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The Lights Go On

Updated on June 20, 2017

The lights go on

It's firefly season. And out here in the suburbs of Springfield, MO it looks like a strobe light convention. I love this time of year. They start up just at my daughter's birthday, which is like the coolest thing for her. Did you know fireflies are beetles? They have a special organ in their body that flashes the light. The light flashing attracts mates. If you watch you'll see some in the air and some on the ground. The ones on the ground are females and the ones in the air are males. Also males do a double flash while females do a single long flash. Cool, huh?

So get out there. Tonight. Catch some fireflies. Check them out. Observe them. Just make sure you release them back where you caught them. Even better, grab a flashlight and see if you can trick the fireflies. If you catch and put your fireflies in a jar try putting one jar in warm water and the other in cold and watch what happens. Collect other beetles are compare them to the fireflies. Then get your journals out and record the experiences. Ask how fireflies know when to light up, what happens to them in the winter, and where they go in the day.

Catching fireflies is an ageless activity and a great way to spend time with your kids. Just don't forget the mosquito repellant.


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