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The Lazy Way to Get an A+

Updated on April 7, 2016

1. Quizlet

I wish I would of known about in high school. Most people think its just flashcards, but it's much more than that. You can, with a touch of a button also play games and make yourself practice true and false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank test. You can also print out the flash cards in two clicks. It's that simple! It is a great way to stay organized and not have notebooks and folders everywhere. But something super cool Is your can flow the flashcards to go one after another, and add voice! This way you can listen to the flashcards! If I could of listened to the flashcards while driving to school, or getting ready in the morning I know I would of improved my grades!

2. Write down EVERYTHING the teacher says before a Midterm or a Final twice!

If the teacher says it once its probley something you need to know, but if they say it twice im 99% sure it will be on your test. I regret not taking some of my teachers lectures before test so seriously. I didn't really realize this until Senior year.

3. Save your AP classes and Senior year notes

More than likely you will have to take a math or reading class in college that is just like your senior classes. By saving your notes, your saving a lot of time on your college homework, trust me! I was so thankful that I kept my Algebra 2 notes. I think they are the only real reason I managed to pass!

4. Study with friends, don't just copy from friends

Though we all come to that moment that we forgot to do our homework, don't copy. Copying means you don't actually know the material. Find some good friends that you all can study before big test, and help remind each other to do the homework. Plus you won't feel like a nerd studying between classes if your friends start to study too.

5. Be LAZY!

When I say this I mean take a moment to be a little lazy when studying. Ever 30-50 minutes take a minute or two to get your mind off of it. Look up 1 video on YouTube, play 1 game on your phone, or even get up and stretch. Don't get too off track, but actually getting your brain to relax for a minute and be a little lazy actually can energize your brain which can make you smarter. Who knew lazy girls where smart after all?



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