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The King Of Terror Approaches.....Get ready!

Updated on April 22, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

What are your long term plans?

“ Now is the time to turn away from all wrongdoing and ignorance and stand up and be counted, Make NO MISTAKES ABOUT IT...Jesus Christ is on his way"

There is no doubt that Nibiru is coming. But some don’t agree that it will be seen this month, Nibiru as is sometimes called Planet X is possibly either a star, meteor or comet whose orbit is due to overlap with Earth. Nibiru when passing could have devastating consequences, as mentioned in the prophecy of the Old Testament, Zechariah 13:8 and possibly wiping out two thirds of the earths population.

Most predictions to date have targeted March 24-April 30, the period between the upcoming Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover, as the time frame for Nibiru to make its appearance. March 26, 2016 has been mentioned specifically, but has since passed uneventfully.

Is there a defined date?

However, an online comment, posted by a man identified as David and sourcing different Jewish teachings, has experts rethinking this time frame. On February 16, 2016, a Biblical Codes expert posted a YouTube video which mentioned a Threat Of Comet – Nibiru 5776 in Biblical Code. On March 5, David said " l commented on the Rabbi's Blog, claiming, “The date of March 26 is completely false and will be pass without incident..” He was correct!

David also points to the Rabbi's commentary on this verse in Judaism’s most important mystical text. Zohar, David claims that the Rabbi, described the look of the star and even gave the date of its appearance as “the 25th day of the six month.” Counting from the first Hebrew month of Nisan, which falls in the spring, the sixth month is Elul. The 25th day of Elul this year corresponds to September 28.If David is correct in his understanding of Rabbi Cordovero’s commentary, Nibiru won’t appear on March 26, but will appear on September 28.

This calculation may be misleading.

On a recent visit to Bratislava, actually on the Saturday 26th March, I was in the grounds of Hrad Castle, high up on the edge of the city centre, I was looking around for pictures to take as tourists usually do, however one thing that brought my attention was that, at the approximate time of 1pm, and as the day was pretty much cloudy, one would assume that just above my standing position, would be the sun at its usually highest point. And that if you could move the timeframe say two hours in advance the sun would be slightly to your right, even though the sun was hidden by the clouds, I could see that the clouds as far as I could see on the horizon to my right were an unusually 'Pink Hue' coloured, the kind of colours you would see at sunset. I am talking about a time between 1-3pm and there is these coloured clouds as far west as I could see? I don't really know if anyone else noticed, or was even bothered? I was, and I am also very much concerned. It doesn't look right.

A further written statement proclaimed “There was a comment saying that the sixth month is Elul, which is the sixth month from the Exodus. But if the Zohar is talking the sixth month of the calendar year (based on creation), it is Adar.” So September is a big month, all hypothetical to most, to me it's telling me that this thing is on its way without doubt, I think its gonna be sooner a lot sooner. I have been keeping my own eye on the sky as it were, and I have noticed recently, that the Moon has appeared to be misshapen, and it looks like the face of the moon has changed somewhat. It doesn't look right, it looks like it has swivelled slightly clockwise.

Will Billions Be Caught Unawares?

There is everything to debunk the mention and subject of Nibiru or as is known in the Book of Revelation as Wormwood, by all the governments around the world, to obviously prevent world panic, and a major collapse of all financial institutions, as well as security of the people, and having to install Martial Law, and keep some kind of order. It would be a nightmare for the authorities knowing that even through all this nothing was going to change in the end, the impending doomster, is still approaching fast. Has anyone noted the weird sunsets and colours of the sky recently?

I was doing a calculation in my head when I assumed that if this thing is, as being suggested is behind our sun, and travelling like a comet at say 25000MPH then I divided 93,000,000 by 25,000(MPH) then by 24 (Hours in a day) which gave me the figure of 155 days. That's five days over the supposedly 150 days of the tribulations, and giving a start date of the end of the Passover 26/27 March takes me to August 28th or thereabouts.

In order to prepare for Nibiru, that is people who are made aware of this, and believe it is real, need to sort themselves out spiritually, forget everything else, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, NOTHING WHATSOEVER!

There are some people, many millions who are inadvertently fearless, and unbelieving, I admire them for their courage, I do hope that they will seek, and find help and solace, and I for one will pray for the people of this world who are, for whatever reasons ' Alienated ' from God. That's the beauty of having a faith in God he wont turn you away, no matter what.

Whilst time prevails, turn and be saved, there is NO other God in existence, the saviour of the world, JESUS CHRIST it is he whom you should seek." No-one can come to the Father EXCEPT through me" they are the words he said.

Evidence or Myth?


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