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The Lightworker's Duty while Mercury is in Retrograde...

Updated on June 3, 2015

6/2/15 thru 6/11/15

Making the Most of the Time...

The Time... and What Must Be Done...

~Dearest Light-workers, and Sensitives~

You may or may not have noticed, but due to Mercury being in retrograde...all of your thoughts, actions and energies are greatly magnified at this time, and emotional energies are being influenced by higher, greater cosmic and spiritual forces.

There is a great need for the stabilization of Love and Light on the Earth plane at this time. Due to Mercury being in retrograde, I strongly encourage you to focus your attention in your daily lives upon those activities which are conducive to helping you to manifest greater Love, Light, Truth, and Peace on Earth...

Your job now, Lightworker, is to bring forth your Love, Light, and Truth into the physical plane, that they may be physically and tangibly manifested into our 3-D Reality...

Allow yourselves to release those things that no longer serve your highest good, and follow the light which ever-shines within deepest regions of your hearts, which is calling you all forth into Creationism as We Speak...(telepathically, that is...)

There is much work to be done at this time siblings in Love...but this is the time for which you were all Born...therefore, Let Us Begin Our Work!

Love, Light, and many Blessings for your Journeys ... For you are God's Beloved

~The Lady~

Are You a Lightworker???...

Have you felt any changes seemingly related to Mercury being in Retrograde???...

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© 2015 TheLady111


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