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The Law of Attraction - More Proof It Works

Updated on July 9, 2015
The Law of Attraction - More Evidence

I speak a lot about the law of attraction. Most people I speak to think it is a bunch of bunk. Looking at their lives, most of them have bunk lives as that is what they are attracting. Sound harsh? Maybe. But it took one person telling me straight out that my life was nothing but crap and it was my fault, to change my ways.

I am going to show some evidence that this really works. I recently visited the US fro Australia. I make this trip 5 to 6 times a year. My business slowed down a bit and I am making a positive transformation into a different business model. So cash flow was not what it used to be. However, I went to the states with a lot of purchasing of goods in mind as things are usually significantly less expensive in the states. I did what most people do, write a list of everything I wanted to buy.

My fiancée suggested I buy a new laptop. Well, I really did not want to spend the dollars on that right at this time. Then, I broke a tooth a week before I left. I would have to get that fixed. It seemed like I was racking up unwanted expenses!

While writing the list, i put down $379 for my laptop. Now, I purchased my previous one for the same amount, but that was two years ago. However, I was determined that I only wanted to spend $379.

After writing the list, most people would start thinking about "how" they would pay for it all. They would actually start to worry about where the money was going to come from. Instead, I looked at my list of expenditures and started to visualize how it will feel when I make the purchases. I started playing the feelings of a brand new laptop purchased at the exact price I decided on. I played the feelings of how wonderful it would feel to purchase the workout clothes my fiancée desired and how happy she would be when I brought them back.

I started making affirmations like:

I will have fun making my purchases
It will feel great when my tooth is fixed
My new laptop will improve my efficiency
I will create more than enough money to make my purchases

Never once, did I meditate on the thought that I would not have enough. Now, before you jump on that, it did enter my mind. The trick was NOT to let it stay! Bad thoughts will knock at your door. The key is not to let them in and stay overnight.

So, I embarked on my trip, list in hand, positive affirmations on, and the law of attraction engaged.

The list was getting checked off one by one. What interesting is this:

One person paid me money that was owed for over six months!
One person called to have their taxes done who I have not heard from in months
I was able to bill extra money for services, and they paid!

However, there is one unusual ( not to me anymore) event that took place. The laptop! I went to Staples on Saturday night, as you do when you have your kids and your fiancée is 10,000 miles away! I saw a sign next to a Dell laptop in big red numbers $275. I said, great! Over a hundred dollars less than I planned. Well, something inside of me said not to buy it that night. Come back tomorrow.

I returned to the store the next day. On closer inspection of the sign, it actually said you SAVE $275! Of course, the word save was very small! The actual price was $404. Well, Sunday is the day of the sales for Staples. I looked right next to the Dell PC and there sat a Toshiba laptop for, you guessed it, $379!

So, I purchased it. Looking back, it is the job of our subconscious mind to match our reality to our thoughts. I believe it was my subconscious speaking to me on Saturday saying, hey, this is not what you ordered. Come back tomorrow and we will have your order. Sound corny? Unbelievable?

Well, finished my two week adventure, had great fun with my kids, purchased everything on my list, (plus more!) and had over $1,000 surplus.

Does the law of attraction work? I believe it does. Stay tuned for more evidence!

PS I am writing this while sitting in first class. On the way over, I missed the upgrade by one, but I managed to attract it on the return!

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    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 5 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thank you Jvinzer for the comment. I have plenty more stories from myself and others. The law of attraction is just that - when you purposefully use it, people, places, and things align to bring you what you want. I practice it everyday and when I do not get what I want, I have to look at my point of attraction and how I can improve it. My whole life story is one of attraction. We always get what we attract - good or bad.

    • profile image

      JVinzer 5 years ago

      The only proof you seem to describe here is purely anecdotal evidence. Got anything more than just your stories?

      Also, Chances are you subconsciously remembered that Sunday was the sales day at Staples (As it is with several businesses) and you went from there.

    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 6 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thanks for the comment! YEs, it all starts with a positive attitude followed by positive feelings and affirmations! There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have!

    • joejagodensky profile image

      joejagodensky 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great story. I guess you're saying that a positive attitude is the key to success and happiness? Thanks.