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The Jackalope

Updated on February 26, 2017

Jackalope: a mythical creature in the shape of a rabbit or hare with antlers.

The jackalope is a mythical North American animal of fairly recent invention. It is essentially a jackrabbit with antlers. Jackalope lore fits more into the category of tall tales rather than serious belief. But it certainly inspired a lot of postcards and souvenirs.

Also Known as

Horned hare, Lepus temperamentalus, warrior wabbit


It is often suggested that John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, reported sighting a jackalope. This story is most likely apocryphal

Home of the Jackalope

The town of Douglas (Wyoming) claims to be "Home of the Jackalope". Douglas is home to a large jackalope statue to mark the source of its fame. But then, Red Lodge (Montana) is home of the jackalope too. So which of these is true?

Possibly neither. The town of Douglas also has a strong historic claim to inventing the beast courtesy of a local man, Douglas Herrick, who created the first taxidermy "deerbunny" some time in the 1930s or early 40s. The apparently plan to create a new, much larger, jackalope statue.


"Real" Jackalopes

The closest thing you are likely to find to a real jackalope is an unfortunate bunny infected with Shope Papilloma virus which can cause nasty growths from the animal' head. (see: Cryptomundo)


The jackalope is the symbol if a range of produce and activities related to swiftness including: a greyhound and a race.

Creative Taxidermy

The jackalope is a tempting subject for a whimsical taxidermist on a limited budget.

Tourist Jackalopes

There are plenty of jackalopes around the country that you can pose with, examples below. And they remain a popular subject for souvenirs.

South Dakota
South Dakota | Source
Douglas, Wyoming
Douglas, Wyoming | Source


Many different establishments and products are named after the Jackalope including restaurants and breweries.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 2 years ago from America

      There are jackalopes around here in the bars. I saw a bunny with the Shope Papillomavirus on vet tv show recently.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Ah, I saw a jackalope many years ago near Wall Drug in South Dakota. My husband and I were driving across country from NJ to Yellowstone, taking in sights on the way.

    • psycheskinner profile image

      psycheskinner 6 years ago

      Only if you look tasty!

    • Lenore Robinson profile image

      Lenore Robinson 6 years ago from Delaware

      Does it bite? :o

      Voted up and useful!