about modern technology, professions and practical environments in our education system too. Parrot reading never helps anyone and although some students shine in the professional fields, more than 90% of students just become average professionals.

There is direct influence of politics and bureaucracy on the education system too. Although, it is not harmful, we must ensure that the students get quality education that helps them to become talented individuals.

Sports should get more focus. It should be treated as an important subject and marks obtained in sports should be included in the progress reports. A healthy person is a potential jewel of mankind and we must consider this.

There is no direct method to teach the values in children’s education. Character is an important part of human life and there should be more courses that teach students what the society expects from them. It is very easy to run for BMWs, but a nation cannot run on its own legs if value system is not in place.

Our education system is a garbage which just teaches us to become successful, but when the definition of success is itself vague, how can we expect our students to become meticulous?

We must consider the problems of our education system so that we can be prepared for a resourceful nation. And, we must do it now!


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