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The Law Student's Guide to Getting More Sleep

Updated on July 2, 2014
Sleep deprivation is common among law students
Sleep deprivation is common among law students | Source

Sleep deprivation is no good

Sleep is essential for humans to survive. The lack of sleep is cause for mood alteration (makes you cranky), dark under-eye circles, stress, illness and other long-term consequences. For law students, sleep is a luxury. If you get more of it, that often means lesser time to pore over those never ending gazillions of readings. Here are some fun tips to get as much snooze as you can even when you are in law school.

Sleep deprivation raises risk of dying while driving

So don't drive sleepy. Aside from that, lack of sleep has other scarier effects such as increased risk of cancer, diabetes, dirty brain and damaged bones. Check out the video at the end of this hub.

Tips to Get More Sleep While in Law School

Hire a PA. The Personal Assistant will schedule your law school life and take out the admin stuff that eats most of your time. Of course he/she/it will organize your daily schedule and remind you when to sleep, when to take a pee, when to bathe and give you budget minutes to do that, when and how many seconds to spend on FaceBook, when to see the boyfriend or girlfriend, and other not so important activities that kill you precious time. See what I mean?

If you drive and can afford a driver, hire one. Driving to and fro from law school under city traffic wastes 1-2 hours, time that should have been better spent for much needed shut eye. You are doing a good deed by keeping the public safer in removing one sleepy law student driver off the road. A sleepy driver is much more dangerous than one driving intoxicated.

Let go of the boyfriend or girlfriend. In a relationship? If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is not a classmate or not in the same law school, admit it, seeing them take time off your hands. If you can, either let go of them, if not, minimize time spent with them. If you have two or more, now is the time to downsize. As in labor, downsizing is also cost-cutting, but in your case it is also time-saving.

Get a boyfriend or girlfriend from the same law school. This way, you won't have to give extra effort to bond. No need when library time, class time, and lunchtime is already date time. :) Just make sure the other person understands this and agrees to sign a contract not to fight with you until bar exams is over. You know why? Drama with your significant other also takes precious time off your hands.

Forgo one meal in a day and sleep instead. Eating takes a lot of time. That way you save from 30-60 minutes luxury time better spent on napping. Don't worry, you have 2 other meals to waste more time on. Did you know that one spends anywhere from 30-60 minutes for a meal, add more for commute time if you eat lunch out. Snack time is also eating away on your limited time. Do the math and you'll be convinced.

Buy a bag-cum-pillow. Snag some snooze anywhere and everywhere with your bag/pillow but don't forget to bring a small towel to avoid embarrassing marks (a.k.a. drool) on your book pages. It will also be handy to cover your face and avoid destroying your reputation.

Learn to sleep in every position. Sleeping may not only be done horizontally in a bed. Learn to Google different ways and positions in sleeping. Indeed, in law school, you are one step ahead if you know how to sleep in more ways than one. Power naps lasting from 5-15 minutes are like jolts of energy that can give extended waking time so make use of it whenever you can.

Napping with eyes open. Some people do this, so why can't you? Learn it and master it by heart. It would be handy when you try to get some power naps in the classroom. Just make sure you don't snore.

Schedule your bath time. If you spend 30 minutes in the shower, cut that into half. No worries, nobody really cares and notices if you spend 15 or a day in the shower, not your professor. Did you know that looking bedraggled will make your law prof think that you have studied more than you actually did?

If you still couldn't get much snooze as you want to, don't fret, the 'raccoon look' is never out of fashion when you are in law school. If you are a girl, just slap on lighter foundation, dark eyeliner and pale lipstick and voila, instant goth look. Don't worry, looking like a raccoon may even help you score points come recitation time. When you look as if you never had a minute of sleep, the professor might be kinder (just keep your fingers crossed while reciting).

Finally, don't be too serious and get creative in finding more ways to get more sleep despite your hectic law school schedule.

25 Scary Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep makes possible one less cranky law student
Sleep makes possible one less cranky law student


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    • Colleen Swan profile image

      Colleen Swan 3 years ago from County Durham

      Hi, some people listen to law lecture tapes sometimes made by themselves or professors. While this could keep some students awake if played at a low volume, some believe it helps them to retain material absorbed in sleep.

    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 3 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Dana! Thank you for mentioning that! I never really thought about it but yes you are so right! People are taking for granted sleep or are also in occupations making them sleep-deprived. Thank you once again.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      These are some great tips not just for law students but for anyone who is sleep deprived.

    • sam777777 profile image

      Satvinder S. Sihra 3 years ago from Queens, NY

      hmm You are doing law. What kind of law are doing?