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The 'Legalize Virus' Escapes !

Updated on April 6, 2015

The legalize virus escaped and is headin down your street and down main street USA.

Much to the chagrin of the prohibitionist in the USA and around the World, and the UN, two States stepped forward, denounced the lies and propaganda of this holy plant, and purposely voted to let the legalize virus escape so it can spread through-out the land! And maybe across the 'Pond' as well as up North to our dear friends in Canada.

Since the legal medical marijuana 'virus' has spread after California set it free, now 20 States have caught the legalize virus, there's no telling how many States can hold on and not succumb to rational thought, another side effect of the virus. Or possibly States will just 'puff'n pass-up' the MMJ bills for legalization instead. As if they need the President's pat of approval.

WATCHOUT now then gonna get cha, never know might be comin down your street! This Legalize Virus spreads by word of mouth that then cause the ears to ring. But this ring, part of the transformation to purity, is more like a bell that clangs the victim to shutter with pleasure, and tolls the poor people with so much love of Liberty and Justice they can't handle it, and they collapse in tears of joy. Some have been known to soil themselves in their own personal epiphany with this special plant.

It didn't take long for the Legalize Virus to move across the country and infect Pennsylvania. On Monday, February 11th, Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach officially introduced a bill to tax and regulate marijuana in Pennsylvania, a measure he believes will raise much needed revenue for the state.

"This past November, the good people of Washington State and Colorado voted to fully legalize marijuana," said Leach. "It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition, and ending a policy that has been destructive, costly and anti-scientific."

I agree with Sen. Daylin Leach, and should have yelled, "you're a patriot, sir," but I wanted to blend in with the media as I filmed him. I live here. I am the loudest clapper, I'm proud to say. For some here 'PA' stands for Prohibition Alley. In the halls afterwards I heard, "this will probably be the last state to legalize," which is a shame. PA was very prosperous from it's HEMP harvest, just too, too long ago. "It is inevitable," as the senator said in my video.

Talk about a fast acting Legalize Virus, whoa, it spread all the way to Uruguay now, as in the small South American country. The Uruguayan government has specific proposals for how to manage a legal market for marijuana. The government says the new laws are designed to resolve drug war issues in Uruguay. This model of the new Uruguay will undoubtedly be studied by other countries that grapple with the similar questions.

The only other country's of the world that came close to letting the Legalize Virus Escape like Colorado and Washington did this past November and now Uruguay, are Amsterdam and Bangladesh. (the 2 dark blue areas of the map above) But they are not really legal in the true sense of the word. These four areas of the World, or rather these euphoric havens, still have strict laws concerning the consumption of the herb, resembling the laws concerning alcohol drinking; the first prohibition.

It will be interesting to see this map in a few years, and see how far the legalize virus has spread. Just heard that the state of Texas is showing the symptoms of the Legalize Virus, oh my. There is still more red than blue, but the light blue and pink are certainly infected, the gateway, and will no doubt soon succumb to 'total absorption,' of the Legalize Virus, to coin the President's daze, I mean phrase.

~ ~ ~ ~ from the news ;~)

MITCH MCCONNELL WANTS TO LEGALIZE HEMP : Shocked by the knowledge that marijuana is currently included in the same illegal drug category as LSD, heroin, and ecstasy? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is too. The Republican from Kentucky has formed an unlikely alliance with Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley—two Dems from Oregon—in the crusade to let American farmers grow hemp legally. “During these tough economic times, this legislation has the potential to create jobs and provide a boost to Kentucky’s economy and to our farmers and their families,” said McConnell in a statement explaining the push, which is also supported by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.


The Death of Marijuana Prohibition

Yes, 'ol Harry J. Anslinger is surly spinning in his grave. It seems that there isn't a day that goes by that a country of the world or a State of the US isn't either pondering the decimalization, the legalization of medical marijuana or an out-right legalization of what he called the 'Demon Weed.'

So if you happen to be in the Altoona area in central Pennsylvania Blair County, Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by the Calvary Cemetery and put your ear to that stone. You're likely to hear him spinning or crying, or both. I was going to say leave a doobie there but don't waist it. Rather sit and spark it with a friend and just leave the roach. You could plant some seeds around the stone but again this seems a bit waist full to me. Or don't bother dropping by at all, his spirit is long gone and soon his prohibition as well as his mentality will be as far gone in the past.

It seems a pity to me that a person of his intellect and standing in the government would give most of his life to conjuring up lies about a plant just because of his racial hatred. Not only is it sad for the many thousands, if not millions, of people's lives he was instrumental in ruining, and still ruining, but think of the legacy he has left for his family. You might as well never hear the name 'Anslinger' again. Wouldn't you change it if you were born with it?

Would you vote for legalization of cannabis and hemp ?

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    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 5 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Thanks for the buzz by cam8510, hope you and your loved-ones are well.

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 5 years ago from Missoula, Montana at least until March 2018

      Great job explaining the status of this issue nationwide. voted up, useful and sharing on my Freelance Writers FB page.