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The Intranet of Oneness on a whole being never death, to constant the being

Updated on April 21, 2016


For the inside of the world was made in the internet, that it was a tool to save nature and show the futures how man and nature lived and loves in freedom was their harm to nature. Nature spoke and taught humanity through it's only branch at the time, humanity to use their sapien minds to develop tools to save the air it needed to breath. That in death, with no name nor beginning nor end ass it is constant, it struggled. Let the judges frown in their ugly truths, they always do and like a carpet I would be their doormat. They trashed my life, for their garbage whore religion. I was the truth they hated, that they were broken, the religions of the World and I was their slap in the face. Had the faceless even been would be like seeing blue sky above and nothing in front of your face as you walk would be the destruction of their Heaven, to send them landing out of my Sorted life. They never deserved to be in it anyways. They stole it, the heartless.

I liked the dead and they needed some muse life for the centuries were cruel to the energy field that there was on the Earth, I cried for the little Earth, the Aura of it woke in spirit. And layer by layer the futures, past, present and no time met to dance the life stole from the righteous for they rarely lived like this. Give a fish a food and feed the fishes bellies in man and beasts, give a hand a tool, like a tree of life disc thrower and be the thing judged not in life yet in spirit whole. It was the life of bees, the internet. Sharing thoughts of all, the damned, the righteous, the lonely, the forgotten, the needs, the desires, the teachers, the listeners, the breath of life for the homeless sometimes, the study home of lust for educating souls in need, it was temptation and all the words crammed into it, then feel the full weight of it crash on your house in your spirit whole, then know my weight in wait. Stones like pounds and the Irish that damned boys and girls in orange and black coats, like the other flags that prayers never answered. Just tortured spirits in the cages they lived.

Be wise not to judge, that they are all innocent in their desires, I would watch and pay my soul cost for the entirety of it is worth their being. That they damned my life was worth it to bring me to the light of truth, not many houses were in spirit. They damned my love in every relationship, save one. Yet they kicked my love out of those gardens too, for I would not live in torment of them and be their cook, their lover, their husband in name alone, and then their gardener. I would have in truth said we were animal and plant lovers in sex with each other for we ate of all the flesh of the Earth and were whole as life in the garden.

It was Magic and I loved to care for the relationship until they damned it in my Heart and I left. Then the pain of loss was felt.

Think that the internet was a tool to find like minded and just share words and photography, poetry that they hated, life stories and joys and sorrows. Blessed are those that hated my life and as Gods they would be treated one day, with all the hotel rooms they visit filled with wild flowers, the cheap kind like they thought of my life and Heart. They would eat of the finest meals and have waiters and staff to bow at them in life, that they would weep for the name would be from "the nameless, forgotten one in spirit alone." My spirit would pay the cost, and in visions dance gardens and love around them, that them be damned to my physical being will unfold when I fall in the flesh and unfold the light again.

It is not my story, it is the hurt of religion that I would sing and the religious were damned innocence too. They would have their heart judged one day by their beliefs in front of their joys. Or their forgiveness, my ultimate forgiveness will be eternal. They would wonder who forgave the life before there was any and who forgives innocence of nothing. Then know my gods cursed to find it in the physical again, it would be around them all the time, once man creates time again.

Know this, we ought to have listened, now look at nature. The advocate for the spirit too. That I lived it was my life alone, that they damned in spirit the spirit in life was their gift to me. They would not find shame or guilt in my house. For it fell in torture of the spirit. Tears of theirs that do not know their own time in creation of time. We paid for the internet swallowed up my life and stole it for others to have, and that was my choice as a gift.

Choices cost, so does judgment, forgiveness for damning my heart is free. Do what you will with forgiveness. Find direction when your eyes are your Heart in any weather or branch of a rootless tree. Think on that.


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