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How to Excel in High School : Amazing Tips To Top in Exams

Updated on August 25, 2013

The Happy Ending

Well I had not even started out my story but you people may be wondering "What the heck is this". I have done this deliberately in order to keep the interest of young students who are reading this hub,intact.After all nobody wants to read a long lecture that seems more like a speech rather than a friendly talk which is my primary aim.So moving on I would like to tell you that I topped out my school with 93.6% aggregate in Science stream.I never thought that I would be able to achieve such a high feat.Here the key was working hard and moving on and on without expecting much.

The Beginning

Before I start out I would like to give a brief introduction about my academic skills right from the out set.I was an average student academically in the initial days of my schooling.I always avoided working too hard and would let off a few hours just for the sake of playing or relaxing.But then at the same time I was really curious about this materialistic world and how things worked.I would ask questions from my relatives that had literally no answers such as " How babies are born " or " Can my car operate with water instead of petrol ". So the element of learning new things that often was related to Science and Technology was always in my mind. I just needed someone to provoke the learning fire inside me.

Here we begin the "Actual Stuff"

Well after explaining the beginning and the end right at the start I would now start with the actual purpose of this article, which is how I emerged victorious.For the sake of simplicity I have divided all the stuff I learnt into sub topics which should be really easy to grasp.I urge you to read the subsequent paragraphs really carefully as they just might help in deciding your future.

The Leading Example

Interest is what drove Einstein himself.
Interest is what drove Einstein himself. | Source

Interest is the Key to Success

The title mentions it all.Interest in a particular thing or subject makes you excel in it. Hard Work without interest is just as futile as car without wheels.You should pursue after your interest in all the circumstances.This just not only holds for academics but for other areas such as sports, games and other fields too.You might very well have interest in playing football and becoming a national player.But other factors such as parental pressure may force you to avoid it.So the key here is to identify your interest and go all guns blazing towards it.I always had interest in Science and Technology as I mentioned before.That is the only reason that I was able to outperform others.

Little Quiz

What is the time duration of each of your study slot ?

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Plan your way through to Success

Always remember " Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail ". Some sort of planning or time management is always required at what you do.Whether it is study time or leisure time proper time management always keeps you ahead.So always plan your day keeping separate slots for study and fun.Remember to stick to the schedule and not to make exceptions too often.The duration of each slot of study time depends entirely upon you and your capability.

Recreation is Must


Quick Tips

  • Take some time off from your schedule.
  • Meditate or go out for a walk.
  • Enjoy some quality time with friends.
  • Watch television but for short durations.
  • You can watch comedy programs which really can rejuvenate your senses.

Importance of Sports and Recreation

While it is true that studies should be properly managed but the matter of fact is recreation is equally important to achieve the right mental balance.You should take some time off just to have a walk in the park, a light chat with a friend or maybe some light sports such as badminton or board games.Recreation ensures that positive energy keeps flowing through you.Concentration power is equally benefited from it.

Do not Quit

There might be times when you feel that things are not going your way or your life is entirely out of order. Perseverance holds the key here.You just have to think that things will change and will improve for good.Just keep your hopes alive and never quit. Remember there is a little difference between a quitter and a winner.Which side you would end up depends entirely upon you.So never underestimate yourself and keep going in hard times.Always remember " When the going gets tough,the tough gets going ".

Never Say Die


Closing Comments

So my article comes to an end here.I have provided all the information from my own experience and it is up to you to decide whether it is valuable or not.Always remember that ' Success comes to those who will and dare ". So start dreaming now and work even harder to achieve those dreams.I wish you best of luck for the life ahead.


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    • sumitgupta1992 profile image

      Sumit Gupta 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Maybe bro but I just felt that since it is primarily based on my own success the title should be somewhat relative to academic stuff.Thanks a ton for the feedback.I will surely incorporate your suggestions in future hubs.Thanks again for reading my hub thoroughly and providing valuable feedback.

    • profile image

      mbuggieh 4 years ago

      Your title "How to Excel in High School : Amazing Tips To Top in Exams" presumes that excelling on exams matters. Perhaps a change of title is in order.

    • sumitgupta1992 profile image

      Sumit Gupta 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Kindly clearly read what I have written in the interest section.It is interest which should drive you towards your dreams.Education is just a mere example.I have linked my own academic success to lay an example.

    • profile image

      mbuggieh 4 years ago excelling in high school or in learning really demonstrated by proficiency on exams?