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Financial Empowerment

Updated on January 22, 2011

Money! Is it an Evil?

Money has been called the root of all evil and just like faith; it is a means of exchange. Man has given all the solution to his problem into the hands of money and therefore, money which is not the absolute solution to every thing but trying desperately to fulfill that role has been called the root of all evil. But it is our use of money as a source of salvation that has branded it as a “necessary evil”.

Money is a source that hungers for direction, very much like some women, who with no direction, fails to produce.

Man has made money a panacea of his problems. For instance, bribery of housing inspectors, the police, the judge or the seller of a senate seat; all these are not uncommon but there are consequences when you author these investments.

It is not uncommon for Christians to try to use faith as a means of bartering in the same way as the world use money in a biased and unfriendly manner. When faith is used presumptuously, it is called “presumptuous faith” (Matt.4).

Hence money has a law, called the law of Money (finance).

Faith also has a law, called the law of faith (Rom.3:27). There are limitations to all laws.

The use of money, as it is with faith, has limitations.

It is when we seek to transcend those limitations that we go into the area called presumption which has all its perverted attachments.

Hence we see that money in itself is a currency that is in demand, for its potential uses are limitless; philanthropic, ministerial and political.

It is the basic unit that activates, energize and maintain our natural society.

Faith has a similar function to those of us who are spiritual.

The difference is that we that are of faith have both worlds in which we can participate but optimizes on the spiritual.

We function best or are most effective when we are spiritual because the natural man needs to see the substance before he his inclined to move. However, the spiritual man says, “I will move without the substance, for my faith is the substance”. Faith is the purchasing power of the spiritual.

The word of God says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

That means if the godly desires to purchase a piece of property, he does not wait around for the finance to avail itself but he begins to move in the direction of the land that he hope to purchase.

He allows the dynamics of the law of faith to have magnitude over the natural laws of the earth. He brings the kingdom of heaven to have rulership over the earth, to take dominion by the very truth of God’s word.

How is that done?

1. Making sure that it is the will of God for him to have that property.

2. That his motives are right

3. That having that property will not just be to his benefit

4. That he will regard that property as a gift from God

5. That he will be able to release that property if God desires him

As we have said, the natural man needs to see the substance on which he boasts because he believed that it was by his own might that his fame was achieved.

But in Rom.3:27 the Bible says, "Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? Of works? No, but by the law of faith!"

Because the natural man does not have the love of the truth the law of faith remains hidden (1Cor2:14, 2Thess2:10).

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