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The Life And Crimes Of John Wayne Gacy

Updated on December 6, 2012

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy never admitted to be an angel and claimed he has openly confessed to everything he has done.  Did he?  John Wayne Gacy is one of the most notorious serial killers of our day.  Title as a monster in disguise, John Wayne Gacy's killing spree was uncovered 1998. 

Early Life Of John Wayne Gacy

In Chicago, 1998 police was tipped off that John Wayne Gacy had buried 33 people in his backyard. John Wayne Gacy was born in the winter of 1942.  He was named after the legendary cowboy, John Wayne -- his mother's favorite actor.  John Wayne Gacy's father (Senior, John Wayne Gacy) was a hard working man -- the bread winner of the family, but lacked on emotional support. Senior, John Wayne Gacy demanded obedience from his child, including Junior John Wayne Gacy -- his only son. 

Senior, John Wayne Gacy always seem disappoint with Junior.  John Wayne Gacy, Jr. didn't seem to like fishing and other interest of his father.  Junior would rather be cooking with his sisters or gardening with his mother.  Senior, was very vocal about his disappointment with his son.  Sometimes calling him a sissy.  Senior would also berate his son in front of others.  John Wayne Gacy, Jr grew closer to his mother.  John and his mother had a special relationship.  Senior often through John and his mother were keeping secrets from him.

Although, John's mother tried to keep the family together, in the end Senior, John Wayne Gacy's drinking and consistence arguing led to the destruction of the family.  Senior John Wayne Gacy has been reported to drinking large amounts of Brandy and beat his children with a razor strap.  Senior often turned his anger on Junior, who refused to cry -- which only caused worst beats.

John's home life was very dysfunctional and his school experience was the same.  John Wayne Gacy never felt he fitted in at school.  Due to a heart problem, young John Wayne Gacy was often left out.  John's heart problem was caused by an enlarge bottleneck heart.  Although his medicine condition was serious, Senior John never let up.  Senior saw and believed the heart condition to be one more failure from his only son.

John joined the Boy Scout in 1954, maybe to fit in or maybe to please his father. However, the experience proved his was different then the other boys. After this point, John began taking his mother's underwear. Still in hiding, John Wayne Gacy entered high school a very confused young man.  He dated several girls and attended social functions at school with his girlfriends.  However, this was not a reckoning.  John dropped out of school which caused the final break in his relationship with his father. 

In 1964 John left home and became a shoe salesmen.  He also began volunteering with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, also known as the JC's.  This is where John felt his fit and he rose to popular status.  As a JC, John had interaction with Governors, and many other publicans. 

Below is the complete story of John Wayne Gacy on video.

John Wayne Gacy Part 1

John Wayne Gacy Part 2

John Wayne Gacy Part 3

John Wayne Gacy Part 4

John Wayne Gacy Part 5


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    • profile image

      jessica fischer 5 years ago

      who would barrie people in there backyard that's just crazy

    • profile image

      jj 6 years ago

      wow what a pig.

    • profile image

      D. earp 6 years ago

      horrific crimes against young boys, he is a monster!

    • profile image

      loraine hastings 7 years ago

      This site was very informative, Ihave a research project for my criminal justice class. Thanks for this site and the videos of this horrific story of John Wayne Gacy. WOW'