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The Influence of Technology on Education

Updated on October 19, 2015


The advancement of technology has affected many areas in our society in a positive manner and education has not been an exception. The students of today use computers not only for their school work but they also use the internet for the purpose of research. On the other hand teachers use computers to increase their subject knowledge.

Ways Ttechnology has Affected our Education


If a school library is not up to the mark a student may find it difficult to gather the required information for research. If the school has computer lab the students are able to use the internet which would help them to obtain the required research.

• The students can surf the internet to a great extent which would help them in their research work and eventually make their projects successful.


With the growing technology the schools in different parts of the world can connect with each other.

• This can help the students to interact with their counterparts without going anywhere else. In addition the students can take virtual classes from any part of the world by just sitting in a classroom.

Games on education

In junior classes or younger grades teachers make the children adaptable to computers with the help of educational games. The students can learn the basics of counting and spelling through computer games which can be fun. The students enjoy this a lot as they learn while playing. Normally every school has a computer in every classroom which could be made an important place of learning for young students.

Distance education

The students can take correspondence courses at the college and university level.

• In this process the students gets his required study material in the mail after he has enrolled in some educational programme. The student is further required to mail the completed assignments to the teacher at the institution.

• This process is time consuming but due to the modern technology the students can take the courses of their choice over the internet. This is much more convenient and saves lots of time.

Web seminars

This is one of the best features of technology which has affected education in a very positive manner.

It is quite obvious that each and every school cannot send its students to trips which are related to the course. This may lead to the suffering of the students. But due to technology the students can use internet to attend the seminars on the web which may have been introduced by some educational institution or university.

• We can take the example of NASA where students are given the opportunity to talk to astronauts.

Enhancing the knowledge

The growth and advancement in technology has helped the students in increasing their knowledge.

• The students can surf various sites and can increase their knowledge on a regular basis on their respective subjects which can make them more knowledgeable and smart.


Thus we come to know about the positive effects of technology on education and how the students have gained a lot from it.


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