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The basic concept of The Secret to The Law Of Attraction

Updated on January 23, 2008

Changing your perception of time and energy

Struggling with the concepts put forth in The Secret? See my earlier post for some suggestions as to how to understand the secret

The basics of any motivational concept is to think positive. Fighting negative thoughts is a difficult task but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You are conditioned to be an optomist or pesimist, so therefore you have the option to change if you allow yourself to.

Forget about time in order to fulfill your dreams

We may be creatures of habit but we certainly are slaves of time. We race against it, try to kill it and dream of turning it back. We dread having too much of it yet cry when we run out. The first step in changing your mind is to learn to not put so much energy into your time. We tend to think about processes in a temporal or timely manner.

  1. Get up at 6
  2. showered by 7
  3. work by 9
  4. lunch by 12
  5. done work by 5
  6. home by 6

and so on....

Our whole lives become a blind bus route.

Get off that bus to nowhere!

When you want to go on a vacation you first visualize where you want to go. You don't just jump on a plane or bus and say take me as far as $5 will go. You look at brochures and pictures. You imagine what clothes you will wear, what the view will be, what kind of food you will eat. After picking out a destination you call the airline, book a room, go clothes shopping and tan. You then put the vacation aside in your mind. Sure you look forward to the day it will come, but you go on with your daily life until it does. The day before you pack your suitcase, check your flight and go to bed. The following morning you get up, drive to the airport , fly to your resort, check into your room, look out at the beach from your balconey and everything is as you pictured it, within reason. You envisioned what you wanted, solidified the thought in your brain, took the action steps to fulfill that dream and basked in the reward.

Dream of Dream VacationThoughts and emotions

Plan for Dream Vacation Thoughts and emotions

Arrange Dream Vacation Action step

Think About Dream Vacation Thoughts and emotions

Initiate Dream Vacation Action step

Arrive at Dream Vacation Action step

Realize Your Dream Vacation Thoughts and emotions

Look how much energy is involved in the thoughts and emotions vs the actions. Sure it take energy to pack the bags and drive to the airport, or to call the airline and hotel, but these are just action steps that fell into the order between the thoughts and emotions. They didn't determine the outcome, they were the result of them. You didn't decide to wake up at 6 am and drive to the airport first. You had a destination to reach, a dream, and once you made that a truth, every step fell into place naturally.

So lets look at the order

In our above example:

A>B>C>D>E>F where F ( the reality of the dream) was very similar to A ( the vision of the dream)

So if we make combine A and F, and then add in D ( thinking about the vacation between the planning and the actual vacation) we then have three thoughts and emotion steps that make us happy. The planning phase may also be included if we make it as stress free as possible.

The point is that this vacation afforded us so many opportunities to feel good that when it came to the actions steps they just fell into place with little fuss.

Now Lets jumble the order

If all of the thought and emotions were removed, we could have no action steps.

Without a destination first, we have no reason to plan, if we have idea of where we want to go, we have no reason to drive to the airport. Without a goal we have no clear path so either we stand still or we wander aimlessly and we end up where we end up with little surprise but much regret.

If you moved these steps around, say like moving initiate plan before the actual plan, we would end up with the way most of us live our lives. If you got in the car and drove to the airport, with no suitcase or passport, where would you go? You would be at the mercy of the weather, of the scheduled flights, of the destinations. Everything that would happen after you arrived at the airport would just be reactions rather than actions. You wouldn't be determining where you were headed, you would just arrive there.

Actions without determined destinations only lead to reactions with undetermined outcomes.

So, oh wise one, what's all this mean?

It means that by taking good thoughts and goals and churning them in your mind, over and over, you make them a substantial part of your reality. By determining the outcome before the process, you have just chosen to ignore time restraints and instead learned The Secret to living through The Law of Attraction.


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    • profile image

      my life dream 7 years ago

      It is not only thinking, but taking actionable steps towards your goal which is what brings on manifesting.

    • wearing well profile image

      Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

      'The Secret'Well I watched the trailer and all I can say is that it should include a WARNING TAG:


      I am a great believer in positive thinking,just the other day whilst watching the tennis at Wimbledon I fancied some strawberries and hey presto a few hours later,my mum turned up with a tub full of freshly picked produce from her garden including strawberries:)

      Hope your dreams come true and thanks for a great hub.